Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage

In a world where Magic reigned supreme, Ruling over the Mythic Elements were the Holy Magicians of the Sacred Elements. A young prodigy, Gabriel was selected as the Holy Priest in the Church of the Magic of Light. He was the youngest mage to awaken the most coveted element of light; his future was supposed to be bright... But one day, he disappeared as if the darkness had swallowed him up. As Gabriel walked on the thin line between life and death while fighting for his life, something came in his life... Something that was going to change his life and the world forever... Step on this unforgettable journey of light and darkness that transcends boundaries of space and time like never before...

Demonic_angel · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1028 Chs

Chapter 871: Intentional Refusal

He kept the bodies of the Emperors back, still not losing hope that in the future, he might be able to use that. All he had to do was find what was preventing him from being able to call their souls into these bodies.

Once finished sending the bodies back, he stood amidst the undead nobles that he had revived. All of them were absolutely loyal to him, but at the same time, they were also sentient.

"Do any of you know of a method to leave this place without having to fight the people outside?" Karyk asked the undead around him, hoping one of them might know of something.

Unfortunately for him, the undead shook their heads. They had never been to this place when they were alive, so none knew much about the architecture.

"In that case, it looks like there is only one answer." Karyk let out a sigh, gazing towards the door. He was completely exhausted. So the only way for him to leave was to use his undead army.