336 Chapter 336: Sheltered Brat

Avilia stared at Gabriel, wondering if he really had such a thought in his mind. He had attacked the Church of Flames not long ago, making them suffer like they never did before. It hadn't even been a week since then and he was now moving onto another Church?

Gabriel glanced at the young lady next to him, but didn't explain his true thoughts for the time being. 

Receiving no response, Avilia could only roll her eyes and stopped asking. In any case, it didn't matter if he told him or not. As long as she was accompanying him, she was going to know what he planned when the time came. 

Moreover, even if he planned to attack the Church of Light for whatever reason, it had nothing to do with her. It wasn't as if she was going to take part in that battle. She had already cleared her stance about this.

Silence ensued as no one spoke anymore. Only the sound of rushing winds could be heard as the beast raced through the vast sky. 



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