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114 AC


Rhaenyra Targaryen


""You see, I think there are two."" I press my pregnant belly against Syrax who only trills louder as the little feet inside me start dancing once more. "" There are far too many feet for one baby... at least a normal one."" I sigh as the pleasant warmth from Syrax makes the stirring babes in my stomach shift around and stop stomping on my likely bruised organs.

Syrax is being of no help as far as determining if there are really two kicking around inside of me but I certainly won't complain about her help getting them to stop hurting me. The little cute babes certainly are just as active as Aegon was, which makes me wonder what things will be like once they start speaking with a few words just like their older Brother. I am sure it will be chaos when they can all run around and shout out all of the energy they no doubt have.

The Blood of the Dragon and the Blood of the Rhoyne certainly makes for some chaotic little children. Maybe it's from all those who perished in the war of the Rhoyne against Valyria, the three hundred dragons' heat that burned the army, and the water that rose to drown the Valyrians afterward. Either way, regardless of the near-endless energy my Son seems to have, I am both terrified and excited over the idea of having twins.

I get to have two babes in my arms at once, but I also have to push out two babes in one birthing...

"There you are." I turn and spot Myriah, cradling her own pregnant stomach, much smaller since she is only halfway while I am a moon or less from birthing.

"Here I am." I respond while looking over the beautiful 'Short stack' as Daeron likes to call her, where he heard that I have no idea but it's a funny thing to call a woman who has large breasts and is on the shorter side.

"Showing off the belly?" Myriah asks with some humor in her voice as she approaches, her eyes looking at my stomach with a mix of excitement and horror.

Poor thing does not even know what she is in for as the days crawl on and her own stomach swells.

"I was, Syrax laid a single egg in a small clutch at the Water Gardens in the new 'Dragon Pit' that is being built. Those large caves Gaelithox carved out are working perfectly and Syrax broke one of them in so I thought I would show off my own belly this morning after hearing the news." I won't say anything about the possibility of twins to Myriah, at least not until I know for sure.

Though I expect Daeron already knows, the other night he was cuddling me and had his hands on my belly. He thought I was asleep since we had been laying down for quite a while and he was being sweet with the little babe in my belly. ItIt'sute to see my Husband ask my belly questions like 'what kind of food will you like?' or 'will I also be your favorite just like Aegon?' even if sometimes I want to kick him. But I did not ruin the act and pretended to be asleep until his hands got kicked... both of them at the same time.

That would not be a big deal in most cases, Aegon always kicked at people touching my belly. But his hands were on opposite sides of my belly and he froze as if he was dipped into the frozen sea in the far distant north. I almost burst out laughing as he immediately sat up and looked at my belly as if the baby inside actually responded to one of his questions. I will never forget the look he had which was illuminated by the full moon, it was something I will always hold dear.

But I think he knows, but I won't say anything till either he does or I know for sure that there are indeed two little ones inside of me. It would explain though my there feet 'feel' smaller than Aegons did around this time into the pregnancy. Aegon had a fat head and big feet, just like his Father, but these two feel like they are smaller and I am thankful to whatever God sent me this small mercy. If they both were Aegons size I might just tell Daeron to cut me open and then heal me as he did my Mother.

No way in any of the seven hells am I pushing out two Aegon-sized heads...

"-can you hear me?" I shake my head seeing Myriah wave her hand in front of my face.

"Sorry, I got distracted in my thoughts." She nods with an understanding look as she guides me away from my beautiful dragon and onto a small bench.

"I was asking who found the egg and how do they know there was only one? It just seems odd to me and I am worried that whoever made the discovery might have made off with an egg or two. Syrax laid more than one last time so I see no reason she should lay less this time around." I wave off her concerns as soon as she finishes talking, no one would be able to get close to her eggs with her in the nest and she only left the nest after the egg was taken.

"Daeron took the egg, he did not tell you he was leaving to take it to the Dragonmont?" I guess it makes sense, she seems to have not been told anything about this and I can only guess that Daeron was in a rush.

"No, he didn't." She dryly responds with a small huff, I roll my eyes taking one of her hands and pulling her back up while feeling a jolt of pain in my back.

"Let's not sit in the Sun all day, I want to take a dip in the cool pools but I can't fly in this condition so we will have to take a Wheel house over to the Water Gardens." I dread the ride over, it takes ten times as long in a wheel house but I really want to relax in the water.

She nods and I run through my thoughts of everything Daeron said before he left, he said he would likely not be back till mid-day tomorrow or even the next day. I am surprised he left without telling Myriah but I will inform her of everything he said. He is planning to stop by Kingslanding after he puts the egg he just found into the incubation chamber.


114 AC


Daeron Nymeros Martell


Walking out of the incubation chamber I wave away a small gold dragon who seems obsessed with following me around. It's pink wings and white horns make it look especially beautiful compared to the more fierce-looking baby dragons I have seen. It seems addicted to sniffing at me, almost like it has found the most interesting thing in the world to smell.

""Go on, you little shit."" I try and push it away with my foot but the damn thing hooks its claws into my pant leg and climbs me like a kitten who knows someone has food. "Ah!" I shake my leg and try to sling the damn thing off but it squawks in indignation as it digs its claws into my leg and wraps its tail around me.

I sigh as I come to a stop and hold still, taking that as its chance it climbs up my body in a bull rush till it's perched on my shoulder. A quite pleased look on its face as it sniffs at my hair and snorts a little smoke at my face. I look at the dragon and can't help but feel like I am looking at THE dragon that would have gone to 'Aegon the Second'. I am confused since I thought the golden egg with red highlights I have stashed away with my other eggs for my own kids was 'Sunfyre'.

But looking at this wild hatchling that can be no older than a few weeks I feel like I have simultaneously been scammed and also hit the lottery. Now it seems there are and will be... two golden beauties taking to the sky in my lifetime should everything work out.

""Who is your Mother?"" I can't help but ask, the only big enough dragon on the island that could have laid eggs is Caraxes but it's still unconfirmed if dragons can change their sex as the one Maester hypothesized.

The cute little dragon tilts its head with small tails of smoke escaping its nostrils as it looks into my eyes. A small rumble mixed with a trill escapes its chest as it swishes its tail around my back looking for a place to wrap its appendage for extra support.

""Whatever, if you want to ride me then you better not freak out around Gaelithox, he will eat you like a chicken nugget."" I shake off the amusing image of my dragon snapping up the little golden nugget-sized dragon.

Heading out of the man-made chamber in the Dragonmont I am confronted with the hulking form of my mount. He is resting on the ground but I can see his green eyes trained on the sky where small young dragons are circling overhead. I snort as I walk up, ignoring the tension in the golden dragon on my shoulder.

""Without you eating all of them they have made this place into a new Valyria, there are at least eight wild young dragons according to the keeper I talked to."" I scratch the snout of my big mount, he takes a deep inhale that almost sucks the dragon off my shoulder he had to wrap his tail around my neck to keep from being inhaled.

'Sunfyre' does not take lightly to the perceived attempt on his life, he stands up on his little clawed feet letting out a 'mighty' roar at the big black dragon. The shrill noise threatens to make my ears bleed so I flick the golden little shit on the nose making it shake its head.

""No screaming in my ear, I get it enough from Aegon."" I head for the side of my mount, I am ready to leave and make it to Kings Landing quickly.

I miss my family and I could make it back before they go to bed if I left now, but I want to see the King and have a conversation with him. I need to feel out what is happening in the capital, there is too much chatter coming from my 'ears in the walls'. If even half of what I have heard is true... well he won't be happy to see me.

""You staying or are you riding with?"" I ask the small dragon who is looking around wildly as I make my way onto the saddle.

A small chirp is the only response I get before the hatchling dives into the saddle bags where I used to keep the eggs. I had a 'homemade incubation chamber' made up not long ago and now I keep the two remaining eggs I got from the Sealord along with Syrax's first clutch in there. I would have put the purple egg Syrax just laid in there but I also want to let her genetics flow out into the new population of wild dragons as well, I have no idea if the dragons are also fine with incest but if they aren't I would be dooming the future populace by hoarding too many eggs.

I have plenty of eggs for the next five children I have, so I am not worried about it, plus Rhaenys has her 'Red Queen' who lays eggs every now and then after flying off to presumably breed with a wild dragon somewhere.

My Children will not be without eggs anytime soon, and even if they are-

Looking at the sky at the various colored young dragons I slowly nod feeling a little excited for the future.

-there is always plenty to claim the old-fashioned way.

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