HOTD/ASOIAF: Unbowed Unbent Unbroken

Saera Targaryen escapes from Old town but instead of traveling to Lys to become a queen of whores she travels to Sunspear to become a different kind of 'queen'. Daeron Nymeros Martell is our MC as we approach the Dance with dragons. The Heir to Sunspear and the next prince of Dorne who carries the 'cursed blood of the dragons' according to his fellow Dornish. ---- It's in the tags but the MC is a Reincarnator The MC will be strong and borderline to OP for this world and that is just how it will be. 3 planned love interests but might go to 4, no more than that and it is considering how people feel about the situation Death, expect a lot of death once things start rolling

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118 AC


Daeron Nymeros Martell


"Don't pull people's hair." I pry my Son's iron grip from his Half sister's hair, Aerys only looks at me in sheer confusion as I do so and I roll my eyes before kneeling down beside him. "It hurts." I grab a little of his own hair which is growing quite long and give it a gentle tug which causes his eyes to widen.

"Oh..." He mutters before looking down at his small meaty toddler hands and then looks up at Valaena who is pouting at him. "Sowwy." He pouts back at her, which seems to work as Valaena nods before hugging Aerys.

"It's alright." I shake my head in amusement before I notice Aegon being a little shit in the corner of the room, he has someone's brush and is trying to hide with it.

"You two be good and don't make a mess of your outfits." I ruffle the hair of two before me before standing up and heading toward Aegon who goes wide-eyed and panics a little bit. "Whatcha got buddy?" I smile and but quickly stride across the room as Aegon seems almost ready to hide the brush by stuffing it down his pants.

"Nothing." He does exactly what I fear before crossing his arms and lifting his chin. "I don't have anything." I sigh coming to a stop before him, a mix of amusement and worry starts brewing in my chest.

Kneeling down once more I narrow my eyes at the little shit as he shifts in place.

"Who does the brush belong to?" I ask quietly as I carefully pull the brush out from his pant leg, I 'threateningly' aim the brush at his own hair and he gulps nervously.

"I found it." He purses his lips and kicks at the ground.

"You found it?" I ask with a raised brow.

"Yes." He smiles a bit and I sigh before looking backward over my shoulder to see the mess my bedroom has become.

Rhaenyra is double-checking the outfits of the twins, both sets, with Viserra sleeping in her embrace.

Myriah is helping Laena with Trystane and they both are laughing lightly as the one-year-old is having none of their funny business.

Valaena is still playing on the floor beside the bed with Aerys who is watching her with great interest as she drags a piece of chalk along the ground drawing only God knows what upon my floor.


One is missing?

Looking around the room I soon thankfully spot Gaemon who is on the couch, the two-year-old seems to have fallen asleep and is thankfully already dressed and ready to go.

Everyone is ready, that is good.

Well, I don't know if Alicent and her bunch are ready, but she should be managing that on her own.

Not my problem, at least not in this moment.

"Seriously, what am I goi-"

"Where did that brush go?" I hear Rhaenyra speak up with a loud enough voice for everyone in the room to hear her.

I lock eyes with my oldest child and he grimaces before hiding behind my kneeling form.

Little shit.

"This one?" I speak up and hold the brush up into the air.

"Yes, that one..." Rhaenyra tilts her head in confusion, her eyes go from the small table beside her toward where Aegon and I are and I can tell she is confused about how it got over here into my possession.

I smile and stand up before approaching my Wife, I toss aside the flicker of a thought of exposing my Son. There is no reason, he was just playing and would have shown where he hid the brush if his Mother asked for it.

But I will remember.

The older Aegon gets the more mischievous he seems to become.

I dread when he can mount his giant black beast and take to the skies.

Rhaenyra turns and sets down Viserra on the opposite side of the couch from Gaemon, she secures the baby with some pillows before turning back toward me with a smile.


"Here." I pass the brush over to Rhaenyra and kiss her on the cheek before looking down at both sets of twins who are absorbed in their own little 'games' in front of the mirror.

Rhaenys is holding Baela in her lap and is showing her all of the little buttons on her outfit.

Nymeria is holding Rhaena and is helping her to braid her short hair into the classic 'Visenya' braid that Visenya herself taught to all of the girls the last time she was in Kingslanding with her Mother.

The braid was worn by Visenya the conqueror back when she was around and flying on Vhagar, Visenya of the Vale now has claimed it as her own special hairstyle.

I scrunch my nose remembering the recent moniker that has been added to my Young Good-Sister.

Just something else I will have to deal with.

Not that I think Visenya would mind it, she would probably enjoy it if I am honest.

She has come to love the Vale, she enjoys flying around with her Mother on Dreamfyre any chance she gets.

"What are my girls going?" I ruffle hair and pinch cute little cheeks causing hands to fly and slap at my own limbs invading their personal space.

"Bad Kepa!" Nymeria even headbutts my arm making me chuckle before I spot Rhaenyra attempt to use the brush on Rhaenys's hair and I immediately shift to be standing in the way.

"Hey!" Rhaenyra huffs from behind me before wrapping her arms around me and starts to squeeze me tight.

I should have just tossed the dang thing out of the window. 

"You all look pretty, let's get a move on!" I clap my hands attracting the attention of everyone in the room, even Viserra who is awakened by the noise and starts crying.


Turning and heading toward the couch I lean over the back of it after approaching it and I scoop up my Daughter before holding her against my chest. I kiss her head and lightly rock her while she lets me know she is displeased with searching little hands moving around grabbing onto my clothes as if she wishes she had the strength to pinch me.

"Fine, let's go." Rhaenyra sighs after having failed to race me to the couch to grab our Daughter, instead she sets down the brush and turns to help Gaemon up who is currently looking around in confusion.

Poor little guy, he was deep into dreamland and looks like he got hit with a flashbang or something right now.

"Aegon, help your Aunts with Aerys and Trystane." Aegon who had decided to wait by the door snaps to attention before heading over to do as I said.

"We almost won't fit in the Wheelhouse." Laena jokes but I actually feel she is right as I look around at the hand full of children.

I was sad to see my other children be taken back to where they officially live, but boy am I glad to not have to watch all of them around the clock.

I shiver remembering when I woke up with every single one of my children in my bed with me after their Mothers decided to play a 'prank' on me.

At that moment I decided I had clapped enough cheeks, I was seconds from even swearing off sex for the rest of my life.

Too bad I have an addiction that only grows worse as more and more people sniff out the true parentage of some of my children who are not supposed to be mine.

With Rhaenyra seemingly wanting to aid me in bedding every female at court... it's a tough fight to resist temptations.

"Where we go Kepa?" Rhaenys asks while still sitting so she can hold baby Baela in her small arms.

"Visenyas Hill." I smile as I remember the latest reports of the grounds being cleared and the foundation of the 'School' being built.

It's not a school, people in this world don't even know what a school is.

There will be lessons taught there but it's a small part of the building I have planned.

It will be where the 'Maesters' are trained after I have the Citadel burned down.

Having the Maesters trained in Oldtown is a foolish idea long term, and that is ignoring all of the shady evidence I have found that shows they have been up to no good.

The people who do the advising for Lords and even read over their Raven scrolls need to be trained and loyal to House Targaryen.

It's as simple as that, it's not even the fact I have a dislike toward Reachmen and House Hightower especially.

That kind of power needs to be firmly in the hands of the crown, and I am starting the process of getting that power into the hands of the crown here and now.

It will be an uphill battle, but when you have wings those are the best kinds of battles.


"What did you think of it?" I ask my Wife as I lay down in bed, she looks exhausted after wrangling children all day starting from Visenyas Hill all the way back through various markets.

The children love seeing new people and buying things, even if they don't fully understand the concept of money. 

They just love getting new things and seeing people happy when they hand over coins in exchange for those new things.

"It's going to be expensive." Rhaenyra comments as she drops her dress before running her hands through her molten silver hair.

Damn... that ass is looking fine.

Licking my lips I watch my Wife closely as she takes off various jewelry she was wearing all day while we were out and about. Each time she adjusts on her no doubt tired feet she sends a little wobble through her perky fat ass that triggers something primitive in my brain.

Yep, she is getting pinned to the bed tonight.

I was feeling drained from the Sun earlier, but all of my energy has returned like the tide coming back with a vengeance.

"-are you even listening to me?" Rhaenyra asks after pegging me with an earring and I shake my head.

"I wasn't, I was enjoying the show." She raises a silver brow as she looks over her shoulder at me, realization seems to dawn on her as she lowers her gaze and tries to look over and down at her backside.

"And you say that I am the lustful one." She shakes her head and returns to taking off her jewelry, however, she seems to lean forward slightly as she sticks her ass out more and shakes it side to side slightly.

She's done for, there was a chance for mercy if she had asked for it or complained about being sore from all the moving around today.

But that ship just sunk.

That ass is mine.

"You know this earring probably cost more than most people make in a few weeks." I pinch the small earing with an assortment of rubies all held together by some silver.

"Try a few moons..." Rhaenyra comments and I grimace as I look back and forth between her and the earing.

She threw this thing at me.

What if it got lost?!

"I thought you were just complaining about expenses?" I purse my lips and look at her in pure confusion.

She hums lightly and turns to head toward the bed with a sway to her steps that shows off her child-bearing hips.

"I was, wasn't I?" She crawls across the bed and takes the earing from me before turning back around before I can grab ahold of her. "I best not lose this then..." She lightly chuckles as she bounces away from me on the bed, her wide smile causes me to smile as well.

"I suppose not." I throw my hands behind my head as she walks back over toward where her jewelry box is and I get a nice view of her rear with her small clothes riding up.

"I mainly brought it up because the Master of Coin has been complaining a bit lately." I groan as she brings council business into the bedroom.

"Spare me before my dick goes soft..." Her chuckle returns and even shows hints of turning into full-on laughter as she stores away her earing and closes the box with a sly glance over her shoulder.

Her amethyst eyes are smoldering.

"You don't like to hear about the small council while I shake my ass at you?" I shake my head firmly as I push the faces of the small council out of my head and instead lock my eyes on my wife's plush rear end. "That's a pity... I was thinking we could try something new and maybe shift up the scenery tonight." Her words send a chill through me as they register.

"You mean?" I am at a loss for words as Rhaenyra nods with a slight smirk.

"I guess you don't want to sneak over to the Small Council chamber to take me upon the table where you spend hours of the day stressing your pretty little head?" I brush aside her goading words as I instead imagine fucking her from behind with her fat tits smooshed against the smooth stone table.

"I never said, I didn't!" I perk up and roll out of bed, quickly I head toward the wardrobe and snatch out a robe that I throw on before grabbing one for my Wife as well. "Let's go!" I cheer as I throw it across the room at her and head for the secret passage that will take us as close as possible to the Small Council chamber.

"I knew that would get you going... I still don't know why you want to wait to have sex on the Iron Throne or we could do that instead." I shake my head at her words as I wait for her near the secret door that I have already opened.

"I don't want to cut my ass cheeks on the throne, and I want to wait until you wear the crown to claim you upon that rusting beast." She huffs as she wraps herself in the robe and slips past me into the secret tunnel.

"You might just make us both miss the chance then, my Father could live to be old enough that when he passes the crown to me we won't be sexually active anymore." I grab an unlit torch and use the flint and steel hidden by the entrance to light it as I think about that possibility.

Will Viserys live that long?

Probably not.

I plan to be railing my Wife till I can't no more, so even if I am in my sixties or older I will still get that thing up one way or the other to fuck her on the throne.

I also don't think Viserys will live that long regardless, he is aging poorly with the added stress of Daemon trying to conquer all of Essos.

But we have a deal with him, and I trust he won't break it.

If he does?

He dies, simple as that, I will explode his heart in his chest and force his children to marry mine to reunite the bloodlines while claiming the lands Daemon calls his own despite constantly needing Dornish support.

The torch lights up and I spot my Wife hugging herself while biting her lower lip.

Fuck those thoughts though, I got more important things to do.

"Let's go." I wrap an arm around her and hold the torch up before us as I lead us carefully down the path that I have grown accustomed to using.

This will be fun.

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