441 Chapter 441: Birth of a god

The man who stood before Gabriel on the vast sea of blood carried no weapon. He wore no accessory. The man was so simple that none could've guessed that he was the Lord of Death, Karyk, just based on his looks. 

However, the aura around that person was what made others realize that even though the man looked like a handsome scholar, he was someone who could kill without blinking an eye. 

The man had killed so many people that he was surrounded by an aura of death that was even more powerful than anything Gabriel had seen before. Just looking into the pitch black eyes of the man was enough to make others feel as if they were shoved into the battlefield of blood and death! 

"I've already received plenty of pain and suffering." Gabriel answered. Even though he stood before the god of death, he wasn't scared. He didn't feel any ill intent from Karyk after all. If anything, Karyk felt more familiar to him than anything. 


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