Honkai: Kiana happiness, Become the stigma of the Kaslana family

A time traveler who lost her name wakes up from her long sleep, and she has somehow become the will of the stigmata of the Kaslana family attached to Kiana's back! Remembering the honkai stories full of tragedy and smiles, she decides to turn things everything! Time can't be turned back, but I can! Kiana: Papa! Mama! Big sister started acting weird again! She will sacrifice to the sky for me, please help!" Cecilia: "My daughter, listen to mommy! Your last name is Schariac not Kaslana! Please don't pick up your sword again! Siegfried please help!!!" Siegfried: “I-I can't! She's stronger than me! I can't beat her!” Kevin: "Kid, stop messing around. When are you going to resurrect Mei?" Otto: "Move aside! I ordered it a long time ago! She has to revive my kallen first!" Meanwhile, while the two great powers were arguing with each other, a little girl was shivering in the corner, very miserably. "Please, I don't want to join the stigma project! Let me go! Mama, papa, help me!!!"

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Chapter 273: "Otto dead"

The Herrscher of Wind was dead, but gray clouds were still gathering in the sky, and it was starting to rain.

Inside the dilapidated building, Thea uses the power of the stigmata to recreate Sirin's severed hand.

They both remained silent.

Maybe this was the best choice, because the two of them currently didn't know what else to say.

After ensuring that Sirin's condition was fine, and took her to the edge of the island, a safe place. Thea, who wanted to leave, was suddenly grabbed by Sirin by the hem of her clothes.

Sirin looked at Thea silently, and she lowered her head guiltily.

"Aren't you angry?"

Thea looked at Sirin, and she didn't say a single word.

Exit the room, and look at the center of the island. Thea used teleportation, and she arrived inside her familiar office.

In the dark room, Thea saw Maria's body which was currently frozen into a solid chunk of ice crystals.

To the touch, it felt extremely cold, and also extremely piercing, telling of the helplessness of this place.

"They all thought that what they were fighting for was worth it. What they imagined was that through their own efforts humans could live openly under the rays of the sun."

When Thea turned around, she saw Otto who was currently wearing a condolence expression.

Without saying a word, Otto's legs froze, and parts of Otto's body began to crystallize just like Maria.

"Without your instigation Otto, Kiana would never have had thoughts like this in the first place. I will give you a chance to convince me not to kill you."

Otto shook his head: "I'm glad you gave me a chance, but it seems like no matter what I offer you don't seem interested. From your eyes, I can see your growing anger and killing intent."

"However, before you kill me, I don't mind telling you the reason why I did all these things. I just want to help you to defeat the honkai."

"With all your preparations so far, and the help of humans from the previous era, your victory in defeating the honkai is very small."

According to Otto, the great god in this world was a magnificent alien creation named [Cocoon of Finality]. Honkai is just its tool to intervene in this world.

No one knows when that creature appeared, and no one knows how many civilizations have been destroyed because of that.

That managed the reincarnation of the world for countless centuries, allowing all humans living in this world to be imprisoned within the fence like pets, and reproduce endlessly. Endless eating, endless restarting, until it becomes what the gods desire.

The euphemistic name is, companion.

This is a sad reality.

Even for Sa, a creature that imitated the Cocoon of Finality mechanism in the sea of ​​quanta, which had accumulated resources for hundreds of millions of years, still did not dare to face this entity head-on.

"I believe that anger born of love can make a person have power equal to or more powerful than love."

"This feeling will be a light of hope that will be able to guide you so that you don't get lost. This is my gift to you."

Maybe this was Otto's talent, his words made Thea want to cruelly tear him apart.


Your death is a gift to me!

"Are these your last words?"

Otto just closed his eyes, and let Thea swallow him into her shadow.

As a fellow stigmatized entity, the same individual can be used as nutrition for others.

Otto understood this.

That's why he let Thea eat him.

All of Otto's plans sound complicated, but they are actually quite simple. He just didn't want the world after Kallen was revive to be a world of despair.

Using his own death, Otto gets Thea to keep her promise to resurrect Kallen. Something he couldn't do.

This is his sincerity, as well as his moral bond so that Thea keeps her promise.

"You bunch of old foxes always just want to take advantage of my kindness."

Seeing Otto who [perish], some of the anger that Thea had accumulated also disappeared a little.

Thea sighed, and she touched the ice crystal that imprisoned Maria.


In the Imaginary space, what was originally a chaotic source of power for all parties, was now neatly arranged.

The power of the Kaslana family's stigma was used as a foundation for the world, and the stigma project was transformed into a web that weaves the entire world of stigmata.

That could be said, all the valkyries who died, or more precisely the people who had their stigma marks in the real world, their souls after death would be drawn into this place.

This is the legendary land after death, and also the gathering place for souls after entering into a demonic contract.

"T-This... Where am I?"

When Maria opened her eyes again, the first thing she saw was a wide open hall, and a magnificent altar.

Just like the revive altar in online games, after Maria respawned, what she saw first were the valkyries who had fallen on the battlefield, as well as her subordinates in Schicksal.

Maria also met Flora and Seruti here, the valkyries who died in the Herrscher jewel transfer operation.

"Is captain Maria also dead?"

"Hahaha captain, I never thought that one day your time would also come. Welcome to valhalla!"

"Sister Maria, sister Maria, do you have a place to stay? Would you like to stay at my house?"


Maria: "( ̄□ ̄|||)Eh?"

With the information that came out of the mouths of the Valkyries, Maria finally knew that this was a world of stigmata created by Thea.

The dead can come back to life here, but the dead do not have access to connect to the real world which means they cannot contact their colleagues there.

So in the real world, they are all thought to be dead, but in fact they are still alive.

They were all just waiting for Saintess Thea to revive them.

While Maria was still chatting with the veteran valkyries who had entered this world earlier, in a corner of the hall, Welt Yang and Wilson sat on a bench in silence.

"This has already entered the realm of the gods. I knew that she could also go back to the past, but this... No, resurrecting the dead seems reasonable too." Welt Yang fixed his askew glasses.

The land after death, the world of stigmata. Welt Yang never thought that Thea could build a place like this.

But instead of being nervous, Welt Yang somehow breathed a sigh of relief.

At least, he could meet his colleagues again if Thea gave him the chance.

"Is he here too?"

Just as Welt Yang was wondering and wanting to explore, Wilson next to him let out a long sigh.

Wilson: "Do you know how I entered this world?"

Welt: "I didn't ask..."

Wilson: "It's quite a long story..."

Welt: "No, did you hear my words?"


Seeing that the people she was looking for had entered the world of stigmata, Thea did not intend to bother them anymore.

Let them rest.

Pulling her gaze back from the world of stigmata she created, the thing Thea needed to do now was go to the moon.

There was still her silly little sister who was still waiting for her there.

Kevin: "Are you ready?"

Thea: "Um, my business is finished. Time to beat the moon goddess to a pulp. Sis, are you ready too?"

Bianka: "Yeah, let's take our stupid little sister back to home."

The three Kaslanas achieved consequences, and the spirits of the three of them soared.

Their goal this time is very simple, go to the Cocoon of Finality, and after that, bring back Kiana and defeat the honkai!