383 Chapter 383: His existence...

None of the two Holy Priests stopped moving. However, both of them seemed to have their guard up. 

"When did you get the Prison? Wasn't it lost ever since the last Holy War?" Avilia inquired. As far as she remembered, the Prison of Teiri was an item that was kept by the Holy Church of Darkness. 

Many forces wanted this Numen after the war ended but no one could find it at all. 

"After the last Holy War," Yael replied. Now that he already told about the existence of the Prison, there was no need for him to hide it. In any case, he didn't believe that Avilia could tell the other Holy Lords since her own secrets were much worse.

"So the Church of Wind got the Prison in the last Holy War and kept it a secret from the others?! You're all pretty good at acting!"

"We just don't believe in showing off," Yael shrugged lazily. 


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