Honkai: Kiana happiness, Become the stigma of the Kaslana family

A time traveler who lost her name wakes up from her long sleep, and she has somehow become the will of the stigmata of the Kaslana family attached to Kiana's back! Remembering the honkai stories full of tragedy and smiles, she decides to turn things everything! Time can't be turned back, but I can! Kiana: Papa! Mama! Big sister started acting weird again! She will sacrifice to the sky for me, please help!" Cecilia: "My daughter, listen to mommy! Your last name is Schariac not Kaslana! Please don't pick up your sword again! Siegfried please help!!!" Siegfried: “I-I can't! She's stronger than me! I can't beat her!” Kevin: "Kid, stop messing around. When are you going to resurrect Mei?" Otto: "Move aside! I ordered it a long time ago! She has to revive my kallen first!" Meanwhile, while the two great powers were arguing with each other, a little girl was shivering in the corner, very miserably. "Please, I don't want to join the stigma project! Let me go! Mama, papa, help me!!!"

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Chapter 271: "Cocoon of Finality"

To gain the Cocoon of Finality's recognition, Kiana must resonate with all of Herrscher's powers.

However, of the 14 Herrscher recorded in history, apart from the Herrscher of the end, the Herrscher of Binding and the Herrscher of Corruption in this era have not yet been born.

This makes them trapped.

They should not rush and wait a bit. But another question is, can the earth still survive other shocks?

The answer is no.

Just like an old camel that is still standing, the earth is currently still hanging in the middle of reality, making them unable to wait any longer.

Because of this, they look for other solutions.

Kiana took off the [Oath of Judah] necklace hanging around her neck.

Divine keys are products made from Herrscher gems from previous eras of civilization. Even though they have changed their form into weapons, their essence is still the same, coming from the Cocoon of Finality.

"Senti, please help me."


With the help of the Herrscher of Sentience, the Oath of Judah made from the Herrscher of Binding gem, slowly resonates with Kiana.

Golden light enveloped the Oath of Judah, and the giant cross gradually disappeared in the air.

Successfully getting the Herrscher of binding authority without any obstacles, the next thing Kiana needs to get is the power of the Herrscher of Corruption.

The process is still the same. With her authority as the temporary captain of Immortal Blades in the real world, Kiana has succeeded in getting Jizo Mitama out of the storage warehouse.

The resonance finally ended.

Even though the authority of the Herrscher of Binding and Herrscher of Corruption was considerably weaker than the original, this was enough.

Everything went according to plan.

Gaining the power of the Herrscher of Corruption, and gathering all the power of the Herrscher into her body, Kiana currently feels like her body is filled with power.


Kiana knew that this was all just the beginning.

After passing through the light door, and moving to the next place, Kiana finally arrived at the origin station. A place that is all plain white, with an empty atmosphere and also very quiet.

Kiana approached the platform in a daze, and a train suddenly appeared from inside the tunnel, and stopped right in front of her.

Kiana suddenly froze.

Senti: "[Oi Oi Oi, don't joke with me. You said that you don't have the power of Herrscher of origin, then where did this train appear from!?]"

Kiana: "I don't know either! It wasn't supposed to be like this!"

An unexpected situation arose, and this made Kiana very alert.

In the original story, Mei, who received recognition from all the flame chasers, was supposed to be the successor of the Herrscher of Origin and accompany Kiana here along with Bronya.

They will send Kiana to the final destination, namely the Cocoon of Finality with the power of the Herrscher of Origin.

However, due to distorted history, the power of the Herrscher of origin, which was supposed to be sealed in the paradise of the past, could not be found again after that place was destroyed by the Herrscher of Domination.

The power Herrscher of Origin completely disappeared.

But now at the origin station, a train, which is the embodiment of the Herrscher of Origin's power, appears in front of Kiana to pick her up.

Kiana looked around her warily.

Senti: "[Under the supervision of this great Herrscher of Sentience, I do not feel any signs of supervision or malice around you. Perhaps this carriage appeared automatically because you have gained the power of all the Herrschers?]"

"[The proof that you entered the origin station without getting the power of the Herrscher of Origin is proof that this place might exist independently. They are all trains after all, what's the harm in getting on and try it?]"

What Senti said maybe also true. Kiana herself was not the type to hesitate, and she entered the train carefully.

The carriage door behind her closed slowly.

The train carriage shook slightly, and the train finally started to depart for its final destination.

Looking around her once more, and seeing this place was completely empty, there were no threats. Kiana breathed a sigh of relief, and she sat down on one of the chairs quietly.

She could finally silence.

What was reflected by the train's carriage window was pure darkness. Apart from the carriage's lighting shining gently, Kiana couldn't see what was happening outside at all.

Honestly, Kiana is actually feeling very nervous right now.

Compared to what Thea had shown in her stigmata room, their plans were all full of holes.

Herrscher of Origin's most important power had already disappeared. How she would become the Herrscher of Finality, Kiana really didn't know.

This could be said to be reckless.

But if it could be done again, then Kiana would still do the same thing.

Kiana recalled the faces of her friends, relatives and parents. She felt that her current life was really very good.

Both of her parents were still alive, and she had also made many friends that exceeded her expectations.

Compared to other things, Kiana was really very satisfied.

If possible, Kiana currently really wants them all to live freely like before. Live together, and spend time together again.

Sirin who secretly draws her manga in her room, Bianka who always brings unique souvenirs, Aurora who is too lazy to move around, her parents are still at home every time she comes home, and also Thea's cheerful, carefree laughter echoes everywhere.

Thinking of all these beautiful memories, a warm feeling gathered in Kiana's chest.

She smiled.

Yeah, she can't go back now.

If she defeats Honkai, then everyone can return to their normal lives again as before.

Closing her eyes peacefully, the train carriage around Kiana slowly shattered like pieces of colorful glass.

This train that goes to Finality carries the light of hope to its final destination.

When Kiana opened her eyes again, Kiana realized that something was different about her.

"Is this the power of the Herrscher of Finality?"

Six purple wings as bright as stars gathered behind Kiana which perfectly matched her all-white outfit.

Kiana also noticed that the ends of her hair had a purple gradient. For some reason, she felt that her current appearance was almost exactly the same as Thea.

However, that is not the focus for now.

The god's eye, an alien being that came from a high dimension, a great honkai god trapped in a dimensional wall, finally turned its attention to Kiana.

Looking at the purple eyes that were as big as planets, Kiana took a deep breath, and she started to walk slowly towards it.

On the other hand, just like a mirror reflection, a pure white figure, almost exactly the same as Kiana, was also slowly walking towards her.

Kiana noticed this figure, and she took out her weapon.

"This is the final battle. Everyone, get ready!"

With a snap of a finger, several people appeared around Kiana, and they were all ready to fight.

Misteln, Fu Hua, Herrscher of Sentience, the three of them were users of spiritual skills suitable for fighting the Will of Honkai.

As for Bronya, After she metamorphosed and became the Herrscher of Truth, she firmly believed that her current strength was not weaker than the other Herrschers.


Seeing those rushing towards her, Will of Honkai who gave them time to get ready, could only smile.


Kevin opened his eyes in surprise.

There was something different about the Finality power he was currently controlling.

It felt like someone had opened a back door, and let someone else steal his Finality power for nothing.

Before Kevin could find out what really happened, he suddenly heard a very heartbreaking scream echoing throughout the Imaginary space.

An earthquake that never happened shook the ground beneath Kevin's feet. Kevin realized that Thea, who had almost completed her metamorphosis, had now awakened.

Thea knelt on the ground with her body trembling. She hugged her own body tightly trying to endure the pain that emerged.

Opening her sore eyes, the view Thea saw became very blurry because it was blocked by tears.


Her stigmata power, was currently being invaded.