1 An omega

Once upon a time, there were three princes, and all three of them were bound by a curse. The eldest prince was cursed to carry a ghost on his back, the second prince couldn't feel the pain of anyone and the third one was cursed to cry even when he was smiling.

The dark shadow who cursed them stayed with them all the time making sure they never laugh.

The three princes were very sad, they tried everything to let go of their curses and break free from them but they could not do it. In the end, they locked themselves in their castle refusing to come out and see the other children who were full of life and happiness.

They were richer than others but they had no friends and no one to love, they were jealous of others who were happy and loved.

'Why don't we take their loved ones away? They will cry as well then,' One day the crying third prince suggested.

The eldest prince and the second prince who was haunted by the dark shadow immediately agreed.

So, the three princes went on a killing frenzy and they snatched the love and happiness of others. At first, it was thrilling then it got boring, the three princes were once again sad that was until a young princess came and taught them a lesson on how to be happy at the smallest thing.

The three princes thought that they found happiness, a beacon of light in their dark life.

But then their beacon was swallowed by the darkness that haunted them, taking her away from them forever.


" Ouch" Yin Zhu hissed as she dropped the pot she was holding on the floor, rice she only wanted to make some rice and she never thought that it was this hard to make it. She followed the same steps as her sister, she poured the water and then left it to boil before adding the grains of rice, it was the simplest thing! Yet she somehow managed to create a mess even while doing something so simple!

Curse her blessing of being a clumsy idiot.

" Zhu Zhu, what are you doing?" Her sister Yin Xia rushed inside the thatched cottage, surely she must have heard the sound of Yin Zhu dropping the pot on the ground while washing clothes in the backyard. With her eyes trained on the floor, Yin Xia took in the destruction that Yin Zhu has created in just ten minutes of being left alone and smacked the back of her palm on her forehead. " Zhu Zhu, what did I tell you about getting close to the stove?"

" That I should leave it in the hands of an expert," Yin Zhu answered sounding a bit upset, all she wanted was to make lunch for her hardworking sister who has to not only work hard in school but even when she returned home. But she might have as well sat in a corner and left it to her sister to take care of the lunch at least she wouldn't have to clean up after her.

" That's right," Yin Xia sighed as she took out the ring that she always carried in her pocket and then placed it on her ring finger before she made a swishing gesture in the air and muttered, " Purgare."

No sooner did she utter the spell, the broom and the trash picker jumped to work. The two of them started cleaning the rice that was spilt on the floor while her sister walked to the cabinet, she took a look at the rice container that was getting empty day by day and sighed, " I have to buy rice, we are running out of it."

She paused when she noticed that her sister was looking at the self-moving broom and trash picker, her eyes softened as she placed her hands on Yin Zhu's shoulder as she said, " Don't be so broken-hearted, not being able to do magic is not a bad thing either… in fact its a very good thing, this way you don't have to slave after others."

"What's so good about it," Yin Zhu retorted with her lips pursed in a pout. " If I was a beta then I would have been strong enough to protect myself, you and father wouldn't have to work so hard while trying to protect me."

Yin Zhu was rather upset with her title as an omega, her sister was a beta and so was her father but she just have to take after her mother. If only she was born as a beta, then she wouldn't have to be jealous of her sister who could do magic, even if being a beta she had to slave away after the noble alphas she would have very much agreed to do so.

"It's not as bad as you think it is," Yin Xia knew that her sister hated her omega status but this was something that was totally out of their control. In their world, status was determined the second a child took birth, if he was born with magical powers, the child was titled as beta as for children who were born petite and beautiful with a scent that could enamour just anyone and no magical powers they were declared of as omega.

Without any magical powers they were the weakest of all and being the weakest they were the prey of the strongest—— Alphas.

Alphas were not only rare, it was said that they were born with a blessing. Yin Xia has never seen any alpha being born in slums, all of them took birth in noble houses and lived a comfortable life with a silver spoon in their mouth.

Yin Xia shook those useless thoughts from her head and then pushed her sister on the shoulders such that she was sitting down on the bed. " At least you are not doing menial tasks such as cleaning and laundering in a noble's house. You have no idea how hard it is to serve them," said Yin Xia trying to change her sister's mood as she told her about the day in the Bloodlock mansion, where she worked. " The mansion has at least four young masters and three young mistresses, every one of them is a hard nut to serve. The eldest master likes tricking his siblings every day, just this morning he switched the dresses of his sisters from the laundry room causing the young missies to wear each other dresses and you know how the young mistresses of noble families are…"

Yin Xia rolled her eyes at the thought of what happened this morning in the mansion. " All three of them were very angry with the mistake of the laundry room's mistake and punished every single maid working in the laundry department."

" Were you punished as well?" Yin Zhu asked sounding worried as she looked at her sister in concern.

" No silly, if I was punished do you think I would be standing in front of you?" Yin Xia governed the trash picker such that it poured all the rice it picked up from the floor into a bucket floor of clean water before continuing, " I was able to wriggle my way out of the punishment since I was out of the mansion with Jin Yuan."

At the mention of Jin Yuan, Yin Zhu saw her sister turn red and she happily nudged her sister in the ribs. " You were on a date while others were being punished huh?"

" Oh, shush!" Yin Xia smacked Yin Zhu lightly on the back of her hand as she said, "It's nothing like that, he and I just went to get some things that the kitchen staff asked us." Even though she said that the blush on her face did not reduce in the slightest.

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