23 Using the Power of Corruption for the first time

The moonlight hung on the night sky, providing little light as a gentle breeze was going through the city that was about to get destroyed.

"Kiana should be sleeping at this time..." Adam muttered as he entered the male dormitory and went towards his own room.

The dormitory was completely silent. Males in this world were quite rare, so while the other schools in this city had some male students attending, this academy on the other hand, was completely devoid of any male students.

"Oh, before I forget...." He said to no one in particular as his eyes mentally went to the Chat Room's Admin options.

[Devourer (Admin) has enabled nickname changes.]

[Devourer (Admin) has changed his nickname to Asterios.]

He closed the Chat Room before he received any notification of the members changing their own nickname. He had something better to do before he went to sleep, after all.

While the sleep he needs at this point is negligible, he still would like to keep that habit. Because although his body could handle going without sleep, his mind couldn't as mental fatigue was still a problem.

Adam reached his own room, he opened the door as he stepped inside.


... And a white missile promptly crashed into him as he was thrown off balance.

He stabilized himself as he looked down on the missile, only to find out it was a girl with white hair and blue eyes.

"Kiana, what are you doing in my room so late?" Adam asked her.

Kiana looked up at him "Wow! Adam-senpai, when did you become so pretty!?" She asked, eyes lit up as she drank in his appearance, specifically his handsome face.

'Oh...' Adam thought inwardly as he forgot an important fact about Kiana.

Adam looked at her with his blue eyes and smiled, "Can you stop squeezing me so much?"

She looked at his smile and shook her head "No!" She even tightened her arms around him.

She was hanging off him like a koala.

... Adam forgot the fact that Kiana was a massive pervert at the start of the game. She was like this even with Mei. Although they haven't met yet, Kiana should still have this hidden side of hers.

"Haah. Kiana, unless you like a boy, you shouldn't be so intimate with him."

"Eh? But I like Adam-senpai!" She said in an innocent voice as she had an adorable pout on her face.

Adam opened his mouth to say something, but chuckled in the end "You are very cute, Kiana. Has anyone told you that?" He said in a teasing tone as he patted her head.

"No, you are the first person to say that" She said, giving him a bright smile, but her eyes slightly averted to the side.

Adam's glowing blue eyes widened at what he saw.

'Shy Kiana...?' He was surprised at how this girl, who was famous for having a prideful and silly character at the start of the game was now bashful because of some head pats.

'[Chosen one] and perfect body are too OP he shivered at how those two could even make someone like Kiana, shy.

"Speaking of that!" She started as she finally let go of him, "Where were you all day, Mister?" Kiana glared at him as she asked in an accusing tone and placed her hands on her hips.

"I was busy."

"Busy with what?!"

"Busy doing boy things."

Kiana stopped glaring at him, but her cheeks were puffed up as she obviously wasn't satisfied with his answer.

"Kiana, are you hungry?" Adam asked her suddenly.

Kiana's eyes lit up "I am! Adam-senpai, can you cook for me?" She asked with puppy eyes, completely forgetting her previous anger



It took a long time to get Kiana off his back and satisfy her. Adam had to coax her and promise her not to leave for the whole day again without notifying her.

As for why she didn't ask him why his appearance changed so much?

Adam wanted to put the blame on his [Chosen one] skill. This skill was ridiculously overpowered in this kind of thing.

But now that Kiana is gone, it's time to test something he wanted to test before, but didn't have the means or the opportunity to do so.

'Great Sage, can I change your core programming?' He asked his skill.

[Affirmative. Core programming changed by master cannot be modified by outside sources.]

'Can it be changed by you?' He raised an eyebrow at how his skill called him, but he ultimately ignored it.

[.... Negative]

'Very well. I will change your core programming to: Absolute loyalty to myself, the desire and strive for the betterment and improvement of myself and yourself included, and the responsibility of informing me before making any decisions that directly or indirectly affect myself at a large scale.' he listed off all his requirements.

[Affirmative. Changes have been made.]

Adam sighed in relief as he saw that it worked. It wasn't that he didn't trust Great Sage, it was the opposite actually. It's just that the Great Sage, more specifically the manas evolution of it, can be an ideal partner for life, and he didn't want to take any chances of something going wrong.

Yes, it was the paranoid part of him showing its ugly head, but he still didn't want to take any chances, especially with what he was about to do.

He took his phone in his hands, and activated another part of the power of the Herrscher of Corruption.

Red lines started creeping through the whole phone as it was corrupted. But he wasn't satisfied just yet...

'Great Sage, gather data on this ability. Improve it as much as possible and infect the whole internet without putting our security and safety at risk.' he commanded his skill as he required its help

'Don't touch Shicksal's, Anti-Entropy's or World Serpent's data base for now.' he said after some thought.


He could do it by himself, but that would take a long time and he would definitely make mistakes as he wasn't that proficient in the Herrscher's power yet.

He wanted to infect the internet, link Great Sage to it and get all the knowledge of humanity that has been recorded digitally directly into his head without learning it manually.

If RIN could do something like that in the previous era, then why couldn't he do it too?

Of course, he didn't want to touch the three anti honkai organization's databases as that would be too risky.

He knew that, in the game, the Herrscher of corruption of the current era infected the whole Elysian realm, but he doesn't have the capabilities to do that without getting discovered yet.

'By the way, transmit the knowledge about all science directly into my head.'

As soon as Adam gave the command, countless amounts of knowledge about everything appeared in his head. He activated Thought Acceleration and Parallel Processing in order to digest all this knowledge.

DNA, T-cells, Virus, Chemical reactions, EMP field, atoms, negative and positive charge, nuclear fission, molecular science.

Knowledge about every subject and every science threatened to overwhelm his mind. Even though it was 2014 currently, the technology of this world was a lot more advanced than his previous one.

He closed off the knowledge transfer. Even with the mental faculties of Great Sage it was difficult to comprehend all of the current era humanity's wisdom with his own measly mental faculties that would otherwise overwhelm his mind without outside help.

'By the way, you can improve yourself with the knowledge you get from the internet. Although with the sole exception being Shicksal and World Serpent, I doubt you will find much about AI.' He allowed his skill to try and improve itself, he wanted her to become better as it would benefit both of them.

And yes, from now on, he will refer to Great Sage as a she. He doesn't want a dude inside his head when the skill evolves, after all.

He went to his bed and laid down. Instead of wasting time by sleeping normally, he was going to get Great Sage to transfer knowledge at a slower pace directly into his brain while he is sleeping so he can digest it easier.

This process would take a long time, especially if he does the same for all the knowledge on the internet. Even more so if the 3 honkai organizations are included.

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