347 Chapter 347: The New Lord

Izen was on the other end of the City with Avilia when he sensed that powerful aura of Light that disappeared soon after. However, it wasn't before he noticed something. 

"That aura... It's the aura of the Holy Grimoire!" He frowned. "Did the Church really fool everyone by claiming that the Holy Priest of Light wasn't in the City?"

He only felt the aura of the Grimoire which could only be used by the Holy Priest. It was enough to make him believe that the Holy Priest of Light was still in the city. What really surprised him was that the Church of Light lied to all of them by claiming that he wasn't there. 

"Or did he just return to the City?" He wasn't sure just what the case was. However, he decided to check things out personally. He left Avilia behind and flew toward the Church of Light. If the Holy Lord of Light was in the city, he was sure that Avilia wasn't going to play around the city for long. 


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