440 Chapter 440: Are you ready for the consequences?

Gabriel floated in an unknown space, feeling a cold deep within his soul. It felt uncomfortable yet it wasn't painful at all. 

Even though he couldn't see anything in his surroundings. He didn't even know how vast his surroundings were, yet he could still feel as if he wasn't there alone. There was another presence. 

That presence didn't make any sound or any movements at all, yet somehow it was clear to Gabriel that there definitely was someone. 

"Who are you?" Gabriel asked, even though he didn't expect any answers. 

"Are you sure you want to know about me?" A voice fell in Gabriel's ears, stunning him. That voice came from right behind him, as if someone was speaking right in his ears. 

Gabriel hastily moved away, stunned that he didn't even realize when the other person came this close to him. 

"Why won't I be sure?" 


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