HOTD/ASOIAF: Unbowed Unbent Unbroken

Saera Targaryen escapes from Old town but instead of traveling to Lys to become a queen of whores she travels to Sunspear to become a different kind of 'queen'. Daeron Nymeros Martell is our MC as we approach the Dance with dragons. The Heir to Sunspear and the next prince of Dorne who carries the 'cursed blood of the dragons' according to his fellow Dornish. ---- It's in the tags but the MC is a Reincarnator The MC will be strong and borderline to OP for this world and that is just how it will be. 3 planned love interests but might go to 4, no more than that and it is considering how people feel about the situation Death, expect a lot of death once things start rolling

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Daeron Nymeros Martell


Walking toward the head of the table I grab my normal chair out of habit to pull it out to sit on it, the one with the Hand of the King emblem on the top of the back of it.

But Rhaenyra pushes me from behind toward a different one.

The King's chair.

"If we get caught in here it's going to be awkward as all Seven Hells to explain why I am sitting in this chair." I sigh as I push the chair out with my foot before turning around to drop my ass onto the Kings spot.

I will keep the robe on, I don't want to bare ass anything Viserys has sat on for hundreds of hours.

I am the one healing that mans numerous wounds that seem to appear every other week.

I want none of that on my bare flesh.

"Why do you look like you are sucking on a lemon?" Rhaenyra asks oddly as she kneels on the cold stone floor while undoing the rope belt on her robe.

"Just thought of something I want to swiftly forget..." I reach out with my right hand grabbing onto one of her breasts and squeezing it.

Thoughts have been forgotten, all of them.

"Move back a bit..." Rhaenyra moves to where she is under the table and I have to adjust the chair to give her some space. "That's better." She smirks up at me with her purple eyes looking downright sinful in the soft moonlight entering through the glassless window behind me.

Her light pink tongue slightly sticks out and runs across her ruby red lips as her hands go up from my knees to my waist where my own rope belt is still tied tight. She shrugs her shoulders as she unties my belt and lets her robe drop down completely to her lower half, leaving her upper body bare to my eyes. It takes her no time at all to undo my belt and slip her hands into my robe and around to the sides of my hips where she then pushes the fabric outwards to expose my equally bare body under the silk cloth.

"See something you like?" I ask in a slightly husky voice which she rolls her eyes at while grabbing my hardened length with one hand.

She gives it a few pumps just like she knows I like it, I bite my lower lip and let my head fall back onto the cushion attached to the backrest. "I don't know, it's hard for me to see down here so I need to feel around a bit to know what I am working with." Her voice is also husky almost making it sound like she has a slight accent as she squirms her way in between my legs pushing them apart. "Go back a bit more." She pushes on the chair with the hand she is not using to try to milk me with.

I place my hands on the table and stand a bit which allows her to shove the chair back about a foot before she starts pushing me back down onto it. I tilt my head in confusion though as I do not see what she is trying to do as I sit back down.

"That's better, I got more room to work." She once more gets between my legs while unfortunately letting go of my cock as she does. "Let's try this out." My eyes widen and I tense up as she hefts up both of her breasts, one in each hand, and leans forward setting them on my lap with my cock being smothered between them.

"Oh..." I dumbly mutter as I watch her adjust herself for comfort before she looks down and opens her mouth letting some saliva cover the top of my length.

She manhandles her own funbags pulling them apart enough to let her cover the majority of my cock in her saliva. Once she is seemingly satisfied with the glistening of my cock from the soft moonlight that is now hitting it she nods. Letting go of her breasts she looks up at me as they once more smoother my rod, her amethyst eyes are practically glowing as she smiles up at me.

"See something you like?" I chuckle lightly at her words and nod while using my hands to grab her breasts and lift them up a bit before dropping them back down.

"I see something I love." She rolls her eyes but her smile widens.

"I love you as well." I feel my chest practically warm at her words but play dumb and tilt my head.

"I was talking about your fat tits." She scoffs and pushes my hands away.

"And I was talking to your cock!" I return a scoff while brushing some of her moonlit molten silver hair out of her face.

Instead of letting me come up with a retort, she looks down and opens her mouth once more, only this time it's not to drool on me. She instead practically inhales the top half of my cock making my eyes go wide as her neck looks to be at an impossible angle. Upon further inspection, though I can see she adjusted the way she is kneeling and is leaning forward slightly so she can do a titjob plus blowjob combo.

Well played Rhaenyra, well played.

I grab a fistful of her hair and lean back once more against the backrest, pure bliss washing over me as my Wife attempts to suck my soul out of my body.

Closing my eyes I shiver as a cool wind blows into the room and Rhaenyras loud bordering on obnoxious slurping fills the Small Council Chamber. Her head rocks up and down while she twists and turns it slightly, every now and then the air-tight seal she has on my length breaks making a 'pop' sound that fills me with an odd satisfaction. The hot and wet sensation of her mouth and throat combo nearly has me shaking as she lashes her tongue around like a python trying to constrict its prey but is finding the size to be a challenge.

She gets her rhythm going and soon starts sliding her breasts up and down the lower half of my length after grabbing them and pushing them together. The spit running down her chin travels along her throat and eventually makes its way into the valley of her breasts further lubricating my cock. A slicking sound joins her slurping and I pray to whatever God can hear me that no one walks by the Small Council Chamber or they will without a doubt hear what is going on.

It would be worth it though, this is probably up there in the top five best throat fucks she has ever given me.

Maybe top three, but those times we did sixty-nine on Dragon Back are hard to beat.

It was almost a religious experience in my eyes.

"Mmhmm!" Rhaenyra moans which vibrates my length sending a wave of pleasure through me that instinctually has me thrust forward in an attempt to seek out 'more of that'. "Glurk!" Rhaenyra's throat however has other plans and she gags going still as a statue before raising her head enough to narrow her eyes at me.

I grimace. "Sorry..." She moves to slide my cock the rest of the way out of her mouth but my hand that is holding a fist full of hair has other plans and keeps her in place.

Her eyes narrow more.

I adjust my feet and brace myself with my other hand on the armrest of the King's chair and with my fistful of hair I start slowly pumping back and forth in and out of my wife's mouth. Her breasts hit the bottom of her chin each time I thrust upwards and as I slide back out they squeeze together embracing my cock tightly as the bottoms of them press against my thighs.

The sight of her displeased eyes mixed with the act of using her is enough to make my legs feel weak.

"Come on... I'm right there." I grit my teeth and my head falls back against the headrest as I feel my balls tighten and pulse.

"Hmm..." Rhaenyra hums around my cock while once more sucking on it hollowing out her cheeks in the process.

Fuck yea, that's what I am talking about!

Rhaenyra props up her breasts with one arm while wrapping the other around them and squeezing them which gives a nice tight embrace to my length. She starts bouncing in her kneeling position giving me a proper sloppy wet titjob which nearly has her slide my cock out of her mouth numerous times. But she manages to keep at least the tip inside of her mouth as she starts speeding up her pace and I follow along with her speed thrusting up into her mammaries.

"Fuck!" I hiss and slump in the chair while grabbing the back of her head with both hands, swiftly pushing it down to slide more of my length into her mouth.

My vision has spots appear in it as I look up at the ceiling, jolts of electricity seem to run through my body making me feel tense yet also blissfully numb in a toe-curling kind of way. The pleasure hitting me like a bus however suddenly turns into a hint of fear as my vengeful Wife starts slurping aggressively upon my throbbing cock. I thought I was emptied out as far as my first climax would give, but Rhaenyra doing her best to be a Succubus is sucking seed out of me that I did not even know I had, sending my vision almost entirely black in the process.

"Fuck..." I feel my grip on her head weaken and she lifts her head breaking the airtight seal she had on my length.

"You like that?" She asks the stupidest question I have ever heard before pressing a kiss on the tip of my cock that nearly makes me bust another nut.

"I loved it." I quickly grab ahold of my manhood and pull it back away from the wicked witch as she smirks up at me. "Go ahead and slip that robe off to lay it out on the table, I don't want you to leave an assprint in front of the King's spot." She is no fool and immediately knows what I am planning, I help her up to her feet as her legs likely have fallen asleep from how she was sitting on them.

She slips the rest of her robe off that was only barely holding onto her body, her big round ass is nearly pressed against my face as she turns to lay the robe out like a blanket for a picnic.

My own personal picnic, the main course being some hot and wet Princess pussy.

God damn, it's good to be me.

Rhaenyra spins back around and I stand up letting my still-hard cock slap against her thigh, she locks eyes with me and smiles. I smile back as I grab onto her hips effortlessly lifting her up and sitting her on her robe on the table. Leaning my head down I kiss her neck and stay there for just long enough to leave a small hickey as I lightly suck and nip at the soft flesh.

Rhaenyra shivers and throws her head back as I slowly make my way down her body, from her neck to her collarbone. I leave small marks as I use my foot to pull the chair behind me closer to the table, Rhaenyra gasps and one of her hands runs through my hair.

I spend probably the most time on her breasts, nipping at her soft mammaries leaving small bite marks that will fade in a few moments. The much larger Hickeys that she can easily hide with proper clothes however will not be fading any time soon and I pepper them across her sinful chest.

"Daeron~!" She whines my name and I smile against her nipple in amusement.

Fine, I suppose it's only fair I don't play around too much after the grand experience she gave me.

I lift my head and place a hand on the back of her head and another on her shoulder, easing her down she vengefully latches onto my neck like a vampire and returns the love bites with fervor.

I shake her off and she whines once more before butterflying her legs making her thighs squish repeatedly against one another flashing me glimpses of the holy land they hide in the process.

Sitting down on the King's chair I slide it forward a bit more which prompts Rhaenyra to lift her legs which I help with by placing my hands on the back side of her knees. I push them forward exposing her slick slit to my eyes and feel great satisfaction as her quivering quim looks downright inviting to my eyes.

Time to get to work.

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