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【Due to a fixed talent (orphan), you were abandoned by your parents from birth, making you an orphan.】 【You were adopted and have a younger sister named Sirin.】 ... 【You were attacked by the Honkai beasts, and a serious man who happened to be on a business trip saved you. He introduced himself as Welt Yang. He took a liking to you and shared knowledge about the Honkai with you, revealing the truth about the world...】 【You and Sirin were taken to the Babylon Laboratory...】 ... 【You decide to escape the Babylon Tower with Sirin.】 ... 【You pretended to accept Otto's recruitment and planned a grand betrayal for this old adversary.】 ... 【Achieving the ending: A Lone Hero - You might just be an ordinary person in the eyes of others, but your presence has changed the fate of others and the face of the world.】 Gu Chase looked at the simulated results and shook his head: "I ask for a do-over." CURRENT WORLD= HONKAI: STAR RAIL Translation by: Mr. GPT Original Author: Tutu Rena LINK: ttps:// www(.)trxs.cc/tongren/8605.html

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Chapter 113: Heaven-sent? Childhood Sweetheart?!

I—Bronya Zaychik, have a previously unknown fiancé named Chase.

Of course, this so-called childhood engagement felt more like a joke made by the parents after a few drinks. Even they had never taken it seriously, especially after the family underwent changes. This seemingly playful engagement was quietly forgotten, as if it never happened, until Maxim brought it up again.

Both Bronya and Chase expressed resistance to this arrangement. Maxim, recognizing their discomfort, dropped the matter.

Bronya didn't like her life feeling predetermined, and Chase wasn't keen on tarnishing his reliable image. Bronya couldn't help but observe her supposed brother—a handsome, sunny, mature, charming, kind, and slightly mischievous Chase. Setting aside his notorious identity as a mercenary, the present Chase could indeed fulfill the childhood fantasies of many girls.

Unfortunately, that's all they were—fantasies.

Since the day Maxim introduced Bronya to Chase, she frequently visited his home. Sometimes, under the pretext of work, Maxim even left her in Chase's care. Over time, they became acquainted.

Observing the boy who assumed the role of her brother, Bronya couldn't help but fiddle with her coffee cup, tasting the bitter Americano with a slight frown.

"Is the coffee not to your liking?" The boy beside her, as attentive as always, inquired.

Bronya shook her head. "It's not that I don't like it, I'm just not used to it. Please don't misunderstand, Chase."

"See, I told you my coffee is too bitter. Here, have my milk instead." Chase smiled helplessly and pushed his cup of milk toward her. Bronya accepted it reluctantly, taking small sips to conceal her embarrassment. Occasionally, she glanced at Chase, who noticed her discomfort but pretended not to.

Perhaps feeling a bit uneasy, Bronya changed the topic, saying, "Speaking of which, is it really okay to hand over tasks directly to the employer? Generally speaking, isn't it possible to directly transfer to the account?"

Yes, Bronya had set her sights on becoming a skilled mercenary like Chase. Chase had helped her find a commission, and Bronya had successfully completed it, eagerly awaiting the final handover to receive a substantial reward.

The atmosphere in the coffee shop was pleasant, filled with a subtle aroma of coffee. Sunlight streamed through the blinds, casting a gentle glow on the wooden floor of the café.

Exquisite wooden tables and chairs, art pieces displayed on the walls, accompanied by soothing jazz music, created a relaxed ambiance throughout the café. Compared to the bustling city outside, this corner of the café truly felt like a tranquil haven.

Chase sat by the window, gazing at the hurried pedestrians on the street. Upon hearing Bronya's words, he replied, "It seems the other party is interested in forming a long-term collaboration with us, and they're willing to pay extra."

Bronya was slightly surprised. She admitted that the temptation of additional payment was indeed hard to resist. Chase's words, however, strengthened her resolve.

"Don't worry, if necessary, I'll take action."

This was not arrogance.

While Chase desired a peaceful life, it didn't mean he couldn't disrupt that tranquility if needed. He had gained some understanding of the basic situation in this world—no super dumb geese, no world serpents lurking in the shadows, and only one pipe bomb had appeared, quite some time ago.

Confidently, one could say that in the current world, in the absence of Herrschers, he was unbeatable.

"Hello, your desserts," a maid-dressed waitress approached and placed the sweets on the table.

Chase shifted his gaze from the constantly moving crowd outside. Seeing the newly placed desserts, he paused for a moment, questioning, "I didn't order these. Could there be a mistake?"

Looking at the maid with gray-golden hair who brought the desserts, Chase' puzzled expression suddenly froze.

This was England, and maid-servants delivering food weren't uncommon, nor were girls with the same hair color and style. However...

Chase looked at the maid who maintained a graceful smile, lost in thought.

Gray-golden short hair, wine-red eyes, a teardrop mole at the corner of her right eye. Who else could it be but Rita?

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Although she looked a bit more youthful and had a smaller bust compared to the one he had seen in Heaven's Market, this was indeed Rita. Chase couldn't be mistaken.

"No mistake," Rita said politely, holding the tray. "Because I ordered these for both of you."

Chase frowned and unexpectedly said, "The king's seal covers the earth."

Rita, dropping her smiling demeanor, responded seriously, "Duck plank, one meter five."

Chase eased his expression a bit and continued, "Pagoda town, sea monster."

"Duck plank, not tall," Rita responded promptly.

"Very good, Miss Rita Rossweisse, please have a seat." Chase nodded satisfactorily, extending an invitation. However, Rita shook her head, raised the tray in her hand, and apologized with a smile, "Wait a moment, I'll ask for a leave from the manager."


"No, you really became a maid?!"

Chase initially thought that Rita's maid outfit was just a personal hobby, but he didn't expect her to have turned it into an actual job here.

His lips twitched as he picked up the coffee on the table, taking a small sip and putting on a mask of pain.

It was indeed bitter.

"What is a 'duck plank'?" Bronya asked curiously, leaning in with her head tilted.

"Have you seen those little yellow ducks that squeak when you squeeze them in the bathroom?" Chase asked. Bronya nodded slightly in understanding, but she couldn't figure out why Chase would bring this up.

"Because the lower body of the little yellow duck is flat, and the code just now requires five words corresponding to five words, so it had to be compressed, choosing the most distinctive feature." Chase explained without blushing or skipping a beat. Bronya nodded thoughtfully, finding it reasonable but still feeling something was odd.

"Duck plank, duck plank, sounds somewhat similar to Bronya's name..." Chase mumbled.

"It's just a coincidence, a mere coincidence," Chase awkwardly replied, feeling a bit overwhelmed. Fortunately, Rita returned from her leave, like a deus ex machina.

"Miss Rita Rossweisse, hello, I am White Dove, and she is Silver Wolf."

"Mr. White Dove, you can just call me Rita," the elegant maid laughed lightly, covering her mouth. "By the way, the code names you two have are quite intuitive, quite like..."

"A zoo, right?" Chase chuckled. "I feel the same way, but these code names are pretty cool, don't you think? Personally, I don't like overly edgy or silly code names."

Perhaps Rita didn't currently possess the future S-rank strength, but simply not underestimating Chase and Bronya because they were children was enough to earn Chase' respect.

The future S-rank Valkyrie's operational capabilities were still commendable.

Bronya nodded in agreement on the side—Codename Silver Wolf, so cool.

"Hehehe," Rita let out a pleasant light laugh, then conjured a safe from somewhere and placed it directly on the table.

"This is the reward, Schicksal is very satisfied with this cooperation."

Chase picked up the suitcase, weighed it slightly, and asked, "US dollars?"

"No, it's pounds."

Chase nodded in satisfaction, setting the box aside. As they said, an expert can tell if something is good at a glance. Just by a slight weigh-in, Chase had a rough idea of how much money was inside. Hearing that it was pounds made him even more pleased.

The purchasing power of pounds was still higher than that of dollars at this time.

"There's one more thing. Schicksal is interested in suggesting a long-term collaboration with you two. Are you interested?" Rita continued.

"Let's hear it."

"We need you two to act as our eyes and ears, infiltrating an organization to investigate information about a person," Rita continued. "However, this mission may take some time..."

"Be more detailed, so I can make a decision," Chase interrupted. He had always detested people who spoke in riddles since his previous life.

After a moment's hesitation, Rita made a decision, glanced at Bronya, and continued:

"Mr. White Dove, do you know about St. Freya's Academy?"


"Wow, is this the St. Freya's mentioned by that woman?" Bronya, holding Chase' hand, looked around with curiosity, like a newly born child, fascinated by everything and full of exploration desire.

Seeing this side of Bronya, Chase also felt somewhat intrigued. In reality, due to damage to her emotional center, Bronya rarely showed emotional fluctuations, maintaining an expressionless face. Although simulated Bronya didn't express emotions easily either, she was not good at it, and there was still plenty of inner drama. Occasionally, when she got annoyed, she would angrily hit Chase with small fists, her face full of frustration, which was quite cute.

"Don't just look around, Bronya. Remember, we were recommended to come here for enrollment," Chase reminded, tightening his grip on the somewhat struggling little hand.

"I know, Bronya knows." As if the burning enthusiasm had been suddenly poured with cold water, Bronya suddenly lost interest, restoring her usual cold expression. However, there were indeed not many people around.

Pulling Bronya along, Chase knocked on the door of the principal's office.

"Ah?!... Who is it? Wait a moment." First, there was a cry of surprise, followed by a somewhat dense and heavy sound of tidying up. Chase and Bronya stood at the door, waiting for a while. Finally, a short, loli nun managed to open the door.

White fur, blue eyes, short stature, nun's garb—one glance was enough to confirm that this was the famous short-statured principal of St. Freya's.

"Hello, Miss Theresa, we are students recommended to enroll," Chase greeted Theresa with a nod and handed over the recommendation letter that Rita had prepared for them.

"Uh-huh, I know. Come in first." Theresa nodded, naturally took it, and stepped aside to let the two in.

Approaching the room, Chase casually looked at the layout of the room, and his lips twitched involuntarily.

In three words: dirty, messy, and chaotic. It wasn't much different from some male dormitories Chase had seen in his past life. Placed in a high school dormitory, the cleanliness of this office had to be rated as the lowest in the entire class, requiring the entire class to clean the hallway for a week.

Chase and Bronya sat on the sofa, watching Theresa somewhat frantically making tea. They couldn't help exchanging glances, each sensing the other's complex emotions.

This principal seems a bit unreliable.

Afterward, Theresa seemed uncomfortable with this activity and found an excuse to leave for a phone call, leaving Chase and Bronya sitting on the sofa without chatting, silently recalling the tasks Rita had assigned.

"The granddaughter of the Archbishop of Schicksal—Theresa Apocalypse, established an eastern branch and founded St. Freya's Academy with the aim of nurturing more outstanding Valkyries to combat the Honkai."

"However, strangely enough, the successor to the first Acting Executor, Welt Joyce, or perhaps he should be called Welt Yang now, is currently working at St. Freya's, teaching history."

"It's quite strange, but Schicksal and Anti-Entropy are currently in a relationship that can't be called friendly but definitely isn't bad. It's not easy for Schicksal to directly investigate Welt Yang's details, and it's also not suitable for Theresa to handle this matter because the Archbishop is worried she might cause trouble."

"So, the Archbishop urgently needs individuals of the right age and strong operational capabilities to infiltrate St. Freya's Academy and gather intelligence on Welt Yang. Regardless of your success, the money will be yours if you agree to take on this mission."

Chase couldn't help but recall the day he left, carrying two large boxes of pounds. He always felt like someone was watching him, making him uncomfortable. He decided to take Bronya to the bank to deal with the money.

The bank staff was startled when they saw Chase dragging in two large boxes, but it turned out to be a false alarm. The boxes were filled with United Kingdom pounds.

"Ah, Theresa, new students?" Shortly after, a red-haired woman entered, followed by a shy, short-haired girl with short black and blue hair. "What a coincidence, I also have one here. Let's process it together."

Chase' gaze had not left Himeko the moment she entered. He felt like he might have misunderstood the purpose of the simulator.


[Heaven-Sent Love]is not a childhood sweetheart dropped from the sky, but seen and done interpretation of something else.

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