5 Chapter 5: (Redacted)

A few months has passed since I was born into this world. I have been making some good progress on my stats, even though only 6 months have passed.




STR: 1



DEX: 0.6

STA: 1


-pain resistance lvl 3

: makes the skill bearer resist pain, making them able to endure more stimuli. Gives 1.5% resistance to pain inflicted to self

-Fatigue resistance lvl 6

: lets the skill bearer resist fatigue better, resulting in longer times being awake or uptime in strenuous activities. Gives 3% more resistance to fatigue due to activities done

-basic neural signal acceleration lvl 5

the brain of the skill bearer's neural pathways are more efficient and faster than average due to increase in synaptic activity, neurotransmitter production, dendritic spines for more neuron connections, and increase myelin in axons for faster electrical signals. Gives 5% more calculating power to the brain and increase to reflexes.



1st of all my stats have increased pretty much what I expected of it, babies sleep 22 hours a day in the 1st month of their lives after all. Then, I slowwwlyyy grind my stats, due to my adaptation I can be awake for an hour more at most. I will improve better when I can start to crawl better and walk, just be patient.

My dexterity is still pretty crap, I can grasp things better than average babies due to my more efficient neural network, but, that's the only thing I can do with my hands, for now.

Now for my Int stat, made some pretty high advancement no? It's because this world is more advanced than my old world. Like a lot, lot, damn. Like there are advanced AI in all the electronics in this world like they're candies, I don't know how advanced we are because I'm just at home for now, but based on the book my dad Eric left on the table open, the sciences in this world are pretty much above and beyond. they have cold fusion reactors, nanotech widely spread all over the world, I even saw a quinjet like aircraft here. You know that shit the avengers ride on. Ahhh it sure tickles my motivation, I mean are you even a man if you don't want to ride those and do aerial dog fights?

Speaking of my house, my parents Frey and Eric are pretty loaded I think? In my developing, but still a bit blurry eyesight, I can now see that my house is pretty big, probably a thousand square meters big, which is a mansion of course. I've seen our library once and the shelves looked like towers, hot damn.

Majority of the books in our house are dedicated to science based on what I can see on the catalogues and when dad was leaving the house he was carrying a lab coat, giving me a conclusion that he may be a scientist that is pretty successful or a researcher. My mom, I don't know. She may be at a maternity leave, just feeding me some chunky food that feels like mashed taters and formula, but tastes heavenly.

I feel like my body is developing much faster, I can already support my body well, my head doesn't bob anymore, I can sit still already without help meaning my bones and muscles are developed like a 1 year old already. I can probably go to the toilet when I turn 1 because babies can be potty trained at 2.

As for the geography of this world, I can see that I am currently in Changkong city because of the local news hosting a festival. I must be in the asian continent huh? But mom and dad don't really look asian, probably immigrants or this city is the base of operations for my parents' work or something.

Speaking of my parents, I really call Frey and Eric mom and dad. They cherish me after all, and gives me a lot of affection, plays with me a lot. Overall good parents even though they are kinda busy, mom started to teach me the language and alphabets when bonding with me. Pretty redundant, but, I still appreciate it. In my previous life I was always alone, My learning has been due to nursery rhymes they would keep me busy with and at 2 I can speak 2 languages pretty well because the nursery rhymes were english.

All in all I have a pretty good life right now, exciting as well because I am kinda in a scifi world too. Makes me giddy when I can mess with stuff as I grow up hehehe, there's a lot of information that would have to be relearned, but, that's where's the fun is. I will probably augment my body using gene technology and nanotech implants. Making me like that certain senator, saying crap like nano machines son. Though I might look like Jack because I have silver hair, but with deep emerald green eyes.

As for my plans to gain power, I'm having a backseat for my physical development until I can walk and exercise safely. My biggest hurdle though is how I can be more resilient, resilient not in the way you think though. I want to be biologically immortal, and of course you can't call yourself immortal without being able to regenerate and shrug off most injuries. Why is it a big hurdle you ask? When those mc's with this skill just regrow a limb like picollo or some shit. Pretty simple, cancer, This is a pretty big deal. In order to regenerate I would have to get my cells to replicate rapidly and not just that if I for say, lose a limb I'd need stem cells that would then remake everything in that limb. Tendons, nerves, muscle fibers, bone matrix, etc. That, would lead to cancer due to natural limits of the cells in the human body, degrading evey time it splits and ultimately leading to cancer cells and/or aging like tsunade, I am not certainly a senju so I would shrivel up like a prune or be a blob of cancerous cells making me look like an outer god or something. Makes me shiver.

Immortality on the other hand, same as above. My cells would eventually degrade and my dna would be damaged, leading to aging if I don't die of cancer. In order to counter that I remember the only biologically immortal being in the planet, the jellyfish Turritopsis dohrnii. They are biologically immortal because of their certain life processes that would return them to an infant like state from probably undamaged stem cells. The problem is, I would be very vulnerable if I choose this route, nevertheless, it is the most plausible thing I can think of right now. Maybe control my metabolism as well so I won't degrade and be an old prune.

But I would have to 1st change my genetics so I would become a perfect human. This world has probably advanced gene editing like Crispr in my previous life no? If not, then using my processing power and abundance of wealth I would make it myself.

I will call this long term assignment. Project ODIN

Organic Development for Immortality and Nonpareil.

(nonpareil- Unrivaled)

Chapter name: Project: ODIN



Heya guys, now we know where we are and the level of tech in the world. Do you guys know what time line we are now? Hehehe, if you guys know, then it was surely surprising no?

I would be upping my mc's age another few years for the grinding would become redundant as it is a training montage I can just describe it in passing. And of course, as a baby, there are certain information that he would not be privy to until he has access to the net.

And that info will be very important.

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