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She does not believe in anything, she has no dreams, no aspiration, just going with the flow in whatever direction life is taking her. She is the only child of the Wilson’s, because of this she is spoiled and bratty to but tries as much as possible to cover up her flaw. She likes to hide behind her clothing and tries to be as invincible as possible. People know her as the quiet nerd with the baggy clothing but they do not know the person behind it. People think she is quiet while she is not, more likewise. Joshua is a 23 years old who lost his parents at 18. He was left to cater for his two siblings alone when none of their parent’s relative gave a helping hand. Having no choice but to drop out of school and handle multiple jobs and being parent to his two young siblings. Luck was on his side, his parents left for him a trust fund for his university and that of his sisters. He used his college trust fund to invest in a nightclub which him and his friend owned, which later turned out successful. Been successful and securing a stable life for himself and his sisters, he went back to college to become a doctor. Discipline and hard work being his everyday motto. He is a nerd at day and dominant at night Watch how Arizona and Joshua will navigate their lives.


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