487 Son Of A Lion

It took the many shareholders 30 minutes of collective silence to gather themselves.


They used 30 whole minutes not saying a single damn thing, but only staring into space like puppets. 

It was only when the secretary came over to refill their cups of tea and beverages, did they snap back to their senses.

Entering the conference room, the sexy secretary who was promoted not too long ago was very confused by what she saw. 

This was her first time serving in a shareholder meeting. She was told how to act and what to do, saying they will be very busy.

But stepping in, who did she feel they were all lazy, using this time to rest rather than tall company matters?

Secretly rolling her eyes, she added over 7 cups of sugar into a single teacup, wondering when one of them would tell her to stop.

But you know what? They didn't seem to reach at all as though she was invisible.


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