Homeroom Teacher in a Multiverse Anime World? Book

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Homeroom Teacher in a Multiverse Anime World?


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"Miss Uzumaki, please come to my office after school to talk about your recent performance in class." "Miss Yato, of all the times you could eat... Why during our class? Also, please stop stealing from the vending machines." "No, no, no, no, your new history teacher is not a 'half-god', and no, none of you are 'mongrels' either. Please do not take her words seriously." Thrown into a chaotic yet orderly world of monsters, angels, devils, heroes, and even gods, how will Lin Fan ever catch a break? Not to mention, he's the homeroom teacher for a bunch of misfits who does nothing but give him headaches every day! Even worst— "System?! You want me to bring 'culture' into this world too? How can I create Bloodborne, Warcraft, League of Legends, Kingdom, One Piece, Pokemon, and Disney movies when I'm just a homeroom teacher? What's next, do you want me to head the entertainment industry?!"


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