Honkai: Kiana happiness, Become the stigma of the Kaslana family

A time traveler who lost her name wakes up from her long sleep, and she has somehow become the will of the stigmata of the Kaslana family attached to Kiana's back! Remembering the honkai stories full of tragedy and smiles, she decides to turn things everything! Time can't be turned back, but I can! Kiana: Papa! Mama! Big sister started acting weird again! She will sacrifice to the sky for me, please help!" Cecilia: "My daughter, listen to mommy! Your last name is Schariac not Kaslana! Please don't pick up your sword again! Siegfried please help!!!" Siegfried: “I-I can't! She's stronger than me! I can't beat her!” Kevin: "Kid, stop messing around. When are you going to resurrect Mei?" Otto: "Move aside! I ordered it a long time ago! She has to revive my kallen first!" Meanwhile, while the two great powers were arguing with each other, a little girl was shivering in the corner, very miserably. "Please, I don't want to join the stigma project! Let me go! Mama, papa, help me!!!"

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Chapter 194: "Sirin is the Hero"

The third Great Honkai Impact has been finally end. But, the impact is still very clear to everyone.

Magnificent buildings turned into rusty ruins as a result of being corroded by honkai energy. The street, which was originally busy, had now become very quiet.

Even though this place had been purified by Selene's attack, the honkai energy still remained and caused the clouds in the sky to gather again to form dark clouds.

All the dead souls seemed to be wailing in this place. Nagazora City has now turned into a ghost town.

Mei felt this difference very clearly.

After all, this place was her home.

She felt so empty.

When she went with Kiana to the nearest refugee camp, and saw her father who refused the doctor's persuasion to rest. Mei, who saw her father limping towards her, also rushed towards him to hug him tightly.

She cries.

Everyone in the refugee camp could hear her cries. But they didn't have much reaction, because they also did the same thing.

Happy because they are alive, sad because they have lost the people closest to them, empty of losing their purpose in life, and confused about the future.

All these emotions were exposed in front of Sirin in a very brutal way.

"Ugh... I'm sorry..."

Even though she was not the cause of the third great Honkai Impact, the second great Honkai Impact was her doing.

Everyone who survived her act of revenge must have felt the same as them.

This makes Sirin feel very guilty.

Now, she really understood why Thea used to hate her so much.

Because she now decided to help as a volunteer, and temporarily joined Immortal Blade's logistical valkyrie team. Sirin, who is currently wandering among the ruins, is trying to save as many people as possible.

Excavating ruins, treating seriously injured people, exterminating honkai beasts, evacuating them to a safe place, and continuing to repeat this over and over again.

Unconsciously, time passed very quickly, and evening had already arrived.

"I think... I should rest for a while..." Sirin wiped her dusty face with exhaustion.

Even though it was still afternoon, thanks to the dark clouds above their heads, light couldn't come in, making the city feel like it was already night time.

If she hadn't glanced at the time on her communicator, she might have guessed that it was already very late at night.


Sirin was shocked: "Ah!? Is someone there!? Can you hear my voice!? Louder!'

"Here... Help...."

Using honkai energy to create light at her fingertips. Sirin searched for the source of the sound, and she finally found its location.

A bright eye appeared among the rubble of a collapsed residential building. Finding that a little girl was trapped, Sirin immediately rolled up her sleeves.

"Wait a moment there, I will save you!"

Raising the debris of buildings one after another, and using honkai energy to work more efesien. When feeling that it was enough, Sirin immediately pulled the little girl out of there.

"It's okay, don't be afraid. Are you thirsty? Let's let big sister see your feet."

Gave her a drink of water, and glanced at her swollen feet. Sirin crouched, and she stretched out her hand to use the power of the Stigmata.

"Thank you for saving me... My name Sora, if I may ask what is big sister name?"

"My name is Sirin. Don't worry, Sora is a good child, everything will be fine."

Using the power of the Herrscher stigmata of death, and repairing the bone structure of her broken leg. Sirin, who had been fully concentrating, wiped the sweat that fell from her forehead.

"How about that, does it still hurt?"

Sora shook her head, and she looked at Sirin in awe: "The pain is no longer felt. Awesome... How did big sister do it? Was it magic?"

Sirin smiled: "Hehe~ Of course it's magic~! This sister is a magical girl after all~☆!"

Sora's eyes lit up: "Magical girls!? Are they real!? Can I be a magical girl too!?"

Sirin nodded her head: "As long as Sora is a good girl, one day you can definitely become a magical girl. I'm very sure of that!"

Saying a series of words she always said to calm restless children. Sirin, who felt that Sora was fine, breathed a sigh of relief.

"Sora, it's not safe here anymore. Terrible monsters could suddenly appear. Do you want to go with big sister to a safer place?"

"Hm, sure!"

Seeing Sirin's hand stretched out to her. Sora wanted to grab it, but when she remembered something important, she pulled her hand back.

"What wrong?" Sirin was confused.

Sora shook her head: "Sora remembers that Sora's parents still need help. They are all still trapped in the hallway along with my friends. Can you help Sora?"

Sirin became serious: "Can you tell me where is the location of the specifications?"

Sora shook her head: "Sora doesn't really remember... But, Mark II definitely knows! She has recorded all the phone records, Big sister help me!"

Sirin: "Ah?"

Following Sora's words, and digging through the ruins of Sora's house once again. They managed to find Mark ll, a robot household assistant.

Through data recorded in the telephone history, Sirin learned that the tourist bus Sora's parents were traveling in was stuck in a hill tunnel south of Nagazora city.

Both of Sora's parents are elementary school teachers. Because Sora had a high fever, she didn't come along, and she was left at home with their household robot assistant.

They had previously made contact with Sora to inform her of their current situation, and told her that everything was fine because they had called the rescue team.

But, based on the time of the call, and the occurrence of the third Honkai Impact explosion. Sirin suspects that currently Sora's parents are still trapped in the tunnel.

For a critical situation like this, Sirin chose to ask for help.

"Senior Alvitr, do you have some free time, I need your help."

"[Come on Sirin, we are friends! Just tell me everything, I will definitely help!]"

"It's like this..."

Explaining everything to Alvitr, her senior at Immortal Blade. Sirin told her everything she knew, and Alvitr on the other side also started to act serious.

"[I understand. With your ability to penetrate space, you can go there first to save them all.]"

"[Because the location is quite far, I will send a convoy team to transport all the victims to the nearest refugee post]."

"[Oh besides that, Sirin, because soon night will fall, and there will also be minimal lighting there, please take care of yourself. Remember, safety is the first thing!]"

Could hear the worried tone of her senior. Sirin smiled slightly.

"Thank you for the advice, senior."


Send Sora back to the refugee camp, and go to the tunnel immediately. Sirin, who arrived at the location, immediately cleaned up the Honkai beasts in the surrounding area, and she started conducting a survey.

She discovered that there were currently many people trapped in the tunnel.

Not only adults, Sirin could also hear the voices of children asking for help from inside.

"Then let's get started."

Take a deep breath, and use the power of the Herrscher of Void stigmata. Sirin who made sure that she didn't create the portal in the wrong place, and cause the possibility of the tunnel to collapse, smiled with relief.

She went inside.

"Everyone, reinforcements will arrive in a moment. I know you're all confused, but please listen to my instructions carefully."

"Children also have to obey okay~? Big sister will show you all a magic~☆"

Clap her hands to attract attention, and immediately evacuate on the spot. Under the eager gazes of the children, and the confused gazes of the adults, after they passed through the thin membrane, they all finally managed to get out of the suffocating tunnel.

Coincidentally, not long after Sirin confirmed that everyone had gone out, and the cold night fell. Alvitr came with her convoy team, and she waved to Sirin.

"Is that all?"

"Yes, senior! Everything has been evacuated and nothing is left behind! I've checked three times!"

"Good job Sirin! Then just leave the next evacuation process to me. As for you, you also need to rest. Look at your pale face, haven't you eaten this afternoon?"


Hearing what Alvitr said. Sirin, who suddenly remembered that she hadn't eaten anything since this afternoon, held her rumbling stomach in embarrassment.

"Here, some hot coffee to warm you up, and some bread. When we get back to base, I'll treat you to dinner."

Sirin took it embarrassedly: "Thank you senior..."

Alvitr laughed: "Haha, don't be so embarrassed! Just call me by my name, Alvitr!"

Sirin scratched her dusty cheek: "But isn't that impolite?"

Alvitr answered her: "Between friends there is no such thing as seniority! Apart from that you are a hero, I feel proud to be friends with a brave junior like you."

Sirin: "Cough! Cough! Cough!"

Suddenly choked on the coffee she was drinking, and felt like she had heard wrong. Sirin wiped the water on her lips, and she asked once more.

"What did Senior call me just now?"

Alvitr smiled slightly: "A hero."


"Yes, of course it's you!"

Sirin was confused: "Why? I feel like I don't deserve that title..."

Alvitr explained: "Sirin, don't look down on yourself. Do you know how many people you saved today? Everyone in the refugee camp is talking about you."

"When there is a place prone to collapse, you immediately rush in there after hearing a voice asking for help. When there is a group of honkai beasts that have just formed, you immediately destroy them all and save the people who are trapped."

"Apart from that, you seem to have also saved the lives of many people trapped in the tunnel. Your dedication, and your selfless efforts, if not a hero, what else should I call you?"

Sirin was also confused: "That..."

As a war criminal in the second honkai impact, Sirin really didn't know how to respond to the title of 'hero' that suddenly fell on her head.

She saved them all only to atone her own sin.

Never expected that there would be someone calling her a hero.

This is just a pure misunderstanding.


Suddenly appreciated by the person she saved... Even though she didn't expect anything...

Somehow she felt happy.

Sirin smiled slightly.

"Thank you, Alvitr."

Her heart felt warm, just like the coffee she was holding right now.

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