63 Rating Game (Final)

I take a deep breath before looking at the stage.

"Why didn't you let Medea-san fight again, Riser?"

"There are two reasons for that, Shirou. First, I'm a new contestant in the Rating Game's world. I need to prove myself. If I did not fight, the other noble would see me as a good-for-nothing child that cannot fight. Our race is a race that sees power as the ultimate thing. The stronger you are, the more people will listen to you. We have changed, but that rule still applies to us. I did not want to be seen as someone that could only depend on my peerage member. I want to be seen as Riser Phenex that can stand on his own two feet."

".... And the second reason?"

"I'm getting bored."

After saying that, I walk toward the stage, leaving Shirou with a shocked face. I really pity Shirou. What I said earlier is true. Strength is the most important thing in the underworld. Your social standing will be at the top if you are strong, and Shirou is among the top places.

I really hope his |Harem Protagonist| |Rank: EX| will not torture him.

"And his opponent will be Riser Phenex!"

When I arrive on the stage, I snap from my thoughts and look at Karnelly Zepir right in the eye. However, when I see his eyes, I am surprised by what I see. I did not see hatred or the need to get revenge. I see determination.

"Interesting. You did not get mad at me."

"Why should I? Your peerage member defeated mine fair and square. It is our fault for not preparing for the worse. We thought that we would fight against a group of kittens, but we met a Chimera instead. It is our fault."

"I see."

I nodded my head at Karnelly's answer. I can respect that.

"Very well. Let's give all of our might in this fight."


After saying that, both Karnelly and I get teleported into the arena.

"A dessert? Huh. I guess this is good enough for me. At least they did not place us in the forest. I did not want to burn them to the ground."

"However, this place is a perfect place for me. Are you sure you did not worry about this placement, Riser?"

"Nah. This is good."

I know the power of the Zepar clan. They are the clan that can control sand at will. You can imagine how unfair it was to place a Zepar clan heir into a dessert. He will have unlimited ammo that they can use at will.

I have a feeling that Karnelly's father decided to get involved in this arena placement.

"The fight will begin in 3! 2! 1! Start!"

After the MC said that, a massive tsunami made of sand appeared in front of me.

"Oi. Oi. What with that attack."

I quickly gather my fire around my fist and punch the incoming Tsunami creating a torrent of fire. After a second of my fire hitting the sand tsunami, I quickly flew through it.

I look down and see Karnelly looking at me with a smile on his face.

"I see. You are really a prodigy. Your fire alone is good enough to melt the sand. What a terrifying firepower. However, how long can you keep up?"


|3rd POV|

Sand and Fire meet each other in the desert as both Karnelly and Riser show their control over their bloodline power. Tsunami after tsunami made of sand continues to appear under the command of Karnelly, and every tsunami gets melted by the intense power of Riser Phenex's fire.


Once again, a rumbling sound came from the ground as a tall tsunami made of sand once again appeared from the ground.

Riser looks at the sand wave in front of him and pushes his hand forward before suddenly a wave made of fire appears in front of him to meet the incoming attack. The fire made by Riser is so powerful that it feels like a solid object making the sand cannot get through the fire.

Even when the sand successfully got through the fire, it melted.

"You know… I never imagined a young boy like you could fight me head-on."

"Heh. I will take the compliment."

After saying that, Riser fired a thousand pieces of fire shaped like a bird toward Karnelly. Who raised a cocoon made of sand around him to block the fire.

"You know this will not work, Riser. Why do you use it again?"

"To distract you."

After Riser saw that, a massive pillar made of lava appeared from the ground and engulfed half of Karnelly's body.

Karnelly grits his teeth as he flies away from his previous position. His sand armor had already melted from the previous attack. After getting far away from Riser, Karnelly lands on the ground and begins to gather a massive amount of sand and create sand armor that matches his skin.

"Just how hot are his fire and lava? My demonic power already enchants my armor and is so dense it should not be melted by normal means. How?"

A second after Karnelly asked that question to himself, he remembered something.

"Hellfire. I forget that the Phenex clan controls hellfire, not your ordinary fire. It looks like I need to go all out."

With that in mind, Karnelly flies toward Riser at high speed. While flying toward Riser, a wave of sand follows Karnelly from behind, and it keeps getting bigger. When Karnelly almost reached Riser, it had already reached a twenty-meter tall wall of sand.

"Oi. Oi. Seriously?"

Riser's aura flares out, and suddenly a massive amount of fire appears around him, and the fire engulfs the tsunami. However, instead of melting them, it freezes them up.

"What?!? Ice?!? No… It is so hot that it freezes up my sand."

Karnelly can see his sand inside the ice begin to melt. He did not know that Riser's fire was a mutation.

"Tch. This will be a problem."

He put his hands on the ground, and suddenly the sand underneath Riser began to pull him underground. Riser tried to get away and even activated the teleportation spell Medea gave to him.

"Like hell!"

When Riser appears not too far from his previous position, a massive amount of sand surges up from the ground and pulls Riser to the ground again.

"I already know the range of your teleportation spell! One hundred meters is the maximum range of that spell! I will never let you get away! Give up and be buried in my Sand Coffin!"

Riser struggles to get away from the sand, and he can feel his body get crushed inside the sand. And he knows that he needs to get away fast before his body turns into a paste.

Karnelly gritted his teeth as he felt his sand slowly get turned into sand by Riser. He pumps more and more demonic power into this one technique. However, a few seconds later, he widened his eyes.

Riser uses five magic circles around his arms to teleport five hundred meters away to the sky. Far enough from Karnelly sand reach. When he is far enough, spread out his hand, and suddenly fifty magic circles appear above him.

A second later, a hail of many kinds of spells begins to rain down upon Karnelly.

"And magic-user, huh? This is getting more and more troublesome."

Karnelly begins to fly around the area at high speed to dodge and even do his own counterattack by creating ten magic circles and firing his own magic. However, before his spell could hit Riser, it turned into dust.

"He even can do an instant transfiguration?!?"

Karnelly is wrong. Riser uses his connection to Shub-Niggurath and accesses the Void. That is not the power of transfiguration but rather a summoning spell. While the dimension gap can be considered a void, it was not.

The void Riser has access to is the void where the Great Old One resides and rests. The place where nothing can exist except a few. Everything that gets near this will disintegrate into nothingness.

Riser can use his connection to this place because of his connection with Shub-Niggurath and after buying a perk called |Eldritch Word|. This perk let him speak the language of the Great Old One but only the basics of it.

"Soth. Ah'mgehye|

|Void. Destroy|

Riser spoke the language of the eldritch, and suddenly an invisible aura appeared around the spell Karnelly cast before suddenly the aura ate the spell-like a hungry wolf being fed for the first time after a month of failed hunting.

In a matter of seconds, all the spells coming at Riser are gone.

"Dammit! If a long-range fight is useless, then what about close combat?!?"

After shouting that, Karnelly begins to fly toward Riser as fast as he can. He keeps pumping the shield around his body with his demonic power to block the incoming spell. Each shield is broken and suddenly regenerates by pumping demonic power into them. He continued to fly toward Riser while ignoring the bombardment hitting his body.

A few seconds later, Karnelly appears in front of Riser and punches the young Phenex heir.

Riser dodges the incoming attack and throws his own punch toward Karnelly, but his punch easily gets caught by Karnelly. After catching Riser's hand, Karnelly pulls Riser closer and punches his stomach really hard.

His punch creates a small shockwave and makes Riser cough blood. That punch could destroy a boulder with ease.

"Urgh. That punch is almost as hard as my mother."

"Lady Phenex? No. You overestimate me. Your mother is known to destroy a mountain with her punch in her prime. I will never be able to reach that kind of power."

"Then it looks like my mother is really holding back against me."

Riser pulled back his arm and then punched Karnelly with all his might.


With the power of the Vassago family, Riser enchants his body eight times its original power before he punches Karnelly to the ground. The power behind his punch is so powerful that it punches Karnelly through the ground.

Karnelly looks at the sky while he is vomiting blood. He can feel a quarter of his ribs are broken from that punch. It is fortunate Riser did not aim for his heart. If Riser does that, he will be defeated in an instant.

He did not know the reason why Riser did that.

'Does he want to prolong this fight?' Karnelly thought. 'Or he wants to let me keep my pride intact? Heh. Give me a break. A seven years old wants to keep my pride intact by giving others a good show. Well, let us give them a good show.'

Karnelly flies away from the hole and looks at Riser standing next to the hole he is coming from. He smirks at Riser before creating a massive wave of sand toward Riser, who also smirks at Karnelly.

With a thrust of his hand, a massive torrent of fire engulfed the sand in front of him and froze it up. However, before Riser could fire up another attack, the sand underneath him begins to pull him down.

However, before it could pull him down like before, Riser flew up high to the sky with the help of his fire that melted the sand under him. While in the air, Riser creates fifty magic circles and prepares to bombard Karnelly with many spells at once.

Karnelly did not stay idle and accepted Riser's attack. He created twenty magic circles and fired many kinds of spells. Not only that, but he also manipulates the sand around him. The sand around him began to fly toward Riser with many kinds of shapes. From a dragon to a massive tiger.

The fight between Karnelly is like watching a small-scale war. Many creatures made of sand charge toward Riser, who also summons his own golem made of lava. Above them is a firework of spells that explode when they meet each other.

Not only that, both Riser and Karnelly also fight in close combat. Punch after punch and kick after kick being thrown at each other's body. While Riser can regenerate any damage done by Karnelly, he still feels the pain from the punch.

As for Karnelly, his body is full of bruises. Half of his ribs were already broken by Riser's punch. The same with his teeth. Half of them are already gone. Unlike Riser, Karnelly cannot regenerate.

"Take this!"

Riser punched Karnelly down once again, but this time after enchanting his body ten times.


A massive explosion can be heard when Karnelly's body hits the ground as his body creates a deep hole. Before Karnelly can get up, Riser appears next to him and points his finger at him while speaking.

"This is my victory. Eldritch Blast"

A beam of darkness came from Riser's finger and hit Karnelly right in the chest, knocking him out.

With that, the Rating Game is over.

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