23 Annoyance

"Please show your ID."

We arrive in front of the city gate, and the guard stops us. Hermione and I take both of our IDs and give them to the guard. The man looks at our IDs for a few seconds and says.

"You are good. Welcome to Tarulin. Enjoy your stay here."

We take our IDs back and walk inside the city. When we walk inside the city, I can see many people walking around the street. People selling their goods and people buying them. Both Hermione and I follow the street until we see an Inn near the city gate.

We walked inside and were greeted by a young woman.

"Welcome to Red Boar Inn! What can we do for you?"

I smile at the young woman before saying.

"We want to rent a room."

"Of course! Please follow me."

We follow the young woman to the desk before she begins to ask.

"How long do you want to rent the room?"

"How much is it for one night?"

"Twenty-five copper coins for one night. Forty if you want some breakfast and supper. There is also a room for two people for thirty-two copper coins and fifty if you want breakfast and supper."

I nod my head at her explanation. It is rather cheap if I'm to be honest. I looked at Hermione before saying.

"What do you think, Hermione? Do you want a single room or one room for both of us?"

"Room for two. It is cheaper."

I nod my head and put down one silver coin on the desk and say.

"Room for two with breakfast and supper. I want to rent it for two days now."

"Of course! Please give me your IDs, please."

Both Hermione and I give our IDs to the young woman and see her writing something on the books before walking toward the table on the back and taking something from the drawer.

"This is your key. Your room is on the second floor. The room number is on the key. Please enjoy your stay."

I nod my head and walk to our room.

~A few hours later~

"Hermione takes a left! I will take care of the one on the right!"

"Of course!"

I fire an Eldritch Blast at the incoming shadowy wolf. These shadow wolves are not as durable as the Orc, Ogre, or Cyclops, but they are really fast. Not only that, but they also can blend into the dark dungeon using their shadow.

If we are not careful, we will get bitten and clawed. I already experienced it and did not want to experience it once again. While I can regenerate, it still hurts.

I create a wall made of fire and burn the incoming wolves. I cast another Eldritch Blast at the last wolves that try to attack Hermione from behind. After casting another Eldritch Blast, I throw a punch at the incoming wolves.

When my fist hits the wolf, I burn it away.

After burning it away, I look around and see there are no more wolves coming at us.

"That is really annoying."

"More annoying than the time we fight the monster wave?"

"Yes. When we fight the monster wave, we have the other we can trust, we must trust, to protect our back. While we still have each other back covered up, we are only two people, unlike before. Not only that, we know where the monster is coming from but here? We did not know."

"I see. You are right. Especially when both of us are long-ranged fighters."

Hmmm. She is right. While both of us have decent experience in close combat, in my own opinion, we need a close combat expert in our group.

"So, what do we do now, master?"

"We keep going deeper to the dungeon."

"Very well. Unfortunately, we cannot conquer the dungeon."

Dungeon. That is the place we are currently in—a dangerous place filled with monsters. From what I gather, the dungeon has a mind of its own. It can grow and adapt. It can grow in power by spawning more monsters or spawning a stronger monster.

Not only that, but it also can create more rooms filled with traps.

Once a dungeon reaches a certain point, it needs to be destroyed. If the dungeon is left to grow, it will cause a disaster once it does a monster wave like the monster wave that just happened in the elves' village.

The village elder said that they already hired some people from the company to conquer the dungeon. They will come after Hermione, and I get back home.

"How much space is left inside the trunk?"

"There is still much space left, master. We can bring these wolves with us and sell them in the city."

"Very well. Let's take them."

After saying that, I levitate the corpses and place them down inside the trunk. Wolves' meat is not as delicious as the Ogre and Orc, but it was good enough for the peasant population in the city where we will sell these corpses.

The texture of the wolves is like a horse. Very tough but filled with flavor. It is not a slice of great meat for steak, but it is delicious when prepared using a long cooking method.

"And… that is all of them. Shall we get deeper, master?"

"Of course."


|3rd POV|

Barudin looks at two people getting deeper into the dungeon with a smirk on his face. It has been a long time since he and his party members encountered foolish people like those people in front of him.

Who are the people in front of him? Hermione and Riser.

Barudin and his party members are what the people of this world called 'The Dungeon Luker.'

Dungeon Luker is a group of people that attack their fellow humans instead of hunting the monster. They attack their fellow humans and rob them of their valuables. Not only that but they also get sold to slavery, where the lurker will get more money.

There is a saying among the people that explore the dungeon. What happens in the dungeon stays in the dungeon.

Even murder will be looked away from when it happens in the dungeon. That is why dungeons have become the most dangerous but the most rewarding place on the planet. With all its danger, it contains the richest that many people want to take.

Dungeon items ranging from magical items to gold and silver. Not only that, you can take all the material from the monster. From its skin to its core.

"Do we attack them, boss? I really want that woman staff."

"Of course. When they reach this section, we will attack them."

"Good! I cannot contain myself."

"Remember not to damage the goods. Virgin merchandise is what people search for."

"I know. I know."

While they eagerly await both Hermione and Riser to get into their ambush place, their so-called prey already knows their little scheme. Both of them are Devil, and their sense is different from your regular human.

Both Riser and Hermione already know about them and already predict what they will do. Both Hermione and Riser decide to ignore them, and when Barudin and his party make their move, they take action.

After ten minutes of walking, Hermione and Riser arrive at the ambush place where Barudin and his party are already prepared. When Hermione and Riser arrive, Barudin and his party jump up from their hiding place and start to attack Hermione and Riser.

However, before they could touch Hermione and Riser, a massive dome made of fire appeared out of nowhere and melted the Barudin sword in an instant.

Before Barudin and his party could get away, a dozen ice spikes appear from the ground and stab three party members right in their neck. Three people fall to the ground while holding their necks, trying to stop the bleeding.

However, before they could stop it, their body caught on fire. Hermione and Riser can hear their screaming from behind the dome of fire with a blank expression. On the other side of the dome is Barudin, who has a panicked expression.

He never thought that the prey is not prey but rather the predator that is eyeing their prey. With quick thinking, Barudin activates his reinforcement magic and gets away from the two monsters that are killing his party member.

Barudin leaves behind his party members, including the mage who just finished his chant.

Hermione is the one weakening all the people while Riser finishes them off with his fire. It only takes a few minutes to kill Barudin's party.

"Hermione, do you want to take care of the one that is running away?"

"With pleasure, master."

Hermione raises her staff and creates five magic circles, and coming from the magic circle is a snake made of green lightning. The five snakes start to fly and chase Barudin, who is running with all his strength.

Barudin, who is already far away from both Hermione and Riser, takes a break after running for a few minutes. As he sat down on the ground, he did not see five snakes sneaking behind him, and before he could release a relief breath, the snake bit Barudin.

The snake releases a paralyzing spell from its fang and freezes up Barudin. After freezing up Barudin, they walk inside the gaping mouth of Barudin and slithering inside his body. When they are inside his body, the snake releases a green fume from their body.

This fume is a poison that burns the victim from the inside out. Right now, Barudin experienced the most painful feeling he ever felt. It lasted for a few seconds, but to Barudin, it was like being burned alive for a few hours before the darkness consumed him.

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