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"So you are convinced I will not be able to work out some kind of deal if this spin goes horrible?" I ask with the last of my hope leaving me as 'Nova' shakes his head with a sad look.

"Dude I am going, to be honest here, this is the worst rolls I have ever seen. I mean one made you kind of a drug addict but 'not really'. The other just helped you with fall damage which is useful but when compared to the other options on the wheel is hot dogshit." I purse my lips and look at the wheel which is to give me three 'gifts' before my rebirth.

Nova, this 'handsome silver-haired devil' offered me another chance at life and I obviously accepted because why the hell not? I was given a wheel to spin and my first two rolls gave me two gifts that made my body ache in pain. pain at missing the better gifts for some subpar run-of-the-mill cannon fodder abilities. Well they are not that bad but I missed some cool stuff like Incursio and Mystic eyes of death perception.

I mean the first was called 'Heart of Shimmer' and is a custom gift made by Nova himself after a visit to Runeterra. It basically gives you a heart that pumps a stable amount of shimmer through your body and that stuff is wacky. Might as well be super drugs for all I know, many champions in the game League of Legends use the stuff, and not many are sane. I dread becoming a cracked-out person like Jinx but Nova assured me he tested it thoroughly and it won't drastically change my personality.


The second gave me Feather falling basically, I will be able to jump off things or trip without dying randomly.


I sigh and reach for the wheel to rip the band-aid off and spin it with all the force I can muster in my body. The wheel takes off in a blinding light and I step back and watch it beside Nova who looks excited.

"I have a good feeling about this one." He mutters and I find myself praying he is right.

The light dims and the pointer clicks into one of the tabs and I slowly read it with an aching feeling in my chest.

[ Water Bending ]

"Like Avatar?" An orb of light shoots into my chest and Nova snaps his fingers causing the wheel to fade out of existence and a bowl of crumbled paper to appear in his other hand.

"Exactly like Avatar, So water manipulation with some nifty side abilities like Ice, healing, blood, and if I am not wrong plants. I think they also got into steam in the later stories but I never got interested so you will have to experiment on your own." He shakes the bowl Infront of me and I sigh before dipping my hand into it.

"This feels very unprofessional." I mutter and Nova flinches.

"You are not the first to say that, the first woman I reincarnated scoffed and call me a bootleg ROB so I sent her to Warhammer. With gifts that made her draw the attention of every being, she would rather not draw attention from." The cruel little smile at the end of his story freezes my blood and he returns to a neutral face as I slip a piece of paper out of the bowl.

"What happened to her after that?" The bowl is tossed into the distance and he shrugs.

"She somehow used it to her advantage and is on a quest to hunt me down and get 'revenge' but it only serves to excite me a little bit. It gets lonely at the top..." He opens the paper and his smile returns a little more kind this time.

"Well this looks interesting, I wonder how this will turn out for you." I open my mouth to speak but find his hand placed against my chest and feel myself fly back. "I wish you good fortune in the wars to come." Something clicks in my head hearing that and I vaguely remember something before everything goes dark.


99 AC

Dorne - Sunspear

Daeron Nymeros Martell


"She wrote that she would love to see you again but that she is far too weak and fears her old age is catching up with her." My mother Saera Targaryen reads aloud to me a message as me and my younger brother sit before her.

In my lap is also my sweet little sister Myriah, she wouldn't sit still so as the oldest I had to take matters into my own hands. It is not every day you get a message from 'the' Good queen herself, and if I remember right she will indeed die soon.

I only vaguely remember the order of events from a curious night surfing the Wiki for this world at one point. She died before the Great Council of year one hundred and one 'after conquest' and a few short years after old king Jaehaerys will follow her into the 'grave'. Though Targaryens are burned and their ashes put into fancy places.

The good queen only has seen me and not my other two siblings, I only can remember her wrinkled face and hands rubbing my head. I don't even remember where we were but I know it was not Sunspear as we traveled for a few months. My mom is lucky I have a bloodstream full of liquid mystery as any normal baby would have cooked in the sun.

"Mom, why don't we go visit her instead?" I ask while tilting my head and making a 'cute face'.

Mother is weak to her children and I will abuse it, there are real dragons at Dragonstone and that's where the Good queen is. I may only be five years old but I will be damned if I don't miss an 'opportunity' to seek out a flying mount. The chances a Dornish prince even with Dragon blood can go to Dragonstone are very few and far between.

"My father would never allow it." She grunts and tosses the letter into a chest and closes it before locking it.

"Ok." I look down setting my head on my sister's shoulders and feel her pat my head while leaning her head onto mine.

Thanks for the assist Myriah, I will make sure to steal you some snacks later on.

"My poor baby boy, it may be hard but we will get through it." She walks around the table and sets her hand on my back and rubs circles.

"I know momma." She smiles with tears in her eyes as I look up at her and my heart stings a bit for trying to manipulate her.

It's all good practice for when I will really need these skills in the future.

I have massive advantages such as my parentage and my gifts from Nova but all seem to have a potentially fatal flaw.

My water bending first of all did not come with instructions so here I am straining so hard to move a cup's worth of water I pass out. The few short years of training have shown great growth but I have to take it slow and carefully so no one sees me acting like a 'demon child' and burns me at the stake. Though I have read stories about the ancient Rhoyne river our ancestors came from fleeing my other ancestors and they could bend the water there themselves.

Some giant turtles or something helped people learn water magic and it all started to sound like it was a part of the Avatar world. But since the Rhoynar have lived in Dorne they have not had any luck pulling power from the waters of the deserts.

The shimmer in my blood gives me quick reflexes and movement that I have become accustomed to but are leaps ahead of baseline humans. I can't describe it all too well since it has been years since I was 'sober' but I am like an overclocked pc. The only side effect I noticed is when I sleep I go down for the count and it's hard to wake me. I also can't tell since I am so young but I am pretty sure I am over baseline human in body development and physical strengths as well.

Fall damage was easy to check with just a quick roll off the bed when I was still feeling wired as a baby. My mom screamed bloody murder but I was completely fine other than my face being a bit sore. Since then I get impulses telling me to leap through windows that I have to fight off, like a whisper in my mind telling me it would be fun.

"Let's go for a walk in the gardens together." She pats her cheeks with a cloth and reaches out with a hand to lead us and Myriah takes her hand in both of her tiny hands.

My brother Lewyn groans and jumps off the chair and follows after us, his mood sour since he was not allowed to practice with the grown-ups in the yard. He has an unnatural fascination with knives that would have me a bit concerned if he was not a Martell.

Servants bow as we walk through the halls, my mom being Lady of Sunspear and Princess by birth and marriage gives her much respect in the palace.

My brother and sister look like finely carved little Martells, and by that I mean they look like attractive Dornish and not like a frog that most Martells look like. I honestly think the Martells marry into House Targaryen in canon just so they can stop looking ugly as sin. One of my bastard brothers had a chip on his shoulder saying I looked like a 'dragon freak'. He left crying after I roasted him worse than the sun in the sky about his less-than-attractive features.

Being the Heir to Sunspear and Dorne has its privileges and that includes kicking down those who are lesser. It is almost expected to a certain degree, family is different and handled in-house but other lords and vassals need to be dealt with publicly.

A guard spitting on the ground before I walk on it with a sneer on his face had his head hung on the gate in less than five minutes. A express delivery if I have ever seen one, and since then no one has openly disdained me. Father could not have his heir disrespected so he had it done for me, but as I grow I will be expected to deal with people like that with my own hands.

It is not even the Targaryen looks that have them off put as my mom is accepted, it's that the next Lord of Sunspear and Prince of Dorne looks like a Targaryen. If Lewyn was first born no one would care how I look, they see it as a slight against all their history to have a silver-headed leader.

By hook or by crook I will change the narrative, it won't even be that hard if I can master water bending and brag about my power being from mother Rhoyne. I might make a trip to the Rhoyne to wash in its waters and claim it awoken a power within myself. Then no one can say shit about me, that is until I claim a dragon in the future which will put everyone on edge.

I still hope deep inside that the Dornish see it as a good thing but anything dragon related is viewed as a plague. It is why the bones of Meraxes lay in the sands and not turned into bows or spear shafts when it is a top-tier magic material.

I shake my head arriving at the gardens, my little sister smelling a red flower and pressing her nose into it. Her hands clenched in excitement as she looks around, no matter how many times she comes here she always squeals in joy. It is similar to Lewyn in the training yard, both of them ground me in a way I apricate.

Seeing Myriah crouching next to another flower right next to a puddle of water I focus and slide my hand causing it to splash at her dress.

"Ah!" She jumps back after getting her knees wet and she looks around in confusion.

Biting my lips to stop from laughing I make my way deeper into the gardens as she complains to our mom about ghosts with a pale face.

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