3 Butler Sheng

[Congratulations, host.

You are now an official Heavenly Exorcist.]


A faint smile formed on Dorian's lips before he got up and headed towards the showers, leaving all the musty alcohol-tainted water in the tub.

He stepped to the side and pushed a button that self drained the tub and squirted a few rounds of water to cleanse it off.

Oh, how the rich enjoy.

Now, it was time for him to take a proper shower.

[Host, you have several missions already lined up.

But before that, the heavens had allocated a novice package for you.

Congratulations host. You have been given;

•B-grade book on various Heavenly Talismans and Formations, which is a step up from the C-grade knowledge in your previous world.

•Heart Jade cleansing pill.

•As well as a secret room in your Bed chambers, filled with Sanctified Candles.

Does the host wish to absorb knowledge now?]


[Good host.

Please brace yourself, in 3... 2...1... ]


A wave of explosive pain forcefully pried itself into his brain.

But Dorian still stayed expressionless. If not for the veins bulging on his forehead and his hoarse breathing, one would think that the pain was nothing.

Dorian closed his eyes, letting the shower water drip onto his face quietly.

Time seemed to have stopped, frozen in space.

And after 15 seconds, the pain eased.

Dorian tilted his head downwards and opened his eyes.


The knowledge he absorbed was a grade higher than what was generally known in his previous world.

But why did it seem like he had already known of this knowledge before?

Well, maybe he was overthinking things.

Anyway, from his guess, he should also be able to upgrade this knowledge through the system too.

As for the secret room with sacred candles, he felt like it would make things easier for him going forward.

Now, what mission does the system have in store for him?


[Mission: Purchase a space and open an organization or School of Exorcism. It's important to note that the host has to begin the spread of Exorcism in this world.

Task Deadline: 2 months.

Punishment for failure: Will be determined later when or if failed.

Rewards: Organization structures and Cosmic Shield around perimeters]


'System, why aren't there any personal missions linked to my strength?'

[Answering to the host, this system is in itself a store of some sort.

So all those can be obtained by the host.

For example, if the host needs new spells, books, magical artifacts or anything else, the host will need to gather enough points to do so.]

'And I can only get points by exorcising underworld creatures, right?'

[That is correct, host.

Presently, the host is a no-rank Heavenly Exorcist.

Above the no-rank are the H-rank exorcists.

And in ascending order, one would have to move from the H to A, followed by S, Double-S, Triple-S, Divine and Celestial Class.

The host will have to kill the required amount of demons, Ghosts, ghouls or any other underworld entities to rank up. 

The number of points gathered would also depend on what grade of underworld creatures the host kills.]

'But this isn't all, correct?'

[Yes, host. 

Reaching the minimum requirement of kills is just one aspect.

The number of spells, incantations and information known by the host or any exorcist also plays a part in their levelling up... As well as their overall strength.]

Dorian nodded in understanding.

These were the exact requirements in his previous life.

After all, there were schools dedicated to exorcism.

So of course, passing the exams and showing what knowledge they acquired would rank anyone up.

Likewise, if he was going to open an institution, people needed to get tested and rise to the challenge.

Sometimes, information on the creature they were fighting could save their lives.

Not to talk of the spells and sacred objects around then that could exorcise these creatures.


After getting a clear picture of what he was sent to this world for, Dorian got out of the shower, neatly dressed up and looked at his watch patiently.

And right on cue, there was a gentle knock on the door.

~Pmm. Pmm. Pmm.

"Young master?"

"Yes. Come in, Butler Sheng."


A brief glint of shock passed through the butler's eyes as he stepped into the room.

The young master was up?

If it were before, this wouldn't have been so shocking.

But ever since trouble came one after another, the young master had been immersed in a deep layer of depression that utterly broke him down.

Even the shadow of his former glory couldn't be seen on the young man.

And day after day, Sheng had watched the young master turn into someone worse than a homeless person.

From time to time, he would give brief words of encouragement, hoping the young man would cheer up... at least for his parent's sake.

He had almost given up on the young master.

But now, it seems like the young master had finally decided to sit up.

But why did he suddenly feel like the young master's aura had become stronger than it was before?

Maybe he was more determined than ever?

Well, whatever the case, Butler Sheng was honestly glad.

After all, he had promised the master and mistress that he would always look after the young master.

So he didn't want to fail on his mission.

The master who was now lying in a vegetative coma had saved him decades ago after his newly married wife betrayed him.

Not only did she cheat, but she also sold him to traffickers and took the only inheritance his late father had left him.

At that time, the 19-year-old orphan him was in real hell.

He suffered for an entire year and almost died of starvation before getting rescued by the master.

Since then, he had stayed loyal and decided never to marry again.

To him, the master's family was his family.

Looking at the young master before him, the middle-aged butler Sheng trembled in delight.

He didn't know why, but he felt that from now on, they would rise up and never fall again.

Those who betrayed them will definitely pay!


With a smile on his face, butler Sheng gave a low bow with one hand over his chest.

"Young master. Your breakfast is ready.

"Hmm. After breakfast, prepare the vehicle.

We're going out."

"As you wish, young master."

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