30 Briefing

It is exactly a minute of waiting for my partner in this mission to come as a portal appears next to me. Coming from the portal are three people. The first one is a young man wearing a formal suit. He has light blue hair that he cut short, and he is also wearing a red tie around his neck.

The next one is a young human male. I think he is from Europe. He has naturally blonde hair and blue eyes. I don't know if he got a physical upgrade from the company or if it was his original body. He is rather tall, a solid 185 cm tall.

The last person to come through the portal is a rather familiar face. It was a woman with pink hair and wearing a red sleeveless qipao dress. Accompanying this are black gloves, low-heel, knee-high boots, black shorts underneath a short grey apron skirt, and grey elbow protectors. This young woman is Sakura Haruno from Narutoverse. She looks like she comes from the Shippuden timelines.

"Ah, good you are here. Let me introduce you to my agent. Riser Phenex, this man is Rio Gul."

"Nice to meet you, young man."

I take the man's hand and shake it.

"And this is his agent, Hugo Ossler."

"Yo! The name is Hugo. My patron is The First Vampire Kas."

"Next to him is Hugo waifu, Sakura Haruno."

Sakura bowed a little at me and said,

"I'm Sakura Haruno. It is nice to meet you."

After introducing my teammate, Yuni introduced herself and then looked at me.

"My name is Riser Phenex, I'm a devil, and my patron is Shub-Niggurath. This is my waifu and peerage member…."

"Hermione Granger, I'm a reincarnated devil. It is nice to meet you."

Yuni and Rio Gul nod their head before Yuni flicks her hand, and suddenly a whiteboard appears out of nowhere.

"As you read in the flyer, this mission involved a Holy Grail. Do any of you did not know what the Holy Grail is?"

I stay silent and the same with Hugo. Seeing none of us did not know of the Holy Grail, Yuni nodded her head and said.

"Good. Your mission is to manifest the Greater Grail. Meaning that you need to win the Holy Grail War first. The company did not care if you wanted to participate in the war or if you wanted to watch your back to let the other win the war for you. While the company can provide a temporary perk that lets you become a master, there is only one temporary perk. You can talk to each other for five minutes about this decision."

I look at Hugo, who is looking at me. I walk closer to him and say.

"So. Let's talk about this."

"Let me have it, please."


I look at him with a surprised expression. I never thought that he would immediately beg for it.

"I already bought a catalyst for the summoning. Would you please let me have this? I will give you seven thousand points for it."

"Make it ten."

"Urgh. No can do. I need my point to buy some perks. Eight that is all I can give you."

"Very well. Send the point to me."

"Great. Thank you. Give me your wallet id."

"I… Don't know-how. I'm a new agent, you see."

"A new agent and already have a waifu. Wow. Great job. Anyway, let me teach you how to open up your account."

It takes a minute for me to get my payment. Ten thousand points. I can already buy a Tier 7 waifu with it. One Tier-7 waifu is worth ten thousand points after all, and you know who that tier is? A servant like Artoria Saber or Modred.

While it is good to have a free waifu by binding them with my shroud, I did not have a catalyst for a servant I want to summon, and if I decide to summon without a catalyst, I have a feeling that I will get a male servant.

"Thank you for this."

"No problem."

After saying that, we get away and look at our caretaker.

"Good, you guys finished. Who will be the one that will participate in this war?"


Hugo walked forward and said that. Yuni nods her head, and I can see Rio Gul write something on the paper he is holding.

"Very well. Your command seal will be taken from Shirou Emiya."

Before Yuni could go further, I raised my hand.


"If the company took that command seal from Shirou Emiya, would that mean that he would die in this war?"

"Yes. If nothing changes that fate, he will be dead."

"Can I reincarnate him as my peerage?"

Shirou Emiya. The owner of Unlimited Blade Work, one of the most bullshit powers in the entire show. I want him as my peerage member. He will be a perfect fit for my current formation. He can be my pawn or knight.

While he does not have a great armory right now, we can fix that by letting him watch Gilgamesh releasing his noble phantasm.

"Yes. However, you need to pay for it."


"Alaya has already marked Shirou Emiya. If you want to reincarnate him, the company needs to do something about it. However, if you decide to bind him and make him your husbando, you do not need to pay more points to the company."

"I see. How much?"

"Not too expensive. Seven hundred points should do it."

"I will take it."

"Very well. Your point has been deducted, and the higher up already alters reality a little bit. Now, Alaya will think of the kitten in Argentina as her next target."


After Yuni says that, Hugo decides to shout.

"Alaya is a girl?"

"No. Alaya did not have any gender but because of how humanity thinks…. She became what she was right now."

"So! Can I bind her?"

"No. You can't, and the company did not recommend it. You two did not have any perk that hid your nature if Alaya looked close enough. Riser has a weak version of it, but it was not enough. Once you summon Alaya's physical body, she will immediately know about your true nature and kill you immediately. You nor Riser is strong enough to beat her to submission, and even Zelretch, who work for the company for more than one hundred years, still cannot beat her."


While lewding the planet sound… exciting. I don't want to be killed for trying it.

"Anyway, Riser. You can reincarnate him when he gets impaled by Lancer, Cu Chulainn."


"Good. Now, let me tell you your situation in that world. You will be teleported a month before the war starts. You can gather information, create your base, or even summon your servant at that time. For this mission, Hugo will be the leader. So, Riser. Obey his word and command. Hugo, make sure your underlings survive and well."

Hugo and I nod our heads.

"Good. Please follow Rio Gul to the teleportation device."

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