1 Welcome To The Jungle

Ok let me introduce myself my name is Andreas yes like San Andreas my mom played GTA too much but she calls me Dre for short. I want to take you to a point in my life where I was comfortable at High School but that changed when I walked into the gym and seen something I wasn't supposed to see. It was one of my teachers selling a bag to a student one of my soon to be friends I tried to close the door quietly but it didn't work I was running like I had to catch a bus as for the rest of the moment lets just see how it plays out. As Dre was running he ran right into the principal Dre said "my apologies boss man I just wanted to show the new student around" the principal said "it's cool but let me walk you to the office." When they get there the new student was sitting in the chair on the phone texting she looked up and said "sorry Mr. Clinton" the principal said "relax I do the same thing some time not that the board of education really likes it. Ebony meet your tour guide Dre and Dre this is Ebony show her around the school please" Dre looked at Ebony and said "as many times as I've been in his office I never knew his last name."

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