590 Chapter 590: If you need

The Beast Monarchs were surprised that Gabriel was leaving. 

Even though the young man had been telling them all this time that he was soon going to leave, when it was finally time for him to leave, they were still taken aback. 

They had expected him to stay there, at least until he was able to control his strength to his fullest. 

They were somewhat worried that Gabriel's link to them was going to be discovered and then he was going to be killed. In fact, they were surprised that he wasn't already killed. 

They tried to convince Gabriel to stop. However, none of them used force. They only used their reasoning to stop the young man. 

As Gabriel was walking out of the Beast Region, he noticed a figure in the sky. 

Before long, the figure landed right before him, making the entire ground tremble, as if it was a short earthquake. 


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