Hot Bloodsuckers’ Obsession Book

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Hot Bloodsuckers’ Obsession


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[Mature Content 18+] In the world of Alphas with power to control minds, hand out excruciating pain and even seduce you to your death such that you die with a smile on your face. Yin Zhu was born an Omega. A slave without any magic. In Bloodlock being an omega meant that you were no better than a rug under the feet of the alphas. In fact, even rug had much more importance than Yin Zhu who was born as an omega. Her life was destined to be spent under the dominance of the alphas of the Situ family. At least no one knew that she was an omega, as long as no one found out that she was an omega she was safe. But at the age of eighteen, she was dragged to the Situ mansion, because of a mistake and now she have to serve in the family of a Vampires but it was fine right? As long as she stayed away from them she will be all right. Wrong. She ended up attracting the attention of the three young masters even when she didn’t meant to, one by one their gazes locked on her, in a manner she did not mean to —— by disrespecting them. Proud and arrogant as they were they didn’t want to let her go so easily. Now she have to serve them and protect herself as well, for if these men found out that she was an omega it was either death or a life of imprisonment. ———————— “ Did you go somewhere?”spoke a voice in the dark room, causing Yin Zhu’s eyes to go wide with fear. She turned around the room when another voice called from behind, the cold breath of the man skimming over her shoulder, “ I think she was out in the garden, her skin is cold.” Nervously, Yin Zhu turned around but the man behind her was gone, she swallowed hard as she squinted her eyes trying to make the silhouettes of the men who were hiding in her room. “ W..What are you doing in my room?” “ What are we doing in her room, she asks,” chuckled a third voice causing goosebumps to break all over her skin. When the figure of the man sitting on the chair next to the tea table stood up and started walking towards her. As he started to walk towards her the rest moved and circled her like a prey, the handsome features of the men illuminated in the moonlight making them look even scarier than they do. “ We came to see our omega,” said number one as he tilted his head and smiled at her. “ What about you? Where are you coming from, hmm?” “ I ..I just went out on a walk,” she replied as quickly as possible but then she heard someone behind her chuckle and Yin Zhu could feel her doom coming close. She tried to side step the two men but then she was caught by number three, his arms tightening around her waist as she tried to escape the two man, a dangerous growl rumbling in his chest that reverberated on her back . The two men walked closer to her as the first one raised his hand and cupped her face while the other caught hold of her silvery lock that was cascading over her shoulder. One of them skimmed his hand over her jaw and neck before splaying his fingers over her chest. “ Your heart is thumping rather loud, did you go on a run?” Yin Zhu didn’t answer for she knew that the three men knew she was lying, they could see through her lies better than she could see through their games. The man behind her leaned forward and whispered against her ear, “ Were you trying to run away with him?” “ Maybe I should wring the neck of that human after all, hmm? What do you say, sugar?”chortled the third.


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