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Saera Targaryen escapes from Old town but instead of traveling to Lys to become a queen of whores she travels to Sunspear to become a different kind of 'queen'. Daeron Nymeros Martell is our MC as we approach the Dance with dragons. The Heir to Sunspear and the next prince of Dorne who carries the 'cursed blood of the dragons' according to his fellow Dornish. ---- It's in the tags but the MC is a Reincarnator The MC will be strong and borderline to OP for this world and that is just how it will be. 3 planned love interests but might go to 4, no more than that and it is considering how people feel about the situation Death, expect a lot of death once things start rolling

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Daeron Nymeros Martell


I am starting to think there is some kind of coalition or secret cabal that is set on destroying everything I do.

Rereading the message Daemon sent from Pentos I sigh and rub my forehead.

"Fuck." Rhaenyra perks up from the couch where she was playing with Viserra and looks at me in confusion. "Another war is brewing in Essos... or rather a continuation of the war I helped start." Rhaenyra grimaces with her cute nose scrunching up slightly.

Wordlessly she stands up while adjusting Viserra against her chest, my Daughter squeals at the sudden movements. "Let me see." Rhaenyra approaches and I hold out the parchment and she takes it while casually walking around my desk to sit on the edge of it beside me.

I reach out with both hands toward Viserra and my Daughter leans toward me with a toothless smile. "Let me hold her while you read." Rhaenyra hums in acknowledgment and cooperates to pass over our curious child.

I feel better already.

Who cares if Volantis is probably in league with some hidden elements and is building an army while also assassinating important Lords?

Not me, I would love to see them try to sail their army in my direction.

I will remind them of what Aegon the Conqueror did to them back in the day when the conflict in the disputed lands was going on.

Hell, I might be way off base anyway and overthinking things, but I prefer to assume the worst and be prepared for it while also hoping for the best.

Corlys died, he was the master of ships and had probably the most naval experience out of any Lord in Westeros.

Lord Greyjoy died, he firmly had the Ironborn under him and now in his absence, there is a power void that his Brothers and Cousins are fighting to fill.

Lord Manderly had a stroke and is bedridden and he is the only Northern Lord who even owns ships that are of any note and not just small trade vessels.

These three things happen back to back with news of Volantis building an army also reaching me.

It's too... coincidental.

It almost seems like someone tried to assassinate the owners of the largest fleets in Westeros just before Volantis plans to start a war in the newly claimed lands on the other side of the Narrow Sea.

I would be willing to bet it was them, if not for the fact I have large doubts of them being organized enough to pull something like this off.

It seems suspicious but there are also many other Lords that could carry a strong enough army over into the Disputed Lands to stomp out whatever Volantis manages to gather.

"Cutie." I rub my nose against the small button nose Viserra has and she softy coos in response with her hands trying to grab ahold of my head.

"Will you fly over and join in on this conflict?" Rhaenyra asks after carefully reading over the message and setting it down.

"I honestly don't know." Lewyn has been preparing for something like this and I also know Daemon is no fool and likely has been readying a response to an attack from the east.

They might not even need me.

During the 'conquest' of the Free Cities we took, having me on my giant dragon was a huge boost to morale for our troops. It also scared the crap out of a ton of the people who defended the cities, especially when my partner rained green flames down upon those unlucky enough to be spotted by myself. But I don't see the need for me to fly over there if all that is going to happen is Volantis raising an army of slave soldiers that they will likely put onto ships that can be sunk in minutes by Lewyn or Daemon. I won't even consider the Dothraki, Lewyn has barbequed thousands of them already while doing his duty and keeping the Disputed lands free of any Horse Lords ambitions.

"We will see once we get reports of their numbers and how many Ballista they have created to no doubt chance at slaying a dragon." I would not mind flying over to join a fight, I might would enjoy the experience if I am honest.

But I have duties in the capital, the Hand of the King can't fly off for months at a time.

This pin is heavier than I expected if I am honest.

Not to the point I would ever struggle with it, but enough to be annoying at times like this when I want to call Volantis bluff and fly over to their city and burn out all of the 'Old Blood' that hides inside of the small walled off part of the city.

I mean... are they stupid?

I alone could fly over and quite literally burn the city to the ground and then fly back to make it to the next Small Council meeting.

No one can take Gaelithox out of the sky, not with me on his back ready to smack any incoming projectiles down with an ice block that I can easily make with some water barrels secured to his saddle.

"Huh..." I slowly sit up and set my Daughter onto my desk helping her sit up in the process with one hand on her back and another over her stomach. "I could fly over and just divert some of the rivers to flood out the city... I could make it look like 'Mother Rhoyne's Wrath' or some nonsense..." I purse my lips in thought while Rhaenyra sighs.

"How would you do something like that?" She asks skeptically and I can't help but feel insulted that she has such little faith in my ability.

But then again, I hardly ever do anything 'grand' despite being able to.

I mean... when do I have a need to?


I could probably use my Water Bending far more but I don't really have any crazy ideas to do anything with it that would be worth any large effort on my part.

I might could widen the Black Water rush or something, to make it easier to paddle large ships up the stream and into the Gods Eye.

It would be a feat that people would sing about for thousands of years.

But why would I?

It would take me years to do something like that if I was serious about it and didn't half-ass it.

I could be working on countless other projects to help steer the future of my Wife's reign and eventually Aegons.

"You know, I kind of want to do it just to prove a point now." I huff and lean my head forward to set it down on the table next to my Daughter who immediately starts grabbing small handfuls of my silver locks.

Rhaenyra only snorts in response and I let my thoughts drift to doing something as insane as flooding a city to completely snuff out any malicious intent a few rich and powerful people who live in the city might have toward the Lands I have sworn to protect.

If Volantis was flooded and destroyed... it would make reclaiming the old Rhoyne cities easier.

Which I want to do, so I can have territory to give to Aerys and maybe some of my Daughters if they decide they want to rule and not marry for lands and titles or even love.

The more I think about it the more I start to see the benefits of doing such a thing.

Which is disgusting if I am honest.

How many innocent families would drown if I could actually pull it off?

One million people live in Volantis, it's one of the largest cities in the world.

The casualties would be far higher than the small little conquest I did a few years ago.

Which is a massive deterrent from doing the act, despite how much power it would give my family in the long run.

I will just sit back and wait to see how it goes.

If war is going to seriously kick off and we can't get the drop on the Volantis army while they are sailing or the Dothraki while they are stampeding in our direction... I will rethink things at that point.

A plan B so to speak.

"Hand me that other letter." I sit up and lift my Daughter to once more hold her before I reach out with the hand not holding her bottom to grab another letter that has come in for me to read personally. "Back to the grind..." I mutter softly to Viserra as she snuggles her small head under my chin while I tear the Bracken seal off the letter with one hand.

"How do you do that?" My Wife asks in disbelief at me one handing the letter.

"It's like cracking an egg with one hand,-" I place the unsealed letter on the table before using four fingers to unroll it carefully by placing two on the bottom and pushing two others upward to unroll it. "-you just need practice." She shakes her head before pushing off the desk to stand back up straight.

"I am going to go check on a few things, if Viserra is still sleeping by the time you are done you should go lay her down in our chambers." I smile not even having realized my cutie passed out so quickly but nod at my Wife before she turns and heads for the door.

I wait till Rhaenyra steps out of the room and closes the door before I lift the unrolled parchment that is now flattened out from my efforts of placing my palm down on it and pressing against it.

My smile leaves my face as soon as I read the first ten words.

I hate Hose Bracken and House Blackwood drama.

Thanks for reading!!!

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