411 A Nightmarish Case

With their plan in motion, everyone scattered. 

It seemed abrupt to leave so suddenly after getting the news, but the whole point of the academy's creation was for them to be able to handle matters like this at the drop of a hat, whenever and wherever danger raises its ugly head. 

As the grandmaster said, he'll take Old Hou, Endo, and Haru. 

He also allowed disciples to tag along, but it would be up to the 3 elders to pick them out. 

Each person was to pick no more than 6 people... Making a total of 18 disciples. 

Amongst the chosen 18, was Jung Hou, old Hou's son... Wei Gia, old Gia's son... And Ghu Dwo, Old Ghu's son, who was also Sota's father.

Don't look at Sota at 17 and think his father was old. 

Ghu Dwo married at the age of 18 and had Sota at 20. 

In turn, Old Ghu and Old madam Ghu had a love that bloomed from their young youth, marrying early too. 


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