Honkai: Kiana happiness, Become the stigma of the Kaslana family

A time traveler who lost her name wakes up from her long sleep, and she has somehow become the will of the stigmata of the Kaslana family attached to Kiana's back! Remembering the honkai stories full of tragedy and smiles, she decides to turn things everything! Time can't be turned back, but I can! Kiana: Papa! Mama! Big sister started acting weird again! She will sacrifice to the sky for me, please help!" Cecilia: "My daughter, listen to mommy! Your last name is Schariac not Kaslana! Please don't pick up your sword again! Siegfried please help!!!" Siegfried: “I-I can't! She's stronger than me! I can't beat her!” Kevin: "Kid, stop messing around. When are you going to resurrect Mei?" Otto: "Move aside! I ordered it a long time ago! She has to revive my kallen first!" Meanwhile, while the two great powers were arguing with each other, a little girl was shivering in the corner, very miserably. "Please, I don't want to join the stigma project! Let me go! Mama, papa, help me!!!"

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Chapter 198: "Silence before destruction"

In supermarket...

Here there are various kinds of products gathered in one place. Apart from being diverse, many unique things can be found in this place.

An example is a small valkyrie who has a nocturnal habitat, but is forced to wake up because she is too hungry.

"Bronya, long time no see! Why do you have eye bags? Did you stay up late to finish the game again?"

Bronya: "...."

Picking up a plastic fork that was neatly arranged next to her glass of instant noodles. Bronya, who felt that the noodles inside had turned soft, opened the lid and ate straight away.

"Bronya isn't like certain white-haired idiots who sacrifice their health just for pure spiritual enjoyment."

"Young people like us must learn more to develop this country to be more advanced. Our youth must be used at the right place."

"Isn't that right, project bunny?"


Seeing Bronya talking nonsense with the air next to her. Both the project bunny who always hovered behind her, and Kiana and Mei who saw this, they all became silent.

Project bunny: "...."

Kiana: "...."

Mei: "...."

It seems like the symptoms of hallucinations are getting worse.

How long have you not slept?

"Bronya, why are you like this? The last time we met you looked fine..." Kiana asked worriedly.

Bronya sighed: "Nothing special, just keep studying regardless of the time. Next time I will pay attention to my rest schedule."

Since Welt Yang once kidnapped her to Anti-Entropy, and after that appointed her as his heir. Bronya, who was in a daze at the time, suddenly had the pressure of an enormous responsibility suddenly fall upon her shoulders.

Dr. Tesla and Dr. Einstein discovered that she was a fast learner. So in order to take full advantage of Herrscher of Reason's power, the two of them immediately taught her advanced engineering knowledge.

These two scientists once advised Bronya to quit St. Freya, and went to Anti-Entropy to learn more focus. However, Bronya, who at that time remembered her promise to Seele to go to school together, decided to refuse.

As a result, Bronya ate this bitter fruit with a sour face.

From morning to afternoon, she was taught by teacher Himeko to become a quality valkyrie. Starting from weapon maintenance, valkyrie armor maintenance, tactical training, and even Honkai monster body anatomies. Then in the evening, she would struggle again with advanced professional books, such as conductor materials science, quantum theory, and even advanced mathematical formulas.

Bronya was almost foaming at the mouth from consuming too much information.

In fact, this morning, she almost fainted just because she was exposed to sunlight.

If only Seele hadn't forcibly dragged her to the infirmary, and let her sleep for a while, Bronya would likely never have woken up for the rest of the day.

"Bronya, I would like to introduce my childhood friend to you. Starting from today, she is also a valkyrie!"

"Let me introduce myself, my name is Raiden Mei."

"It turns out you are the new transfer student. We are in the same class, my name is Bronya Zaychik, nice to meet you."

Get to know each other's names, and have a pretty good first impression. Mei who saw that Kiana and Bronya had quite a close relationship, decided to take her too.

"We just bought groceries for our lunch. Would you like to come eat with us?"

Bronya raised her eyebrows: "How many portions of food can you make?"

Mei, who was confused by Bronya's question, suddenly smiled: "Ten portions are enough."

Looked into each other's eyes, and then smiled understandingly. Bronya, who felt confident that she would not return home with an empty plate, nodded her head in agreement.

Mei understands how much Kiana's stomach capacity means that she is also not just a superficial friend.

For something like this, if Kiana can't finish the food her friend made, will Mei be disappointed?

It's a shame to waste food.

"Okay, then I'll go with you."


Taking them both to her house. Kiana opened the door, and she invited the two of them to enter.

"Come in, papa and mama are on a tour, and all my siblings are busy too. Just think of it here as your own home."

"Then excuse me."

Mei entered the house politely.

Because she had visited Kiana's house before. Mei, who was already familiar with the contents of the room, immediately went to the kitchen, and Bronya, who was only a little curious about the contents of Kiana's house, immediately locked her destination on the living room sofa.

"Wake me up when the food is ready. Project Bunny, set an alarm for one hour."


Takes out the blindfold, and lies down on the sofa. It didn't take a few seconds, a small snoring sound was immediately heard.

This dwarf truly considered this place her own home.

Kiana: "...."

Feeling dissatisfied with Bronya's attitude, but can't say anything because this is her own suggestion. Kiana decided to go to the kitchen, and she peeked at Mei cooking.

"Sister Mei, what are we going to eat today~?"

Mei said: "Because Kiana-chan said earlier that she missed my cooking, of course I will cook my country's specialties. Didn't we agree earlier to make curry, tempura, karaage and yakitori? Have you forgotten?"

Kiana smiled ridiculously: "Hehehe, because Mei's cooking is so delicious, I have to forget about it so I don't starve~ Mei, do you want me to help you?"

Mei also smiled slightly: "You sweet mouth. No need, since this is a gift I gave you, then let me handle everything."

"Then if you really need help, just tell me! I'm good at cooking too!"

"Hm~ okay, be a good girl, and please don't blow up the kitchen. Thea warned me never to let you cook under any circumstances. Isn't there still a sign there?"

Kiana was shocked: "Hey since when did this sign appear on the wall! This is slander! I can cook too!"

Mei, who saw Kiana's angry reaction, and tried to remove the sign mounted on the wall, laughed cheerfully.




Bronya: "So noisy... I can't sleep..."

Having red eyes, and trying to sleep once again. Bronya, who was trapped in a mobius loop, woke up and slept, finally decided to give up on sleeping naturally.

Created earphones using the power of Herrscher of Reason, and installed them with her smart phone. Bronya, who was looking for lullabies on the internet, suddenly found news that made her a little curious.


"Are there still many stupid people who want to fight Schicksal at this time?"

Bronya, who was lying comfortably on the sofa, suddenly sat up, and she screamed backwards.

"Kiana! Your sister has been slandered as a war criminal! Check the news on the internet!"

"Damn, this has entered a trending topic!"


Kiana: "Ah?"