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113 AC


Daeron Nymeros Martell


"If you keep making eyes like that at your son your Wife might get jealous." I hear my Mothers humor-filled voice beside me as I lay next to my wife on the bed completely ignoring her as she holds our babe.

"I am not making eyes... I am admiring my craftsmen ship, I did a damn fine job." I notice the less-than-amused look from my Wife and shrug before thinking better of angering her after what she just went through. "Rhaenyra also did a fine job." I quickly add and she holds her gaze on me only a moment longer before going back to looking at the baby boy.

"Daeron may certainly be right but you need to rest soon Rhaenyra, I think it is time you passed the boy off so you can close your eyes for a bit." Rhaenyra holds the boy closer to her breast obviously unwilling. "Trust me you want to get as much sleep as possible now that he is born, sleep will be rare." Aemma does not give up as she runs a hand through the damp hair of her daughter who looks toward me and I hold my hands out to take our bundle of love.

"I got him, I will even lay right beside you so when you wake up he will be right here." She reluctantly hands my son to me and I feel how heavy he is once more making me pity her back. "You did amazing." I whisper next to her ear before kissing her temple and she huffs.

"You did little to nothing." She says through grit teeth, I won't comment on how I did literally everything other than push the babe out myself... she earned this one.

Though it will be hard to look at her the same after the things I have seen...

Holding my son to my chest I smile as Rhaenyra lays her head on my shoulder, our boy Aegon Nymeros Martell. One day he will take the Iron Throne when it comes his turn and he will be Aegon Targaryen, maybe even Aegon Nymeros Targaryen. It will ultimately be up to him to decide in truth, I expect he will keep the 'middle name' but it won't pass on to his kids. Nymeros means 'from Nymeria' so it would not be wrong for him to keep the name if he wants to.

The name Aegon was an obvious choice for me when I want 'Balerion reborn' to hatch for him, names have power and all that nonsense. The name Aegon sets some pretty heavy weights on his shoulders but he will be able to bear it. It also will help with any maybe sons Viserys might have, I have heard and seen some things that are concerning. The small council has been vocal about the King needing spares and to expand the family. Both in case something happens to Rhaenyra and to strengthen their numbers with there being more and more dragon-riding Martells on the way.

But ignoring those problems I feel like the name stuff is working out just fine, I hope for a daughter next that will be my own heir to Sunspear and Dorne. She will be named Rhaenys without a doubt, it might be awkward with there already being a Rhaenys but it's too good of a name to pass on. To have a Rhaenys one-day rule Dorne would be perfect to build over the old with the new and move things forward.

There is also already a Visenya so I am leaving that name out even though I like it a lot as well. But we would have the Conqueror Trio all growing up nearly the same age once more and maybe even marry one another if they take a fancy to the idea. I know it is a good idea for Aegon to at least marry Visenya to strengthen his legitimacy even though he is already as 'legit' as it gets. Adding a cherry on top does not hurt and Visenya being the daughter of the current King certainly makes for a good wife to Aegon.

Those plans are far off but I still like to find the humor and benefits to them, an Aegon marrying a Visenya for a strong claim is similar to how the first two did things. Visenya was the elder and that is why Aegon married her and then he married Rhaenys for love...

"I don't think I have ever seen you so focused before, you are ensnared by that little babe." My Mother jokes in a soft voice as she slides a finger over the babe's forehead.

"He is perfect." A heavy little guy with chunky baby cheeks and more hair than any babe has a right to have.



113 AC


Aemma Arryn


Looking at my Daughter sleeping on her Husbands shoulder as he melts with love for their son in his arms makes my heart feel warm. I could not be happier at this moment, she did fine on the birthing bed and the boy is a healthy little babe. Aegon is one of the biggest babes I have ever seen, the babe's hair is the longest I have ever seen on a baby. He has his Father's darker purple eyes compared to his Mothers light purple from what I have seen.

As Daeron said he is perfect, the three of them look perfect laying on the bed as the small family of three they are.

I am proud of my Daughter and how well she did, I am happy Daeron was with her the whole time and was ready to help with his 'magic' should she need it. Watching him order around the servants was a sight to see even when his face paled a bit as the babe came out. If my Daughter was not screaming in pain I would have laughed at my good son looking nearly ready to faint.

I stand and nod to the door when my Aunt and Mother of my good son notices and she agrees as she stands as well.

"I will let you spend some time with these two, send for me if you need anything from me." She kisses her son's head and turns to approach me before looping her arm with mine as we both head for the door.


"How is it being a Grandmother?" I ask and get a snort from my aunt who pours herself a glass of wine at the table.

"Good, I am looking forward to ruining my Grandson by burying him in a mountain of fineries." I smile and shake my head knowing she will have a hard time competing with me in that field. "How is it being a Grandmother?" She turns the question back at me with a raised brow while also gesturing to Visenya bouncing on my knee.

"I would join you in the wine drinking if not for my hands being full." I answer truthfully and she chuckles as Visenya squeals in joy as if she is a part of the conversation. "I am glad everything went well, I am most happy with everyone coming out looking healthy." I would like to say I am glad it was a boy but honestly, the thought is drowned out by how happy I am to see both Mother and Babe survive the birthing bed.

"I am glad as well, now I just need to worry about my other two getting married and having their own children and then I can sit back and relax with no worry." I nod but find her tone odd.

"How have their marriages been or rather have things moved along?" Laena was a bit too young but the wedding for both of my good son's siblings went through to solidify the alliance with House Velaryon and House Martell.

"Laena is more interested in flying on Vhagar than she is about having a babe which I can not blame her as she is still a bit too young. Myriah has also taken to the skies instead of her new husband's bedroom... the two boys at least have a good relationship going. Laenor and my Son have spent all of their days either watching over things at Bloodstone or at the Water Gardens." Her voice goes a little strained before she sighs in a helpless manner slumping down into a chair.

"Well not every marriage turns out good at the beginning, we both got lucky with Daeron and Rhaenyra. I am sure things will turn around for your other two, they are all still young, and with dragons to fly them from their troubles they are 'escaping'."


113 AC


Saera Martell


Oh, she has no idea about my worries, one son showing more interest in his good brother and my daughter still mooning silently after her eldest brother. A nest of scorpions waiting for some unlucky fool to step on... maybe time will present a solution and things will work itself out. I certainly do not have the patience to chase after my grown children trying to force them to bed someone they do not have an interest in.

I would rather spend my days relaxing in comfort or watching my new Grandson grow up.

"I am sure everything will be fine." I respond in as even a voice as I can manage.

Aemma smiles and bounces her little daughter and I smile, a small pang in my chest as I remember my sister Daella. She looks so similar and so different and I can't help but miss her and wonder if we would have eventually grown closer. None of my sisters liked me, they all avoided me... not that I was not a pain in the ass but I still feel bitter over it.

I wish I could go back and change things, I never expected to be the last alive as if a great curse was placed on everyone but myself. I can feel a bit better knowing things are slowly healing, Aegon was the first of many babes I expect to be born in the coming years. House Targaryen and House Martell will swell in numbers I am sure even with my nephew's doing a poor job.

Daemon certainly could be doing much better at the very least, the boy has not put a single babe into his wife. A babe that would then take over and be Lord of Runestone in time yet my Nephew ignores his wife as if she has a sickness. I know he has no problems fucking around but yet he chooses whores over a woman with a castle...

Pushing aside the problem that is my nephew I bring my cup back to my lips as I take in the sweet Arbor wine and hum. These problems will sort themselves out in time I am sure, if they don't it is not my hand that will get burned anyway. I have one son who is moving on and getting things done and that is good enough for the daughter of the Old King who got tossed aside.

I wonder how my Father would look at the current state of things... maybe pride mixed with annoyance?

My Mother would certainly be surprised at how things played out, I practically brought Dorne under the Iron Throne with my own hands. From the daughter she had to brush the hair of until I was nearly eight, I bet she would be surprised at what I ended up doing even if not intentionally. I just wanted to be like her in my own way... a 'Queen' in my own right, and I would say it all worked out.

"Let me hold that little cute girl." I set down my cup and reach for Visenya who was watching me with keen interest and opens her mouth wide with a soft squeal as I pick her up. "I can't wait till Aegon and you play around and I can watch, it will be such a sweet sight." Aemma nods along with my words with a wide smile as if she is also imagining it.

Things are turning out just fine.

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