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Chapter 69 you know I had to have at least a little R18.


113 AC

Planky Town

Rhaenyra Targaryen


"I would not suggest it, I will take Aegon 'swimming' when we get to the Water Gardens and the pools that are already done. They are nice and smooth made of marble and more importantly they are clean..." Daeron looks down at the water and shakes his head before holding Aegon closer to his chest, our Son is trying to wiggle free wanting to see the water. "The Greenblood is not where we want Aegon swimming until he is old enough to not accidentally drink the water... trust me on this." I nod and carefully step over a plank onto another and feel it wobble.

"I believe you, but can I hold your arm I feel like I am going to fall." He chuckles and holds his arm out to help me.

I feel a bit embarrassed as little kids run around on the floating planks like agile cats while I am close to tipping off and landing in the water. Hearing another person jump into the Water Aegon lets out a thunderous scream showing his displeasure.

"You really want in this?" Daeron adjusts Aegon against his chest so he can see better and the little boy's head turns and strains to look down at the water with a wide smile showing some small teeth. "Trust me on this one my Son, you don't want the green blood on you." A shadow passes over head and I look up to see the quickly growing Balerion as he wings his way through the sky.

From the size of a Kitten to the size of a Dog in record time if I had to guess, naming him Balerion was wise indeed. He just might reach the size of the Black Dread if he keeps growing like he is and it brings a wide smile to my face. My son is going to have a great big mount to use when he needs to, what more could a Mother ask for?

Maybe that he does not 'need' to use his mount but instead only takes to the sky for fun but I am not a fool. I have no doubt he will have to use Balerion at least once in his life to burn someone or their castle. The longer it goes without showing the Lords and Ladies of Westeros the power of Dragons the more likely they will get ahead of themselves. Lys and the other two Free Cites know but stories can only do so much.

This is why Daeron wants to host a Tourney at Harrenhal so everyone will see what happened to the biggest castle in Westeros. A subtle reminder while also having a large prize pool and showing people the future is bright for those who work for it.

"Let's continue, I do not know if I will be able to stay upright if these planks keep wobbling like I am at Sea." My stomach already feels like it is turning with every movement of the 'ground' beneath me.

"Alright, I just wanted to let you see the current highest populated spot in Dorne, there might not be much to it but it's certainly important to all of Dorne. It's the beating heart of trade for Dorne and the closest thing to a city we have." I nod as he starts walking pulling me along, his feet sure of step like a goat on a mountain while I bite my lips trying not to pull us both into the water. "We can make haste to Sunspear or head straight to the Water Gardens so I can take Aegon for a dip." After moons of visiting various keeps in the sands, I can't wait to relax at my Husbands 'home'.

Each visit to the Lords and Ladies in Dorne was like sitting on needles waiting for something to go wrong. Especially Hellholt, the place where Rhaenys Targaryen died and was never recovered from. Daeron liked to tickle me in the night when he knew I was nervous while whispering about how Rhaenys was held in the dungeons for years being tortured. But in reality, she likely broke into a bunch of pieces upon hitting the tower they fell upon as her dragon rampaged around with a bolt in its brain.

But it still made me dislike the place more, it stunk worse than Kingslanding, and the sands around it were ugly broken glass. Balerion and Vhagar melted the sand around the castle into glass that still stands to this day and cuts into people's boots as they walk on it. The 'Bite of the Dragons' they call it when someone gets cut upon the glass, a reminder of the Dragons wroth.


113 AC

Water Gardens

Daeron Nymeros Martell


Standing in the shallow end of one of the crystal clear pools I hold Aegon under his arms and have him 'float' in the water. His little legs kick in unison and I shake my head at how he seems more frog than dragon in this moment. But this is my Son and I will be damned if I laugh at him when he is trying his best.

"You got this." I encourage him regardless of him not being able to understand what my words mean or not, I am sure the intention gets across.

His little mouth opens in a toothy smile before his splashing gets some water in it and his eyes widen in panic. I act quickly and pull him against my chest and start patting his back as he lets out a few strained coughs. His stunned body which went stiff from panic soon latches to me like a Kola as he cries his heart out.

"What a roller coaster." I mutter as I set my cheek on top of his head letting him cry to his content, rubbing circles on his back.

I hear the soft patter of feet and turn to see Rhaenyra approaching in a Yellow Martell sun dress that she actually makes work. I dislike yellow but my Wife could wear a burlap sack and make it looks amazing.

"What happened?" She asks with concern as she lowers herself to the edge of the pool putting her feet into it. "Is he ok?" She asks as I head toward her.

"He is fine, a little water got in his mouth and he might have breathed it in." Her eyes widen and her brows shoot up to her hairline as she reaches for her Son. "He is fine... look he is ok." I show him off to her by turning and she can see him pressing his cheek against my chest with puffy eyes and pouted lips.

"Just let me see him." She pleads and I hold him out for her to take and she does so gently, a soft whine escaping from him.

My boy can be a spoiled little shit for now... his Fate as the future King will require he toughens up like Valyrian Steel though. I won't worry about it until he is at least five, but I doubt he will be a wimpy boy anyway. He is just affectionate and there is nothing wrong with that so long as he is not overly caring for people he should not be.

Rhaenyra eases into the water and I step back giving her space as she cups some water in her free hand. Bringing it up to Aegon she shows him while smiling against his cheek and the boy bounces back with a little excited squeal.


"I am surprised your Mother rode out when we sent word we would be headed to Sunspear in the morning." Rhaenyra speaks up as we skinny dip in one of the darkest pools with little to no fires making it hard to even see one another.

"She just wanted to see Aegon, she could care less about either of us." I pull Her closer to me after fishing my arm around her back making her jolt in fright feeling something grab her.

"Lucky for us or we would have had to miss out on this 'late night dip' as you put it." I nod slowly lowering my head to take her lips.

"Lucky us." Sealing her lips she slips her hands around my shoulders as I sink into the water taking her with me.

She yelps with our lips pressed against each other sending a vibration I feel in my teeth but ultimately does not resist as I sink us to the bottom. The cool water makes me shiver as her hot body threatens to burn me in contrast as she wraps her legs around me. Her hips get to work rubbing her slit across the top of my hardened length as she rests herself on top of it.

Feeling her tap my shoulder during the kiss I push off the bottom of the pool with my feet and use my hand against the wall of the pool to pull us up. She breaks off the kiss gasping for air as she starts adjusting herself on my length trying to slide back to take it inside of herself.

"Need some help?" I ask in a cheeky tone that she prevents from further questions as she kisses me once more.

With a final bit of effort and having to unwrap her legs from around me she managed to impale herself on my length. My quick reaction is to grip the edge of the pool with both hands pushing her back against the wall. With her pinned between me and the wall and her legs already back around my hips I have her right where I want her.

We have had sex plenty of times in the bath and it does little in the way of aiding or hindering the act but right now this cool water under the starry sky is really doing it for me. She pulls back from the kiss to set her head in the crook of my neck as she lets out sharp breaths.

Picking up the speed from the slow rutting I start hammering her into the wall of the pool slamming my cock into her cunt. The water between her back and the wall makes it sound like I am bashing her against it each time I press her hard but she doesn't react in pain. Instead, my Wife tries to rock her hips into me as she hunts more pleasure from our late-night rutting.

Sex has been less often than we would like staying in other people's castles so this hits extra hard as it has been almost a week. Each strangling squeeze of her walls on my shaft makes me want to bury myself to the hilt and seed her. The heat of our joining almost feels like we are trying to start a fire or boil the water around us as I piston myself into her faster.

"Fuck!" She curses directly against my eat before nipping at it sending a chill down my spine. "Don't stop." She soothes the bite with a kiss before latching onto my neck.

Feeling her legs tighten around me and her massaging walls attempt to turn my cock into a paste with how hard it started squeezing I press myself into her. Going as deep as she can take and smashing her ass against my thighs I hold myself in her as she climaxes. The pressure of her walls and the sweet temptation of knocking her up again drive me to spill into her depths.

"Mmmm." She hums as I fill her with hot seed and kiss around my neck coaxing me to give her more. "Sit on the steps." She whispers into my ear as she starts rocking her hips again and I can't help but grin knowing we will likely go at it till we can't even walk back to our room.

"Good thing I brought those blankets..." I mutter as I make my way to the stairs used to get out of the pool with the anticipation of my Wife slamming her fat ass against me building like a tsunami.

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