25 Party

I smile a little at the people around me and walk toward a group of people chatting with each other. Today is the annual party of the 72 pillars. This is the party where all the members of all 72 pillars gather together and build a connection with each other.

"Good morning"

I greet my fellow young noble. There are a few faces I know of. Zephyrdor Glasya-Labolas, the future heir of the Glasya-Labolas clan after the previous heir, is murdered by Diodora Astaroth. Like in the anime, Zephyrdor has spiky blue hair and also has spiky ears like an elf.

Next to him is a young girl glaring at him with all her might. She is Seekvaira Agares, the current Heiress of the Agares clan. She has long greenish blonde hair and reddish-pink eyes. She is currently wearing a cute white dress.

In front of Seevaira is the future strongest youth devil in the underworld, Sairaorg Bael. Unlike his future self, this Sairaorg did not have any muscle. He is tall for someone of his age, but other than that, he has nothing else. Hell, even his expression is really different from his future self. If his future face is like a battle maniac that wants to fight anyone, Sairaorg's current expression is an innocent and curious child who wants to see the world.

Next to Sairaorg are two cute little girls. Sona Sitri and Rias Gremory. Both of them are the main cast of DxD. Sona Sitri wore a cute blue dress, and Rias Gremory wore a deep red dress that matched her hair. Both of them curiously look at me.


The first one that greeted me back was Rias, who gave me a bright smile that she never gave to Riser in the canon timeline.

"My name is Riser Phenex. It is nice to meet you."

Rias frowned a little before saying.

"You speak funny! My name is Rias! You can call me Rias-chan!"


"En! I learn it from watching anime!"

"Really? Then please call me Riser-chan then."

"No! You are Ri-chan! Riser is not cute! Ri-chan is better!"

I chuckle a little at her giving me a nickname.

"Then you can call me Ri-chan."

"Yay~ So-chan! I made a new friend."

I look at 'So-chan,' smile at her and wave my hand at her. Sona shyly waves back at me before hiding behind Rias. Sona is really different from her future self.

"Come on, So-chan!"


I smile at their behavior and decide to introduce myself to the shy heiress of Sitri Clan.


|Zeoticus Gremory POV|

"Look at them. Awww…."

I couldn't help but agree with Lady Phenex as I see both of our children playing with each other. Some part of me wants to separate Rias from Riser's lap, but some part of me wants to take my camera and take a photo of Rias lying down on her fiance's lap. Well, it was not playing with each other, but rather Riser decided to tell his fellow friend a story.

Even the shy Sona Sitri decides to make Riser's lap as her nest to hear the story Riser is telling them.

"What do you think they are talking about?"

"I think they are talking about how a man can become a leader of a Liberation Army by accident? I did not really listen to it."

"Hmmm. It must be really interesting to make them laugh like that."

I look at my daughter and her fiance before smiling a little. At first, I did not think that the betrothal between Riser and Rias was a good idea. Not only for Rias but also for Riser.

I pity him for all the hate he gets from being the betrothed to my daughter. Because of my son's position as Satan, many people from different houses ask for Rias' hand for marriage. What makes matters worse is the age gap between them.

The youngest person asking for Rias' hand for marriage is the Lord of Purson clan, and he is thirty-three this year.

So when I see the lord of the Phenex clan asking for a betrothal between Rias and Riser, I immediately accept it.

Not only Riser Phenex is a genius like Sirzech. While I know Lord Phenex decided to conceal it using a magic tool, it was not enough to fool Gremory. The Gremory clan is known for its control over energy.

Not only control but Gremory is also known for our sensory ability. A devil from the Gremory clan is known as a hunter as we are sensitive to energy.

So I know that Riser has a massive demonic energy reserve, and I know that Rias knows about it as well.

Not only that, but Riser is also the son of Lord Phenex. One of the richest devils in the entire underworld. The only one that beat Lord Phenex as the richest devil in the underworld is Zekram Bael, the oldest devil in the underworld and the first head of the Bael Clan.

Phenex Clan is also one of the most important clans in the underworld. Their Phoenix Tear alone is worth for me agreeing to the betrothal offer. Besides selling the phoenix tear, the Phenex clan is also involved in business, be it in the Underworld or the human world.

They are also the owner of the biggest share of a business giant in the human world.

That is why I decided to accept their offer immediately. I know that marrying my daughter to the third son of the Phenex clan will make the Gremory clan prosper. However, if my daughter decides to break the betrothal, I will agree to it. I will help her break it by lending my peerage to her if she wants to.

However, after seeing how close my daughter is to her betrothed, I know that she did not mind marrying him.

Sadly, Riser Phenex still needs to beat three people who decide to fight him in the Rating Game. From what Hadrius told me, Riser will try to fight the Rating Game with his own peerage. However, Riser needed at least two members, and Hadrius and his peerage tested them before fighting in the Rating Game.

While I'm sound like a stupid person right now, I'm trusting the marriage between Rias and Riser in the hand of my future Son-In-Law. I know Riser can win against the obstacle in front of him, and when he wins against the challenger, I know that I choose the right Son-In-Law.

While my doting father's side is screaming at me to protect Rias' innocence, I know that I cannot protect her forever. I need someone who can do it for me, and if Riser can beat all the challenges, I know that he is worthy of my daughter.

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