492 The Hateful Britannia Museum

Just like that, many forces geared up to take the top position in the upcoming competitions. 

No way! 

This provocation was too great to bottle up. 

Just who do these Vardos people think they are to look down on the test of the world just because they always took one of the top 3 spots in every competition? 

There are hundreds and hundreds of countries in the world and every time they fall within either one spot among the top 3, which already shows how strong their nation's military is.

But so bloody what?

Is that enough reason to look down on the rest of the world while seated on their hilden throne?

Son of a b**ch! 

This time, many nations swore to drag Vardos down their high horse, ensuring the bastards fall off the top 3 and even fall below the top 100 if possible.


Just wait and see how they prove themselves this year.


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