637 Chapter 637: Test of Strength

A Spatial Portal opened at the entrance of the Realm of Gods.

Ezekiel stepped out of the Spatial Portal, accompanied by Gabriel. This was as far as the spatial portal could take them, since from this point onwards was the barrier that protected the Realm of Gods from attacks from outsiders. 

It was said that the barrier had been present since ancient times. Other than the pure bloods from the Realm of Gods, no one else could pass through that barrier to enter the Realm of Gods. 

No one knew who actually made this barrier, since even for gods, it had always been there from as far as they could remember. 

However, what was certain was that the barrier was incredibly powerful, and it also served as a warning to would-be attackers that the Realm of Gods was not to be trifled with. 

One could attack the barrier with all their strength, but the barrier was able to reflect the damage by making it even more powerful. 


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