Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage

In a world where Magic reigned supreme, Ruling over the Mythic Elements were the Holy Magicians of the Sacred Elements. A young prodigy, Gabriel was selected as the Holy Priest in the Church of the Magic of Light. He was the youngest mage to awaken the most coveted element of light; his future was supposed to be bright... But one day, he disappeared as if the darkness had swallowed him up. As Gabriel walked on the thin line between life and death while fighting for his life, something came in his life... Something that was going to change his life and the world forever... Step on this unforgettable journey of light and darkness that transcends boundaries of space and time like never before...

Demonic_angel · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1007 Chs

Chapter 845: An Unexpected Guest

"He is..."

As Karyk was halfway to the border wall, he noticed a figure step within the city through the broken portion of the wall. The man wasn't even trying to hide his aura, which made him appear unafraid.

However, the most surprising part was that it wasn't an undead. Instead, it was a living person, and one that Karyk recognised all too well.

"How dare you block my path?" The man exclaimed, his voice loud enough to awaken the entire city.

The guards who had tried to stop him were killed in an instant, their bodies exploding under the pressure. Even many, who were in the nearby houses, felt their ears bleed as they woke from their sleep.

"You had so many paths leading to life, yet you had to choose death," Karyk muttered, shaking his head.