What will you do when you suddenly woke up as a baby in one of your favourite books? Just like any other transmigrated book or reincarnation in your everyday novel, Rehan was also reading a book named " ALL IS MISUNDERSTANDING" when he died and was born as a villainess brother. But what was written and what he experienced in the book was totally upside down. He was in a mess and the only thought in the mind is that he is being cheated on by this smiling demon called male lead and a rotten girl his sister and his sister's so-called enemy best friend Female lead. He doesn't know how to deal with all this, so let us be his supporter and be a part of his journey and get to know whether he changed the genre of the book or was it all but a misunderstanding. Abstract "Ad......Adrian wha.......what are you doing?" Lucas (Rehan) stuttered as he was cornered to the wall. Rehan has always been oblivious to his surroundings and the feeling of others but at this time he could feel the anger and frustration coming out of his friend. " Me " Adrian raised his eyebrow and pointed at him. " I am claiming what rightfully belongs to me", saying that he dipped his head towards Rehan's lips and kissed him hard. The personality of MC and ML Lucas Evans (Rehan)- Proud, business-minded, loves his family to death, competitive, hate to lose especially to certain someone. Adrian Hemsworth- Proud, business-minded, loves to win especially to his proud friend, cold-hearted smiling demon\ devil and shameless towards certain someone. This story is age-progressive so it starts from their childhood. You get to know their childhood and how they become frenemies to a friend, Friend to best friends, best friends to lovers and finally husbands. This story won't have misunderstandings maybe a few here and there but not long and I don't like angst too it won't consist of that too. It will have some drama. This story will be a fluffy, comedy and some childishness and certainly love between family, siblings and between partners. Warnings My FIRST language ISN'T ENGLISH so there will be some grammatical mistakes so please be patient with me and correct me but with gentle words. And I won't force anybody to read my book but if you love my book I will welcome reviews and comments. MY LIFE MOTTO IS " DON'T JUDGE OTHERS AND DON'T LET OTHERS JUDGE YOU TOO." WE SHOULD LIVE OUR LIFE AND LET OTHERS LIVE THEIRS TOO. DO COMMENT AND GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS THAT WILL HELP IN THE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE BOOK. YOUR SUPPORT ALWAYS MOTIVATES ME. I will a chapter a day. if I can I would post more chapters. I hope you can motivate me to write with power stones, comments, reviews, gifts, and golden tickets. It is shameless but I hope you understand. And those who support this book be it voting via power stone, commenting, gifting, or through golden tickets please do read the author's comments in every chapter as I always mention them. And those who gift the story do look forward to the chapter dedicated solely to them. The cover doesn't belong to me. I don't know the artist too. Fans Arts submission is heartily welcome. DO CHECK MY OTHER BOOK: FATE'S WHISPER (ROMANCE CARNIVAL) FOLLOW ME ON. twitter- CHArgergirl_06 IG- ch.ar2155 DIscord-CHArgergirl#9795 THANK YOU

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Lucas wanted to shop for some fluffy plush toys for his sisters Luna and Amelia while Adrian wanted to buy cute customers for his kitten. He wanted to make his little kitten a shark, whale or maybe dolphin.

With goals to achieve they enter the shopping mall.

The moment they enter the mall they saw many customers shopping inside. The shopping mall was large and has three floors.

On the first floor, mainly the decorative things related to fish figures and the seafood and freshwater were on sale as souvenirs. Things like swimming fish sculptures, turtles, sharks, jellyfish lamps, key chains, plush toys and many other things. 

On the second floor, mainly the furniture with aquatic animals themes was on sale. Things like shark beds, water beds with alive fish swimming inside them, sofas and couch designed in the shape of whales, octopuses and many other animals found deep inside the sea. Some were even designed as pirate ships too.