634 Chapter 634: Scamming the gods?

Gabriel was worried that Ezekiel's appearance could scare the people. However, before he could say anything, the young devil had left. It was also impossible for him to catch up to Ezekiel. 

By the time Gabriel reached the nearest city, Ezekiel was already standing in the middle of the City, curiously looking at the surroundings. 

Just as Gabriel expected, the humans in that area were scared immediately from the man's appearance. Not only did the man have horns coming out of his head, but he also had pitch black eyes that appeared like they could devour a person with just one glance. 

His sudden appearance was so scary that the humans started running, trying to get as far away from the Devil as possible. Everyone looked to get to a safe place and to hide. 

Gabriel landed next to Ezekiel, letting out a sigh.

Ezekiel asked, frowning. "Why is everyone running?"


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