724 Chapter 724: Inheritance

The shaking intensified, and a powerful energy surged through the temple. Cracks started developing in the passage walls, as if the entire temple could come crashing down at any moment. 

The Goddess of Light was taken aback, wondering why the Ancestral Temple was behaving like this suddenly. Two beautiful wings made purely of right appeared behind her, illuminating the passage around her. 

With the help of her newfound power, she moved through the passage, going straight for the portal that was at the same place from where she entered. She didn't want to be inside the temple when it came crashing down. 

As the Goddess of Light approached the portal, the shaking intensified even further, making it increasingly difficult for her to maintain her balance. The cracks in the walls grew wider, and debris started falling from the ceiling. Determined to escape, she pushed through, her wings pulsating with a radiant glow, guiding her path.


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