Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage

In a world where Magic reigned supreme, Ruling over the Mythic Elements were the Holy Magicians of the Sacred Elements. A young prodigy, Gabriel was selected as the Holy Priest in the Church of the Magic of Light. He was the youngest mage to awaken the most coveted element of light; his future was supposed to be bright... But one day, he disappeared as if the darkness had swallowed him up. As Gabriel walked on the thin line between life and death while fighting for his life, something came in his life... Something that was going to change his life and the world forever... Step on this unforgettable journey of light and darkness that transcends boundaries of space and time like never before...

Demonic_angel · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1038 Chs

Chapter 864: Nothing can stop us

Karyk stood silently, trying to think of a way to enter the city. He could enter by simply forcing his way inside. He could even use the same attack that he used to kill the Emperor's sister and destroy the barrier.

But in the end, he knew that both of these plans were troublesome. He didn't want to make his exploration of the Royal Graveyard more troublesome.

"It's time for your help." He waved his hand, a Spatial Portal opened around him.

The Spatial Portal was much larger than before, appearing like a doorway. From the portal, a man stepped out, dressed in a General's Attire.

Strangely enough, the man was no other than the General who had escaped the Celestial Dynasty, only to be killed by him.

His bloody clothes were changed. He was now wearing a completely identical attire that was much cleaner. These were the clothes that Karyk had his people make without telling them what these were for.