414 Strange Call

The country was going crazy, and the wealthy man who lost his daughter was also panicking. 

His name was Elric Montague, father to Jenny Montague.

Elric felt he was on the cusp of death if he didn't find his daughter. 

He promised his dead wife he would always take care of her. Now, look at it. 

He shouldn't have listened to her pleas for wanting to live an ordinary life. 

As the only heir and successor to his Montague companies, how can her life be anything ordinary? 

After the age of 11, his daughter locked herself in her room, refusing to come out unless he all-weather joined ordinary public skills and lived like a typical youth. 

At first, he had guards monitor her for years without end. 

Nothing ever happened, and no one seemed to know her since she also never attended elite parties with him. 

Now she was a full-fledged teenager whom no one knew was a secret heir to his billionaire household. 


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