HOTD: The Crab's Dance - A Celtigar's Tale Book

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HOTD: The Crab's Dance - A Celtigar's Tale


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You have heard of the Targaryens with their Dragons, you have heard of the Valeryons with their ships and wealth, but what about the third Valyrian House, House Celtigar? They lack the lustrous qualities of the remaining Valyrians, and they don't possess formidable dragons or an armada that could easily conquer any shoreline. Additionally, they're not considered the wealthiest of the noble houses, leaving them in the realm of mediocrity. Their status is so humble that even the other two ancient houses do not consider them worthy enough to represent the prestigious name of Old Valyria. However, amidst this seeming insignificance, a man reincarnated among them with a simple, yet grand vision - to elevate House Celtigar to new heights and earn the respect of the other great houses. ====== First story, go easy on me, and might be slow updates. I'm not an economist, architect, or a war strategist in anyway, so maybe there's some mistakes here and there. I use ChatGPT to fix the grammar and to make the dialog more 'suitable' for the times, so maybe there's some mistakes or cringey phrases. all stuff except oc are not mine.


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