Honkai Impact : The Rise Herrscher of Shadow

The mysterious disaster "Honkai" has eroded the world, and humans infected by the "Honkai"have become "undead" who have no thoughts but only understand destruction. They were together with the beast beast "Honkai Beast" born from Honkai Energy. This poses a great threat in this world. Witness the Resurrection of a traverser who came to this world from mere mortals to become those called "Herrcsher". This is the resurrection story of "Herrcsher Of Shadow" (Note: If there are similarities, characters, names, events and so on, it's purely coincidental.) This is my first novel. (Disclaimer: I don't have anything except OC.) English is not my main language. sorry if the grammar is terrible. [Thanks to @B_N_F for the cover.] Support me on : [ ko-fi.com/the_hanged_man1 ] Tags: Dense protagonist

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The Submissive Wendy

The next day, with the morning sun rising to signal the arrival of a new day, the morning sun shone on the green plains and revealed flowers blooming and being visited by bees and butterflies.

There were birds chirping and perched on a tree looking up at a squirrel that was walking along the green plains at high speed and jumping around.

The air blowing in this place was also very soothing and calming, making people feel refreshed and peaceful.

Previously, because the concentration of Honkai energy in this place was quite high, this place was unsuitable for living beings to live in for a long time.

Fortunately, Kouro then absorbed the Honkai energy in this place using his Herrscher authority so that gradually the radiation level decreased and would not harm the surrounding living things.

He also used his authority to improve the natural ecosystem to be better and more natural.

This is what causes some insects and even wild animals to come here.


"Nee... Mei-senpai, have you noticed anything strange about Wendy-san today?" Ayame whispered to Mei and with narrowed eyes looked at Wendy who was near Kouro.

Mei followed her gaze and realized how Wendy was careful with Kouro but on the other hand when Kouro told her to do something, she would quickly carry out the order with a flattering smile like a servant.

"Hmm... What's strange?"

Although at first glance it seems strange that Wendy, who is a senior, is flattering and does whatever Kouro tells her to do....

But this actually wasn't strange because Kouro had previously told them at dinner yesterday that he was Sparring with Wendy while making a bet and Kouro won.

Wendy said that Kouro bet her that if she lost then she would have to rejoin St. Freya's academy as a Valkyrie alongside Kiana and the others.

Unfortunately, you can see that Wendy lost badly.

Kouro recounted (lied) how he fought against Wendy in detail and vividly, vividly enough that Wendy almost believed his words if not because she knew the truth.

This also made Wendy even more afraid of Kouro and became submissive to him.

"That's it...! Wendy-san's personality!" whispered Ayame while pointing furtively at how Wendy's personality changed from shy to submissive.

"Kouro-sama, here are the peeled apples, please accept." Wendy presented the bowl of neatly cut and arranged apples to Kouro respectfully.

"Oh? Thank you." Kouro said and took the bowl and ate a piece of apple with a smile.

Wendy smiled happily and proudly at Kouro accepting her 'offering' as if serving Kouro was something to be very proud of.

"Hmm... Indeed, she's a little strange." Mei said but didn't think much of it, after all she could see that Kouro wasn't too interested in Wendy.

She also found that Wendy looked at her respectfully and always flattered her like when she was a young lady.

Mei didn't know that Wendy was being like that to her because she was Kouro's girlfriend, according to Wendy someone who could be Kouro's girlfriend must be not an ordinary person.

Kiana on the other hand was sitting under a tree with a picnic mat as a place to sit and watching Bronya who was playing online games while eating snacks.

"Mei-senpai! How long do we have to stay here?" Kiana asked.

"Wait for the principal and Himeko-sensei to take care of Wendy-san's files, once that's done, we'll head straight back." Mei replied.

As Mei said, Theresa and Himeko were currently at the Oceania division of the Schicksal branch and were taking care of Wendy's files for her transfer to the St. Freya academy.

Since Wendy was a Valkyrie who had the Gem of Desire inside her, the process of taking care of the paperwork was a little slow, if not for Theresa being the granddaughter of the Overseer, she would have been rejected by the leaders of the Oceania division of Schicksal branch from the start.

Kouro who was eating an apple realized that a squirrel was currently looking at him with innocent eyes, no, rather the animal was looking at the bowl of apples in his hand.

"Do you want some, little squirrel?"

He picked up a piece of apple and held it out to the squirrel who was staring at it curiously.

The squirrel looked curiously at the apple Kouro held out before taking it and quickly eating it before going to its nest.

"Wow! You turned out to be liked by animals too, Kouro!" said Ayame with a surprised expression.

Judging from how this squirrel was not afraid of Kouro's presence, it seemed that this animal knew who created the natural environment for the better.

Well... This is not surprising since animals have several times more sensitive intuition compared to humans.

If you're really curious about the animal's perspective on Kouro...

You can imagine that Kouro's appearance in their eyes is full of majesty and authority and gives off a benevolent charm that makes them docile in his presence.

This was due to Kouro's higher station in life and also because some of the Herrscher authorities he possessed had a slight affinity with animals.

After the squirrel, there came a bird which then landed on Kouro's shoulder before chirping melodiously.

Seeing this, Kouro chuckled slightly and created grains in his palm and gave them to the bird.

"These animals... They're not mesmerized by Kouro's appearance, right? This bird isn't female, right?" murmured Ayame with her lips pursed slightly.

Kouro rubbed the bird's neck with his index finger while smiling casually.

'Hmm... Since waiting for Theresa and Himeko will be a little long, doing a little entertainment to pass the time doesn't seem bad.'

Time continued to pass, a few hours later.


"Duh! Those old farts! Who do they think they are? Just because Wendy has the Herrscher Gem, they act all stubborn and deaf!"

"Me too! I really want to punch them in the face!"

Theresa and Himeko were walking towards Mei and the others with annoyed and angry expressions.

"Principal, Himeko-sensei, how was it?" Asked Mei with a worried expression seeing the expressions of the two of them.

Theresa first took a breath before exhaling again to calm down before saying, "I've got Wendy's files, she's a Valkyrie of St. Freya academy now."

"Yatta!" Wendy raised both her hands excitedly.

She was certainly excited that she no longer needed to stay alone here and be quarantined, although there was a certain anxiety as she was afraid of making Kouro angry.

Seeing Wendy's happy smile, the anger in Theresa and Himeko's hearts was slightly reduced.

"Hmm? Wait, where's Kouro?" asked Theresa after looking around.

"Oh? He's over there." Ayame pointed at the sky with a flat expression.

Theresa and Himeko were confused by her reaction so they raised their heads to stare at the sky before putting on dumbfounded expressions.

In the sky, Kouro could be seen illuminated by the morning sun with his arms wide open and a peaceful expression as if he was about to be lifted up to heaven.

But the thing that astonished them both was that Kouro was floating in the air while being lifted up by hundreds of birds.

Of course, Kouro was actually floating using [Dominator Touch's] ability.

They realized that Kouro's clothes had changed into a pure white cloth robe that he had gotten from nowhere, and the birds had even placed a crown made of vine roots on his head.


Kouro then descended from the sky slowly with his arms still wide open.

The sound of the church choir then buzzed in their minds, leaving them all speechless and only able to stare at Kouro who landed on the ground without wearing any footwear.

With a thick fake beard like Santa, Kouro looked at them all with a loving gaze before raising his right hand and saying in a gentle tone.

"God bless you."


Mei and the others were completely dumbfounded by Kouro's absurd behavior right now until their thoughts completely stopped.

Kiana and Bronya then came over to them, Kiana looking at Theresa with a pleased expression.

"Auntie! How is it, is it done? Can we go home now?"


"Hmm? What's wrong with you guys?" Kiana then turned her head to follow their gaze and finally looking at Kouro who was cosplaying as a 'saint'.


"God bless you."

Kiana finally tilted her head in confusion then approached and touched Kouro's forehead before asking with a worried expression.

"Kouro, are you sick? Did you eat something wrong?"

This time it was Kouro who was speechless.


A few minutes later, Kouro who had returned to normal had a slightly embarrassed expression while scratching his head.

"Sorry, it seems my joke went a bit overboard..."

"Well... It's good that it was just a joke and you really aren't possessed by another being..." Theresa muttered weakly.

Really, if any ordinary person saw Kouro like that, Theresa was sure there would be a cult with Kouro himself worshipped as its god.

"By the way... How did you train those birds?" asked Himeko while looking at the birds perched on Kouro's shoulder.

Kouro shrugged his shoulders making the birds startle and fly away, "I don't know, they just suddenly came to me while I was relaxing. They also seem to be able to understand what I'm saying even though they're just wild birds."

"Hmm... Looks like your charm not only attracts women, but even animals, huh?" Theresa murmured.

Hearing her mutter, Kouro just shook his head with a sad expression, "It's really very difficult to live when you have so much charm."

"Apologize to the ordinary men out there, Kouro! If your words are heard by them, their hearts will surely be broken!" Theresa shouted with her waist ruffled.

"I apologize to all of you sincerely and may God bless you." Kouro said as he clapped his hands together and looked up at the sky.

Wendy who saw this could only blink blankly.

'Kouro... Is he the same person as yesterday?'


Since there was no longer any reason for them to be in New Zealand, they then prepared to return to St. Freya's academy.

But before that they had breakfast first.

There wasn't much to explain other than Theresa sarcastically and irritably mocking the Schicksal Oceania branch leader.

It was the first time they had seen Theresa actually get upset with someone to the point of a grudge.

Kiana and the others were really scared to see Theresa's flushed expression in anger.

Kouro even secretly prayed for the leaders not to disappear in the future and be found floating in the river in a lifeless state.

(E/D: The fish in Toyko bay have been hungry for a while and they shall feast tonight.)

Of course, the one who committed this act was definitely not Theresa but her grandfather Otto.

By the way for information Wendy was assigned as Himeko's assistant when she became a field instructor in fighting Honkai beasts or how to survive in extreme environments.

After all Wendy was previously an A-rank Valkyrie and had experienced many missions and was also one of the most talented Valkyries if Durandal and Fu Hua were excluded.

As they were inside Helios and on their way home, Kouro actually breathed a sigh of relief and felt lighthearted that everything ended comfortably without any fighting or anything.

Since Wendy's future had differed from the original plot and ended happily, Kouro then thought of his next plan to change the future for the better.

'Hmm... Since Wendy's case has ended well... The next thing I should look into is... Ah! Right! The turning point of how Bronya became the Herrscher of Reason!'

According to the original plot, supposedly a few months later, the Herrscher of Void was resurrected by Otto from inside Kiana's body which resulted in the emergence of many Honkai Eruptions around the world that claimed many victims.

Although not explicitly explained, Kouro remembered that at that time the cities of the world had been destroyed and 'Arc city' in the country of Shenzhou, became the last evacuation site for humanity.

Fortunately the Herrscher of Void was temporarily re-sealed due to Himeko's 'sacrifice', but Kiana who saw all of HoV's actions and Himeko's death became deeply depressed.

Long story short, Theresa, Mei and Bronya teamed up with Anti-Entropy to search for Kiana and met a new enemy 'World Serpent'.

Then due to some important reasons, Theresa and Bronya split up with Mei to go to 'The Deep' due to Cocolia's request for help.

There Bronya then encountered a critical and urgent situation that left her with no other choice but to enter the [Sea of Quanta].

She then met Welt there who guided her to find her way back while accidentally meeting 'Seele'.

Long story short, Bronya and 'Seele' also helped Welt who lost his physical body in searching for his Herrscher core.

Then because there was another urgent situation, Bronya accidentally became the new Herrscher of Reason.

You can judge that Kouro's next journey will be a little long because he will sail the [Sea of Quanta].

Kouro already had a rough plan to deal with this, but before that....

"Mei... If I remember correctly, your birthday is just a two days away, right? How about we go on a date then, just the two of us." Kouro whispered to Mei who was beside him.

Mei was born on April 13th while today is the 10th so it's three days before the two of them will have a date.

Mei looked surprised and covered her mouth with both hands to hide her scream, but then she smiled happily, she had been waiting for Kouro's invitation to go on a date all this time.

"... Of course!"

Humming happily, Mei imagined how she would watch movies with Kouro, play together at the arcade, eat sweets while holding… and have lunch together.

Kouro also smiled happily while imagining the same thing with her, on the other hand Ayame and the others felt a little disturbed by the flowery pink aura that the two of them were showing.

But even so they did not reprimand Kouro and Mei because it was their nature when they were dating to do so.

Mei's Herrscher persona on the other hand smiled suspiciously after hearing Kouro's invitation.

After gathering enough knowledge and creating a long and complicated plan, Mei's Herrscher persona had finally reached the final step in conquering Kouro's heart.

Currently there was only one thought in her mind.

'Time to take Kouro's virginity!'