410 Mysterious Case - 2


Old Gia thought of something else that made his eyes flicker. 

"Grandmaster... A strange case has appeared abroad... Grandmaster, it's too weird."

"Oh?" Dorian was intrigued, listening with a lazy glint.

"Yes, Grandmaster... It concerns a missing group that lost connection during a live broadcast."

Old Gia recalled the mysterious man's face in the live broadcast.

His presence alone sent waves that chilled his spine.

He felt it was best for the Grandmaster to investigate the cause since he couldn't tell what they were up against if there was indeed an evil hand in this.

If they should go, this was also the first time they would be leaving the country's shores to investigate cases abroad. 

The people were missing, and those abroad searched for their bodies crazily. 

What's more, one of the missing people happens to be the child of an insanely wealthy family whom Old Gia had heard about. 

How interesting...


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