HOTD: Return Of The Flame Queen (Hiatus) Book

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HOTD: Return Of The Flame Queen (Hiatus)


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Seven factions exist in this world. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Cyrina was the next heir of the dying will faction. A group headed by a now almost extinct race. Three years ago Cyrina was poisoned during a failed assassination attempt and has since been hiding out at a school in Japan. It was the location that gave her the best chance of finding her only shot at a cure. Just as she discovered a lead, the world is suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse! Now she has to fight to protect her daughter and get cured before she runs out of time. And the only way to do that is to become a God Slayer! But will the other hidden powers in the world stand by while their greatest threat returns to power? _______________________________________________ This is going to be a massive crossover with elements and characters from several different anime, including, but not limited to: Highschool of the Dead Hitman Reborn Campione Fate/series Naruto Shakugan no Shana One-Punch Man K Project Highschool DxD and possibly more! keep in mind that not everything will be 100% faithful to their respective series. Some lore and terminology might change to accommodate other series, while some characters will be straight up nerfed. For example, ninja from naruto will be closer to how they were portrayed in part 1. So don't expect anyone dropping TWO giant rocks from the sky just because they can.


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