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Alright, got a couple of things I want to say before coming to the main point.

first, I saw a lot of discussions about why Maegor didn't give Robar or Andar a dragon egg. it's been disscussed at the earlier chapters, yet it came up again and again. the show and books suggests that only Valyrian house can have dragon riders, and it's for a reason, if a valyrian dragon rider girl married a guy from a non-valyrian house and the king allowed their children to ride a dragon, then the balance of power between a vassal and a monarch would be shaken, one of the major thing that made the Targaryens in power are dragons, if every major house has a dragon because they married a targaryen, then the major house could easily rebel. it may not seem like it at first, but over generations, if one breaks the rules, a domino effect could play and every one will break it, and soon enough, a Lannister would be riding three dragons, or a Tyrell would be riding a dragon, and they would not be scared of the Targaryen dragons anymore because they have one also. one could say that someone could easily tame a dragon, but that's not the case, you'll see in the show later when Jace calls for Targaryen bastards and people who have Valyrian blood to try to claim a dragon. if one manages to tame a dragon, then that's good on them, no one can stop them, but many would soon die quicker than tame a dragon.

second, people kept saying that nothing has changed, which is, half-true and half-false. so far, sure, it looks like that nothing has changed, but most of the change comes from when the war starts in. *spoiler* Kingdom of the three daughters doesn't exist anymore, and battle of the gullet will not happen again, the Velaryons don't nessecarily side with the blacks anymore, the north doesn't side with the blacks, two dragons from the blacks is with Maegor and one dragon from the Greens is with Helaena. but... maybe those guys are right after all, cause you're probably not going to see it happens, unless someone took over.

which brings me to the main point, I can't continue this anymore, I'm too busy with my cs degree, internship is coming up and all that gizz. and from the comments of the last two chapters, I realized that me and you(the readers) don't view the story the same. I wanted to write the story to have at least a resemblance of consequences, to be at least a little bit logical at least on the political side, even though there's some magic in it, while you guys want as I read from one comment, that you want the mc to basically flip the board and do "burn king's landing, kill everyone, MC Badass, fuck logic" kind of stuff. I don't want to say that you guys only want cool fights and badass mc over substance, but that's the vibe I was reading tbh, maybe I'm wrong, idk. anyway, I was planning on stopping anyway, it just give me one more reason to stop, because I don't want y'all to be dissapointed on what's coming because of the different expectation that you have over the story.

anyways, sorry, thanks for reading this story, I'll probably delete the app after this because I don't read here anymore, cause the reccomendations(at least in the fanfic section) is either DxD harem, story with clickbait cover to lure horny kids(you know the one) or straight up porn. I mean, can you even jerk off to words? y'all have amazing imagination...

if someone wants to continue this, go ahead, you don't need to ask for permission.

Here are the title names that I have planned:

Chapter: The Fostering Begins. 128 AC

Chapter: There once was a king. 129 AC

[Helaena is telling the kids about a story as the king dies]

Chapter: Dresses of Green have been Woven. 129 AC

[Green Council]

Chapter: Robes of Black have been Worn. 129 AC

[Black Council]

Chapter: Yet the Plate of Bronze remains firm. 129 AC

[Runestone. Daemon and Daeron. Daeron arrived first, Daemon argued with Maegor, Daemon wanted to kill Daeron, Traitors aren't kin, threeway staredown, three of them flew to King's Landing to settle the differences.]

Chapter: A Cycle of Hatred. 129 AC

Chapter: A Traitor's Dagger. 129 AC

Chapter: Maegor's March. 129 AC

Chapter: The Bronze Giant. 129 AC

Chapter: The Dance over the Mountains of the moon. 129 AC

Chapter: Arryn on a spike. 129 AC

Chapter: Hungry Wolves. 129 AC

Chapter: All Quiet on Harrenhal. 129 AC

Chapter: The Red Kraken. 129 AC

Chapter: Viserys II. 129 AC

Chapter: Dragonseeds. 129 AC

Chapter: Vale of Royce. 130 AC

Chapter: Battle of Gulltown. 130 AC

Chapter: Battle over the Bay of Crabs. 130 AC

Chapter: Changing sides. 130 AC

Chapter: Army of the North. 130 AC

Chapter: The Bloodied Snow. 130 AC

Chapter: Fall of King's Landing. 130 AC

Chapter: Failed Peace Offerings. 130 AC

Chapter: Battle of Kingswood. 130 AC

Chapter: Row of Giants. 130 AC

Make of it what you want, bye.