Host, Please Be Honest! What Exactly Are You?

Author-san here! Well, you're smart to stop by here. So I won't praise you all anymore. (^_^)  This is my original work, and I know you all will like it. So shamelessly pop your popcorn and read away!  Oh… And don't forget to check out my other books: • I'm The King Of Technology •Help!: I Think My System Is Trying To Kill Me! And, •In A Cultivation World With An Entertainment Park... You can also visit my website for more books: https://LumydeeNovels.Gumroad.com/ Ps/// THE PACE WILL BE SLOW AT THE BEGINNING TO SET EVERYTHING IN MOTION. But after a while, it will pick up quickly. . . Now, back to the synopsis. Er-Erhmm.. (narrator-voice on) ... In another world called Blue Star, the famous son of wealth, Dorian D. Tian, is thrown into a whirl of unfortunate circumstances, resulting in his death. . His parents had a brutal car accident that left them in a coma, and his uncle had quickly taken over the company,  and seized the company, making sure that he was financially crippled for good. With that, the famous young master struggled desperately. And in the end, he gave in to his despair and depression, leaving the sad, lonely world. The end? Heh... Think again! Because in that brief moment, the lifeless corpse suddenly opened its eyes, revealing a deep calm look. That's right. Another mysterious soul had entered the body. But if one thought this story was just about revenge, then sorry... that wasn't even the half of it! .... The mysterious entity suddenly triggered an exorcist system. And from then on, both humans and even those from the underworld shuddered in fear and despair at the mysterious soul's cruelty. [Humans]: "Demon! Demon! You're definitely a demon!" [Demons]: "Help! Help! The famous demon wants to eat me!" [Evil Spirits]: "You!... Are you the one who is an evil spirit or us? Why the hell did it seem like you're the demonic one instead?" [Ghouls]: "You stay away from me! Stay away from me now, you evil entity!" [Hellhounds]: "Are you sure you're not the son of hades?" The system couldn't help looking at its host in doubt. Its indicators said that its host was indeed mortal. But why did it feel like something was wrong with its host? Dorian lightly chuckled in amusement. He would also like to ask the same question. What exactly was his identity? Well, this would be the biggest mystery of all. But Dorian wasn't in a hurry. Who were his enemies, and who were his allies? Soon, he would find the truth. In the meantime, why not play a little? "Demon! stay back!" "Oooo~~~... I... I want to go back to the underworld where it's safe." "Run for your lives! The demon is here!" …..

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Warning Bells


Everyone pointed their guns at him in fury.

They didn't need to be rocket scientists to understand what was going on here.

Butler Sheng's abrupt actions and Dorian's words made them even more convinced that these poverty-stricken Tian bastards had attacked their Young Master!

Leiji's entire body trembled from head to toe: "What did you just say? I dare you to say it again!" Leiji barked, making Butler Sheng's stew even more in anger too.

But just when Butler Sheng was about to make his move, Dorian raised his hand and shook his head slightly.

And as if completely a different person, Butler Sheng returned to his calm self, acting like the Tian Butler he was.

Dorian chuckled while patting his mouth with the cloth beside him: "It's funny how life works. Just yesterday, I did warn your young master Sota, but it appears that up till now, he hasn't taken my words seriously at all. Let me guess, it's not him who requested for me, but you all, right?"

Like a volcano, Leiji exploded even more: " So what if it was us? We're just doing what we should! Do you think that because you've managed to frighten the young master with your threats, It would make us back down? Impossible! You lie!"

Listening to him, the corners of Dorian's eyes creased up. 

As expected, that Ghu boy didn't tell them what he was truly facing.

Well, they would probably think he had a mental health condition, so he only had to bottle it up.

In fact, he could call on Dorian with the talisman coin he left in his pockets.

Who knows... maybe his brain had been scared silly, so he hadn't used it yet?


Leiji was getting irritated by Dorian's calm facade: "You shut up!! I don't care what excuses you have to say because whether you like it or not,  you're coming with us!" 

With that, Leiji snapped his hands, and 2 people moved forward.

But before they could touch him, Dorian raised his hands and grinned: "I think you're all confusing something here. I'm not the enemy. But, since I'm a little free, then I'll go with you all. However, my price isn't cheap."



Screw You!!!

Leiji almost puked out blood from rage alone: "Roll! Roll! Roll!!!... You 2! What the hell are you listening to this fool for? Grab and gag him now!"

"Yes." Answered the men behind Dorian.

They stretched their hands viciously towards him.

But just as they were about to touch him, a terrifying aura leaked out, making everyone's muscles turn to stone.


Dorian glanced at them coldly: "Touch me, and you'll lose your hands."


Those behind him froze.


"I've already said I'll go with you. So let this be the last time you ever attempt this. Not many have threatened me and lived to tell about this!" With that, Dorian suddenly smiled and withdrew his aura: "Now... be good lads and wait here. understood?"

"_" (nodding absentmindedly)

"Good." Dorian replied before turning to Butler Sheng: "Follow."

"Yes, Master."

With that, the duo left the dining hall and walked up the stairs unhurriedly, leaving the dazed guests below.


Blink. Blink.

What just happened?

Some people were so shaken that they couldn't move at all, while others just barely recovered now.

Leiji looked at Dorian's back while sweating silly.

But suddenly, Doran paused, threw his head backwards and smiled evilly, causing him to shudder.

It was at this moment that Leiji realized how hidden Dorian was.


What a horrifying kid!


Everyone waited patiently, not daring to even move an inch.

And while waiting, Bewoh and Haru finished their early morning duties and stood by the stairway like statues.

They acted as if the countless men with guns were nothing to them.

Their actions shocked everyone, especially Leiji.

He felt like the Tian household had been deceiving the entire city.

For a fact, he could indeed confirm that almost all the workers here had left and betrayed the Tian household.

But call it intuition, he felt like the household hadn't fallen at all.

Of anything else, there should be hidden forces working with them or being commanded by them.

He felt like the entire thing was a mystery wrapped in an enigma, and it would be unwise to fickle the Rogers tail without knowing its full strength.

Nonetheless, they had to get to the bottom of Young Master Sota's issue.

So they had no choice but to dive into the belly of the tiger.

It was just that now, they would act more cautiously and not let their anger get the best of them.

At first, they assumed that maybe this Tian fellow had paid a lot of money to the Darknet to have someone take care of young master Sota.

Hence they had been staying up all night looking through countless assassination notices.

But even though they didn't find Sota's name on it, that didn't mean he might be free from the Dark Net.

Why? Because most people who drop requests never drop their target names too. 

They only leave the amount they are willing to pay and their non-traceable contact numbers.

So only when someone was qualified enough would they then tell the person about their targets.

That said, for all they knew, Young Master Sota's name could still be there.

Seeing how the Tian family had no men, they thought they hired people to do the job because breaking into the Ghu home wasn't easy, and only a highly skilled person could do so.

Well, they indeed thought that was the case and stormed here in numbers, letting their rage get the best of them.

But now, it seemed that there might be a hidden force working with the Tians.

No! They had to act smart and carefully report this matter to Butler Windock, The Master and the Madam later on.

This Tian family might be more than what meets the eyes.

With that, Leiji steadied his heart and placed his guns back.

And soon, they heard the unhurried sounds of footsteps descending the grand stairway.


~Tap... Tap... Tap... Tap.~

Everyone looked up to see Dorian in a thin black coat, with his hands behind his back.

And by his side was Butler sheng holding a large black wooden box with several carvings on it.

Leiji looked at the box deeply.

What was in it?

Dorian looked at them playfully: "Like I said, I'm not the enemy, but someone who can help you get rid of it. So, let's go!"