1 1: Hour Glass.

EVERYONE of us has given a 24hours everyday. It depend on how we use it. and also differs on how we start our day or how it ends every day.

Time is our greatest enemy in this world. It passes by, without us noticing it. Sometimes I wish to extend my time or stop it anytime I want, but sure I can't.

Why I am thinking this all of a sudden? My gosh. I can't help it. It all start because of that boy, the friend of my brother. He left the hour glass here in our house. When I see the hour glass I feel like I seen him face to face. I feel the sadness in his eyes last night. I stare at him, without him noticing my stare. His eyes is full of emotion, most likely sadness.

"Hey Kaori! I called you many times. Where is your mind and what are you thinking early in this daylight?"I'm shock and my mind back from reality. When my mom shout my name while slapping the table.

When I recover myself from the shock. I ask her again. "What is it Ma?" I think she is more calm now.

"I just want to ask you if you can give it back the tupperware and the other stuff that I borrow to my friend Meriam. Did you remember her house?" she asked me.

"Yeah, of course Ma." I said. Before I go, I bring back the hour glass in my room. Then I go, where my mom ask me to go. I'm on my way when I remember that I don't know where is the house of her friend. I'm having a head ache, because of my thoughts.

I go back again to our house and asking my mom again. "Ma, where is it again? sorry I forgot. My mind is not functioning too well right now." I said half joking and half truth.

Auntie Merriam is my mom new friend. I'm always at the board house since I become a college student. That's why I don't know where is her house.

"Oh my goodness Kaori, you make my head ache, early in the morning. I thought you knew? oh well, It is the Cherry street. Third street from here. House number is 2919. You get it?" Annoying is evident in her voice. I thought my mother is in the good shape because of my brother achievement, but I'm wrong.

"Yes Ma, I get it. Don't frown mother. You can have a wrinkles." I jokingly said to her but it didn't work instead she raise her brow to me. Okay I gotta go, before she explode again.

Why am I the only one doing this? Where is my brother any way? I shrug my shoulder. Maybe he is busy.

I'M NEAR in the house of Auntie Merriam. When I am near, I hear shouting inside of their house. What's happening?

"You're a thick face, son of a bitch. How dare you doing this to our family. While I am draining my strength to provide for this family. And you waste it for you vices?! I give you money for your school expenses, then I heard that you cutting classes and you leave without any permission at the school!"

Then the door is open and then its slam because someone is push in the door. My eyes landed to the person who is slammed at the door. It's him! the friend of my brother. Why are they fighting with, I think with his father. His father throw him more punches that makes him layed on the floor. Oh my, his nose is full of blood. His face is swollen because of the punches he received.

"Albert, please stop. Don't hurt him more. He may pass out if you continue this." Auntie Merriam plea to his husband.

Uncle Albert is heaving his breathe to calm down. While Auntie Merriam is holding his hand. Then she look down and help the helpless boy, who's the friend of my brother.

"Isaiah, please leave for a moment. I talk to your Dad." he nodded. He stand up and walk to leave the house.

When his at the gate of their house, he see me he smirk and wink at me before he continue to leave. Wow I'm surprise at his action. What a great idiot, he manage to smirk and wink at me disregard of his condition.

"You always tolerate him, that's why he is a hard headed son to us!" Uncle Albert said, his mouth is pounding with anger before he go back inside their house.

She took a deep breathe and looked around to calm her self. Until she met my eyes. She go to where I was then ask me what I needed. I showed her what I was carrying. "Sorry Hija, you witness the storm inside." She jokingly said to make the atmospher light.

So, I smile at her then before I handed her things. "It's okay Auntie Merriam. Thank you for lending us you things."

She smiled back at me but didn't reach her eyes. "It is nothing, please say to your mother that we enjoy the food that she gave us. It so delicious."

I nodded then I said my goodbye to her.

Here I am again thinking of him. Is he okay? What happen to him. There so much bruise in his face—.

When I am walking someone is covering my eyes I'm ready to shout when I hear his chuckle. Then he removed his hand that cover my eyes. I give him a death glare. Why he making fun me. While I am here thinking if he okay. This crazy man.

"Whats with that look, Denver's sister?" He asked but I ignored him and just continue walking.

He follows me. "Hey, Is there something wrong? What did I do to you?" He keeps pestering me but I continue to ignore him.

I didn't notice that there was a small hole in the road so my feet slipped in the hole. What an Embarrassing and annoying day of my life...