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112 AC


Corlys Velaryon


I rub my brows feeling a headache starting to form, another report of a lost ship. I have brought it to the council's attention twice now and it is being ignored, they 'don't think' it's wise to get involved in free city politics. The three daughters are blocking the shipping lanes and will cut more than half of the ships that should reach Kingslanding off for good, all at their leisure.

Men nailed down on driftwood planks as crabs devour them, a horrible way to meet their end. My own men meeting their end in such a way will not stand, something needs to be done. That something is looking impossible to get from our 'Protector of the realm' so I have to get it elsewhere.

My wife is hesitant to agree to the terms put forward by the Martells but dragons are dragons regardless of who is riding them. She fears if we ally ourselves with them through both children it will look like we are siding with Dorne. Everyone and their mother has heard of the dragons in Sunspear and fears where they might first strike for revenge.

Retribution for the Dragons Wroth.

I don't see it that way, Prince Qyle Martell is an ambitious man but not a stupid one.

He doesn't want war, he wants real peace to be forged where his people will never be threatened again. First, he armed himself and did a fine job of it and now he will seek the best terms possible. I can't help but respect the play, he got his family into a fine position and now will reap the rewards.

I expect things to go poorly for Viserys when the Martells arrive to officially begin their negotiations. But until then I have the time of my own to prepare, his children will not stay unmarried forever and are already at the proper age. My own are approaching the proper age and we already have Prince Qyle's attention and I need to keep it that way.

My wife is not against the marriage she just fears foul play and needs assurances to put her mind at ease. She is not wrong to fear this arrangement, this is the marriage of our kids to a foreign prince's kids and there are risks. But it is my job now to satisfy what both my Wife and Prince Qyle desire and get the support I need to kick the Triarchy out of the Stepstone before it gets worse. We can all be happy from this arrangement, I still feel a bit annoyed he keeps his heir Daeron off the table but I will live.

It is obvious who he intends for Daeron to marry and I can only wish him luck in that endeavor.

My wife will arrive soon with our kids for King Viserys 'heir's' tournament, I can't help but wonder what he will say if the baby is a girl. But that is the king's business and I have things to settle as master of ships before I can prepare for the arrival of my wife.


112 AC

Dorne - North of Sunspear

Daeron Nymeros Martell


"How long do you plan to stare at this place? it's still under construction and won't be done for years." I purse my lips and shrug as I watch men work on a new mansion for House Martell.

We need a place for the dragons to live and I remembered the Water Gardens were built north of Sunspear. I scouted it out and about an hour or less ride on a horse and a fraction of that time on dragon back, I found a good spot. My father approved the location and gave me funds to build a 'home' for the Dornish dragons.

It will have a massive pit that has a big building on top of it similar to the Dragon pit in Kingslanding. Half of it will be built into a hill that is eerily similar to Sunspear hill pointing out into the sea. There will be a mansion for the dragon riders to live at and relax as it will also have cool freshwater pools. Similar in nature to the original water gardens if I had to guess, but this will incorporate a giant base for the dragons.

Almost eighty percent of the funds are going to starting the dragon pit but I can't be too mad, it is necessary. I will have to spend more in the future to finish it and put a roof on it but for now, it will be fine with walls and pillars. Dragons dig so they will make their own little 'caves' so I am not too worried but I imagine Gaelithox will sleep outside on the sands. He seems to have gotten used to the blistering hot days and chilling nights under the Dornish sky.

"Let's head out, Mom and Dad should be there sometime this afternoon and if we leave now we will make it a few hours before nightfall." Mom and Dad left in advance to make the long trip to Kingslanding with some personal guards.

Not everyone and all our clothes and stuff would fit on dragon's back, so they left in advance and we will leave with just enough time to arrive after them. They will get the initial meeting settled, our mom is the King of Westeros aunt and the wife of the Prince of Dorne. She is as VIP as a woman can get in this world, the only thing more she could have to bump her prestige is a dragon.

"Finally" Lewyn kicks up some sand running off to mount Tyraxes who is shifting with just as much impatience.

"If you don't hurry you will lose the race!" I barely hear Myriah as I was focused on Lewyn and my eyes fly open.

"Race?" I spot Lewyn climbing like his life depends on it and Myriah is lifted by Shryko's left foot up to his neck. "Shit." I curse and spin behind me running to Gaelithox who is lounging in the sand like a lazy hound.

Sprinting up to his side I grab the rope hanging down to help get to his back and climb so fast I almost peel the skin off my hands. Gaelithox lifts his head lazily as he looks back at me running up his side and he blows hot air from his nose causing a sand cloud.

""WE RIDE!"" I call out to my partner who is stretching himself out after his short little nap.

A loud roar from the sky attracts my attention and I turn to see Tyraxes push off the ground with his mighty back legs. Shrykos is already air-born swinging his wings getting distance between us.

""Let's go they are getting ahead!"" A grumble shakes my whole body before Gaelithox pushes off the sand and I have to hold on tight or slip off.

Slipping into the patchwork saddle I grip the handles and enjoy the wind blowing my hair back, my bag containing my good clothes flaps under the straps. I mentally remind myself to swap clothes before I get to Kingslanding so I won't be in my rider's outfit when I meet the Royal family. I packed a more formal style Dornish outfit and by that I mean one that makes an effort to cover skin.

Wouldn't want to look like a whore when I meet my prospective wife and in-laws.


112 AC


Saera Martell


I awkwardly smile at my nephew the king of the 'seven' kingdoms and he is just as off-put with the meeting if his stiff smile is any hint. His very pregnant wife is held up beside him by his hand held behind her back, she looks ready to go into labor any moment. The tournament is not for weeks but we arrived early to get 'acquaint' with one another and I am skeptical she won't give birth before then. I feel a bit sorry for her since she was wheeled out her in a wheelhouse just to greet us at the dock.

My smile turns genuine when I make eye contact with the young princess, a very beautiful young woman. The descriptions of her almost don't do her justice but I am not here to ogle so blatantly at her so I look back toward my nephew.

"Welcome to Kingslanding, Prince Qyle, and Princess Saera Martell." The hand of the King Otto Hightower looks very uncomfortable as he looks at my husband from behind the king.

"Thank you for inviting us, I look forward to your famed hospitality." My husband gives a simple response as he also looks uncomfortably toward the Hightower.

People of the Reach and Stormlands are hated more than even the Targaryens in Dorne.

"I am sure you are tired from your travels and would like to get out of the heat, lets's ride back together and discuss about the upcoming welcome feast." My husband nods his willingness as we are both sick of traveling and our bones ache from the boat.

"Your Grace." The hand of the king steps up and in a low voice speaks to the King who looks back at us curiously.

"Will your kids be joining us?" He asks a bit awkwardly as it seems he got ahead of himself.

A smile spreads on my husband's face as he shakes his head and I resist the urge to groan, they better not be too late. They are supposed to arrive shortly after us but timing will be hard to judge with them making a straight flight from Dorne to here.

"They should arrive not long after us, they should have left this morning and I would expect them in a few hours." The moment everyone realized what that meant was obvious as eyes widen.

The queen places both hands on her pregnant belly and the king pulls her closer to his side. The princess looks amused and even looks toward the sky curiously as if she will spot a dragon.

The people gathered around for various reasons all look like they tasted something sour.

"Surely they are not flying in on dragons?" The hand speaks up with an incredulous tone and the King whips back to glare at the man who clenches his jaw tight.

"They are, they never separate from their dragons and like to ride them every day so I couldn't turn down their request to ride them here." Though he says it in a joking and almost 'helpless' manner but he was the most excited about this.

To show up in the seat of power of an old family enemy with the very 'weapons' they used against you makes my husband very excited. I still remember the almost child-like excitement he had when the kids came back with dragons one by one with each getting bigger.

When Daeron arrived on 'Cannibal' all of Sunspear thought it was Balerion reborn coming to put Sunspear to the flames for the first time. I am still surprised Sunspear was never once burned in a vain attempt to get the people to turn on the Martells.

Now the Martells will never worry about being burned by dragons, and the Dornish are slowly coming to terms with it. There are still some who complain about me and my kids but any of them who are summoned and spot the dragons themselves always leave more amicably. It helps that the heir himself has one of the biggest living dragons, which makes the Dornish feel more comfortable.

Many are still upset they are not getting any of the dragon blood for themselves but House Martell is not interested in losing what they just gained. Building a strong foundation before the building is essential or it's all likely to come crashing down and no one wants to see that.

Except maybe Otto Hightower who looks like this soul has left his body as he still seems to be processing the information. A Dornish House bringing dragons to the capital, it must ache his Reach blood and bones.

If they didn't want them to fly here they should have specified not to bring them, but they didn't and now they have to deal with it.

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