328 Chapter 328: Swept Away

The situation inside the castle wasn't good, but that was mostly the case for the intruders, especially now that they found themselves before Raphael. 

They immediately recognised that person as the new Emperor. They were all talking so much, about how they were going to deal with the new Emperor when they found him. However, for some reason, they couldn't even speak now that Gabriel was actually in front of them. 

"Arghhh!" The agonising screams of the young Knight whose arm was cut brought them out of their daze.

The Knights in the lead found their heads quite confused. However, their hearts were telling them that if they didn't kill Gabriel now, they couldn't leave this place alive. 

They tried to put their fears aside as they all pulled out their weapons, aiming them at Gabriel. 

"If you don't want to perish at our hands, you better surrender this moment!" They commanded Gabriel. 


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